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American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 7 – 'Chapter 7' Reaction

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 7 – ‘Chapter 7’ Reaction.

Back with another American Horror Story reaction, this time for chapter 7! Where shite gets real abd people be dying, it’s all kicking off now! But enough with the dramatics, leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe if you so please.
– Joe

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  1. He was a producer and not a director…

  2. I was having dinner and watching this episode at the same time

    Would not recommend nearly vomited

  3. What do you think of Sarah Paulson's accent? Too posh?
    This has been the best season of AHS so far.

  4. 6:19 It's the real Edward Mott.

  5. I was laughing when Audrey say: Oh my God is Agnes

  6. he went to get some gaga lol

  7. I was sympathizing with Matt for all this time, but after this episode I immediately felt no sympathy. I mean Shelby shouldn't have killed him, but now I get that it wasn't all Shelby's fault that they divorced. That was a nice twist.

  8. What happened to your How To Get Away With Murder reactions?

  9. Why have you stopped reacting for how to get away with murder???

  10. wait a second. why don't they ALL have bodycams instead of smartphones???

  11. Cheeky Vlog is by far the worst Bond Girl.

  12. I literally didn't think she would kill Matt I wasn't expecting that or the ending lol 😂

  13. Your videos are soooo addictive

  14. what's more important than screen time?………..pizza. haha you're a legend

  15. You're getting better, you only gawped at your phone 3 times, down from your usual 10.

  16. "Oh my god it's Agnus!" Lmao

  17. I mean I'd do the same as Shelby lol if I know I'm about to die if start recording my killer so people could at least know who did it, what else is she gonna do just sit there and keep crying until she's dead lol

  18. I guess you're not doing HTGAWM anymore 😕

  19. I think season has been the best since Murder House, Asylum and parts of Coven. At least the focus on the plot has been tight and there's no dangling plot lines hanging around.

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