Bán nhà Gò Vấp 2020 | Xem ngay mẫu nhà 5x15m ĐẸP KINH ĐIỂN tại đường Phan Huy Ích P12| giá rẻ 7,5 Tỷ

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Cổng nhà đẹp vượng vận cho gia chủ vì thuật phong thủy này

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  1. her theory's are insane lol should maybe get a more grounded thinker lol

  2. Does anybody have an idea why Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe are BOTH playing the part of Shelby?

  3. The pig man was in season 1 too

  4. How did people like coven? Even the L word had more male characters than coven.

  5. The lost colony isnt as mysterious as you make it seem. The general TOLD THEM, that if they where to live the plantation and settle elsewhere (they where desperately low on food, and supplies, and needed to leave) to carve Croatoan on the tree so he would know they left and where fine.

  6. …. As soon as I saw the croatoan stone it was pretty obviously the lost colony…..

  7. Re: Piggy Man. William Hope Hodgson's "The House on the Borderland." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_House_on_the_Borderland

  8. I believe that the house was a fort before

  9. the theme is the lost colony

  10. PIGGY MAN comes from AHS:1. He was a figure that one of DR. Ben Harmon (Dylan Mcdermott's) character's patient that was scared of PIGGY MAN (like BLOODY MARY) They explain PIGGY MAN STORY in Season 1.

  11. Maybe the documentary sort of format won't continue, maybe it's just for a few episodes? I'm almost certain the format is going to change, otherwise, the storyline won't go anywhere

  12. Maybe lady gaga might be the "Blair witch"

  13. Keep the Q and AHHHHHHHH! it's brilliant and funny 👌🏼 loved this episode and the first episode of season 6. I personally thought it was one of the most intense episodes of American Horror Story has had so far in the series. This season is showing a lot of promise. Can't wait for episode two 😁

  14. I think every other episode will tell a different story. That would be so dope and also use all this promos!

  15. I just don't understand the increase in gratuitous sex scenes, are they trying to turn us onto to gore?

  16. but kind of nice scary faces!

  17. !!!!!

  18. yes I hate it to

  19. I hated the season premeire; I hope it gets better this season 😻

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