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American Horror Story Season 6 NEW Details – Lady Gaga & Who Else Returning?

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American Horror Story finally gifts us details about that mysterious season 6.
AHS is back guys and some of your favs are coming with it!
American Horror Story has kinda left us hanging with the deets on season 6. The social media icon has been changed on their accounts to a red 6 question mark symbol. Seems they’re playing along with the mysterious theme here with that question mark! Actor Cheyenne Jackson who played Will Drake last season on HOTEL confirmed to OUT that he’ll be back next season and filming is already underway! Well that just gets our dark hearts all warmed up. As to what we can expect, Jackson was cryptic saying, “Just different. You’ll see. Wild horses wouldn’t make me reveal the plot.” Of course not! But a tiny morsel would have been nice. If you recall, we already know that Lady Gaga will be returning to the show but we’re not sure of what capacity. Likely not as large of a role as season 5 in AHS: Hotel. Actress Angela Bassett is also making a comeback for the 6th season which Ryan Murphy promises to be in a new format. He revealed at PaleyFest in March, “We’ve been working on two ideas at once, which we’ve never done, so I don’t want to say what it is. But… it will have a different form than we’ve ever done.” Get ready for new forms of terrifying horror, and some creepy kids coming your way. Murphy also detailed at PaleyFest, “If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always very dramatic and satisfying.” Tell us below what you think these tidbits of information mean for season 6 of AHS! Then check out our new show Diss Track featuring the feud between Katy Perry VS Taylor Swift. I’m your host Misty Kingma see you soon.
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  1. i love the american horror story franchaise but why the fuck have they arranged series 6 like this with actors from the previous series giving commentry during the episodes like they were the people telling a true story. it ruins the aptmosphere and flow of story. i am astonished that anyone thought that would be a good way to present this series. it could have been the best series so far but they completely screwed it up for no good reason. well done dickheads, fuck the fuck off you stupid cunts!

  2. is it only me or does she look like nicole from big brother 16 and 18?

  3. Someone told me that the sixth season is gonna be the woods but idk so 😊😂😂

  4. The new season totally sucks.

  5. Having GaGa in it is fine as long as she doesn't have the lead role over Sarah Paulson like in Hotel.

  6. okaii….but where tf is Evan?

  7. I really want Jessica Lange to come back. It's not the show without her. I hated Hotel. It was just terrible.

  8. It's not the same without jessica lange 🙁

  9. Yeah but Dandy is the best character to ever step foot on your televisions

  10. It will be that little girl holding the sickle based off of how he answered that last question. Who wants to bet some money

  11. black eyed children? And why didn't they mention Evan Peters?

  12. what if the season is american horror story:?

  13. i like lady gaga but they put to much hype into it with her on the show.. and it takes away from how good the show is, I'd take Jessica back and say big byeeee to gaga!

  14. I love all AHS


  16. Guys I think I got it. The aliens, the shady children, the odd spooky house in the middle of nowhere, and even the question mark. This season will be AHS:Myserty!

  17. I really want and wish Emma to be back but I als can't wait for scream queen season 2 😍

  18. Taissa really needs to return

  19. I like the secrecy. It builds up the excitement.

  20. I think that in season 6 they're going to make every episode different. (and maybe each episode will be based off of different horror movies?)


  22. there's going to be a satanic cult religious Jim Jones type shit with an anti Christ baby.

  23. Children of the corn

  24. i dont really care about lady gaga ( no offence ) i just want JESSICA LANGE back… season 5 was not that gd… I'd prefer "the coven "

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