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American Horror Story Season 6 "Illusion" Promo [HD] Cuba Gooding Jr. Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson

The mystery and intrigue continue in the latest promo for season 6 of American Horror Story.
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Release Date: September 14th, 2016
Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr. Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson

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  1. Everything Monday morning I feel like this inside and Starbucks doesn't help

  2. ?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6

  3. Still a really scary season

  4. Oof 😍

  5. This song describes the relation ships between Matt and Shelby after chapter 5, also describing Lee Harris and her actions as a parent

  6. I remember this teaser before the first episode begins

  7. Y en realidad todo fue una Perfecta ilusión con estos teaser me parece mentira que 2 años hayan pasado de Roanoke Wow

  8. I wanna see this done for AHS8

  9. This wasn't a good season…this tv promos were a perfect ilusion

  10. I want a full version of this with all that killing, screaming, horrifying sounds in the background as the beat.

  11. I could watch this 1000 times

  12. Pure art

  13. Where's slenderman for pete's sake

  14. So much potential 🙁

  15. worst season ever . promo is scarier then the season lmao. they should have just made a bunch of 5 second clips like this and put it all together into a season. even that would have been better then season 6.

  16. Who else noticed that the teasers have nothing to do with the actual show🤔😜

  17. This time, the season is better than trailers.

  18. Looking back on the teasers after we've been five episodes into Season 6 all the teasers look like they fit the roanoke theme.

  19. I still can't figure out which promo is the right one 😂

  20. I can't believe I got an ad before viewing AN AD!  YouTube needs to come correct!

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