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American Horror Story deals with serious situations and is intended for mature audiences and those who can handle it.
In this video I may talk about subjects that may be sensitive to some people, so please aware!

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Everything in this video other than subjects I have researched, pictures, plot line, and quotes from “American Horror Story: Hotel” are my own thoughts and realizations unless stated otherwise.



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Thank you for watching! What are your theories for the next seasoN?




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  1. When you realize the trailers for the season mostly has nothing to do with it.

  2. So…. Theory 1 was completely right

  3. 1:25 you missed it by a season

  4. I like how Cult was a s6 therory and then s7 is Cult

  5. This is crazy she got the cabin in the woods/cult comepletely right in Roanoke and now season 7 is called cult

  6. Season six is about Croatian 😂

  7. season six has already premiered but I really want a school season now

  8. It is actually AHS: Roanoke and I FRIGGIN LOVE IT SO FAR!

  9. I would love a season about urban legends 😩👌

  10. i wish we got the cabin in the woods. as in, like the movie. a little hellraiser twist would be so refreshing, but i guess we got the blair witch project 😒

  11. it was finally cult. although you didn't expect this. well not actually cult but it is since the colony practiced a religion close to satanism. The actual name is roanoke. I think…

  12. Those are some lovely buns

  13. Lol at her getting it right with the first guess.

  14. they actually explained how the woman from seasin 2 figiured out how Dr. Arden was nazi

  15. I just watched it and OMG

  16. Good guess with the first one! Croatoan

  17. Roanoke and cabin and woods and cult-like.. so you didn't do too bad with your theories.

  18. heard it could be about Charles Manson… links with your in the woods/ cult theory

  19. I think either orphanage, movie set, or the lost colony. Probs not the lost colony though it'd be really cool. But I'm leaning heavily more towards movie set than orphanage. Hoping it is movie set

  20. I was thinking aliens.

  21. Season One Violet keor saying she would be shipped to boarding school

  22. I was also thinking of the theme "Fairytales"" idk just a thought..

  23. these are interesting theories but if you remember in season 2 when the lady claims to be anne frank she actually came across an old picture of the doctor and it stuck with her when she went crazy and such

  24. yeah, um no…School is a good thought, but it's probably Lost Colony….

  25. what about american horror story plague or village?

  26. did you see all her research she did on nazis or not?

  27. you do find out he is a nazi, you need to watch season 2 again

  28. I think all references to planets, operation top hat, the girl getting turned Into a lizard freak on season 4 indicates season 6 could possibly have something to do with area 51-roswell type theme. Ethel also tells Dell that jimmy would of been a soldier in another lifetime, or some shit, which might indicate a war theme.

  29. It takes place in 1580

  30. What if it's like where they reenact the mystery from the past and scary stuff happens. Though I think it might revolve Roanoke themes

  31. Maybe plague

  32. It's totally aliens guys

  33. and I can't recall if I'm 100% correct but wasn't there a mention of Charles manson in a made by Richard Ramirez (The night stalker).

  34. what I wanna know is why was Devils Night a feature in S5 I obviously understand the whole Mr March connection but my question is the featured the Zodiac an enigma,featured John Wayne Gacy(actor also played Twisty the clown in Freak show) and left out Ted Bundy who was the most disturbed serial killer!
    Also The Countess is based on Elizabeth Bathory who was a serial killer who bathed in the blood of young women to keep her youth and beauty.
    I think there most defo will be something to do with Cults of some kind all seasons feature a serial killer and connections to legends/fables.

  35. I kind of think it's alien themed. There were essence of aliens in almost every season except season 1 I think.

  36. At first I was thinking farm but now I'm leaning towards orphanage

  37. the holocaust thing; she went to the library and read about anne franks life (basically obsessed) and the the lady went crazy and thought she was anne frank, so the holocaust theory might not be true

  38. I think it was implied that she either was Anne, or she saw the picture in the newspaper. So either way she'd know his face.

  39. its orphanage…u can see it and pepper will be back

  40. i think its about urban legends

  41. I think it's relating to aliens or mythical monsters, I think it will be in a farm setting or an isolated place? I'm still on edge about all of it lol

  42. rewatch it the lady wasn't Ann she was just crazy and looked up everything about the death camps and even had him on a pic that was on her wall at her home nd they have said that all the teasers are all fake but 1 so only one teaser video is real and some think it all a clue and it will take place in Hollywood (just an idea)

  43. if u payed attention during season 2 you would have saw that when "Anne" was cleaning out her newspaper clippings from her house you would have saw that there was a newspaper picture with the doctor in the background as a nazi.

  44. I reckon it will be "camp" it connects children, it could do with school or traditional horrors just like the trailers and could connect with so many possibilities

  45. I thinks it's about the Rake…CreepyPasta

  46. You guys ahs6 is about going to the south aka the courty think about the aliens , the clothing and farms and the crowmen

  47. It's about a farm house and aliens

  48. I'm guessing it's 3 cause season 5 is about kids

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