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"American Horror Story" Season 6 Episode 1 Premiere Group Reaction & Review – The Horror Show

A whole bunch of people came over to do a reaction to the premiere episode of the 6th season of “American Horror Story”!

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  1. Watching how intrigued everyone was from the premiere and all the cool theories, just shows how roanoke could’ve been so much more but wasn’t. Specially the second season I loved, but they could’ve done soo much more and had more cool twists, such as Shelby being a witch


  3. WTF MAN

  4. You'll should do the entire season.

  5. Where's the episode 2 and 3 reactions??

  6. After seeing the second episode..I'm starting to warm up to it. Like an alternate back woods hillbilly cult version of season 1 murder house.

  7. Will you do a reaction video of the next episode?

  8. This season looks to be awesome! Really like your take it on it! #HanginWithWebShow

  9. Great job guys! We love watching yawl. feel free to come by and check our stuff out. https://youtu.be/zUVesKrTblY

  10. Over the last few weeks I have become a huge fan of your channel. 🙂 I love it. I really, really enjoyed this video and I really hope you'll give us reactions to the rest of the episodes!

  11. I'd love to hang wiv u people I was the same …love from uk

  12. Now I feel like a complete jerk! I didn't think you guys were going to read my comment much less reply. It's just that me and my wife really enjoyed the show up until season 5. That's when everything went downhill and it became 'Lady Gaga's soft core porn parade.' I haven't yet watched episode 2 from this season, but I hope there's not going to be another documentary style episode. I don't feel you can really empathize with the characters since it's just a 'reenactment' of a fictional event. I can get behind each episode being it's own entity, but it would be better if they did it Outer Limits/Tales from the Dark Side style.

  13. Wow! I found the episode utterly terrible! Don't like the concept at all. Since Jessica Lange left and hotel started, everything has gone down hill. I didn't think it could get worse than last season, but so far I am being proven wrong.

  14. lol I love how no one acknowledges the girl in the corner

  15. I hated the last 3 seasons, but this was great

  16. The correct one teaser was revealed and announced during the episode while they revealed the winner of the Mercedes Benz, but you skipped it/fast forwarded it and said "ah who cares" Lol. It is the teaser titled "Wind Chimes" Where the nurse with giant clippers, cut the wind chimes made of teeth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no2MoJhwHJ4

  17. You guys rock… really enjoyed watching WITH you!

  18. This was great guys!!! Thanks for the fun! Subbed! #knightsofthedrunkwatch

  19. loved every second of this episode. felt like a proper horror show unlike the previous two seasons.

  20. The girl on the far left never stopped smiling. How delightfully evil! Stay stoked! #knightsofthedrunkwatch

  21. Love you guys! Instant subscribe!!! you guys had some of the same reactions that our group did! #knightsofthedrunkwatch

  22. I just want to throw this monkey wrench into everybody thought process: those are not interviews, those are screen tests for actors who want to play the people who died. I'm calling it now. I'll see you guys are awesome, so much fun to watch.

  23. denis o'hare was the guy in the home video

  24. Watched it last night, I thought it was alright. I'm gonna really try and stick with it all the way this season. I usually only do that with TWD or anything I favor that's on HBO. I'm waiting for AHS Hotel to appear on Netflix. I'm really far behind on that one.

  25. this episode ties into some of the teasers… like the teeth… and it means the doll will too !! im excited

  26. I really enjoyed the season 6 premiere! The cinematography is the first thing I noticed. It's always spectacular! I also love that AHS is returning to its horror roots. After Asylum, the show has gotten progressively worse; focusing more on camp and style rather than horror. I'm so stoked for the rest of the season!

  27. watch all hollows eve and do a review guys I wanna see what you guys think of the movie

  28. Absolutely love the format their using with the documentary angle and dramatization. It feels like AHS is going back to its roots with a haunted house and mystery like the first season but also doing something super new for the show.

  29. I really wish this show kept my interest. I loved the first two seasons but after that something happened and I would start each one and never finish it. I am hoping that one day later down the line I will just binge watch the remaining ones and see the love that everyone has for the show.

  30. Have you guys seen the new Annabelle 2 trailer?

  31. first

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