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American Horror Story Season 6 Teaser FAN THEORY

American Horror Story Season 6 is slated to return on September 14th, but the producers have already released a slew of AHS teasers that we think hold clues about the upcoming season. Tell us what you think about our theory and leave your ideas in the comments below!

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  2. It’s not

  3. loling bc of how off this theory was

  4. wow this is an amazing theory, i wish it was accurate. turns out the house with smoke was the accurate trailer. But seriously people are so creative and great, thats a really good theory

  5. You're thinking too much!

  6. I like that theory

  7. I hope this season was going to be wilde west (colony style) with aliens from season 2.

  8. Its not a swamp monster it kathulu

  9. Oh I hope so. It would make a great season

  10. quedé como antes de ver el video, nada nuevo.

  11. this season is about ted cruz

  12. Its a swamp theme bc AHS theme songs always have to do with the theme ie the song "carousel" was the freak show season, season 6 theme song is called sycamore tree so forest or swamp vibes.


  14. Nah. I think it'd be too messy to film ONE season with various sets. That's my problem with American horror story. They only make ONE season of each and they leave so many unanswered questions. It kills me.

  15. They have the photo up on the website. It the hollywood vintage swamp theme.

  16. I really think you hit the nail on the head. they have leaked images now of a theatre stage being one of the sets, so yer could be "Hollywood"

  17. I really hope Jessica replaces lady gaga ugh

  18. I miss Ms. Launge….she set the whole stage and lady gaga was a very poor replacement… sigh

  19. one of the teasers if not more indicate children of the corn as well.

  20. love this theory

  21. blind date is the real one on the fx play list it is not there

  22. I love this show, but I hope they never do the whole '?6' thing ever again because it's just not really gotten a great reaction and it's just all over the place, they should have gone down the route they always do , just simply reveal the theme, then none of this outcry would be happening (If you don't agree then that's fine but don't go saying mean stuff just because you don't)

  23. NOPE! that would be a total mess

  24. Nope the real trailer is wind chimes cuz all of the teasers connects to old horrors except wind chimes

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