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American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 1 – 'Chapter 1' Reaction

TOO MANY JUMPSCARES! – American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 1 – ‘Chapter 1’ Reaction

So we’re starting a new show today, American Horror Story, season 6! In this episode we have jumpscares…too many jumpscares! But enough with the dramatics, leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe if you so please.
– Joe


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  1. This guy complains about everything it’s so annoying makes it a terrible watch

  2. I always get upset when people in horror movies walk towards the scary thing, then I remember when I hear noises in my house I grab a knife and do the exact same thing and that when I went fishing last weekend and a javelina showed up where I was fishing alone I took my fishing pole back to where the rest of my family was and tried to go find the pig again.

  3. Will you do the other seasons please? At least season 1, murder house, and season 5 hotel?

  4. Epic rant at 4:06 🤣🤣 OMG I'm dying right now 🤣

  5. Sarah Paulson as Bette and dot

  6. the reason there are different actresses is because they want to make it feel like one of those paranormal shows… all of it. they always have different actors so the real people don't get physically hurt from the memory's or nightmares.

  7. What site did you watch this on

  8. today on american story: more reasons to not buy a 500 year old house but build a new one after resrearches about what happened on the land …. ever

  9. I love it when you yell at the tv.

  10. You are awesome! First, you should go pick up Hotel when you can. It is my second favorite season. Murder House being the best offering so far. I think part of the problem is that the network wanted more episodes, and in order to stretch things out, I feel like there were necessary story elements. The best part of Freak Show was Twisty the clown, and his story line was short. Only 10 for Roanoke.

    I can't wait to see how the reenactment factor works in. They say there will be a big change in ep. 6. I predict that production will wrap, and the "actors" (Paulson, Gooding, Jr., Bates, etc.) will find they are now plagued by the big Evil. The question for me is, if Kathy Bates is an actor playing the Butcher, who is the Butcher!

    Going to catch up with you now! #knightsofthedrunkwatch

  11. Although it is called horror, theres more to the show than just being scary. That's why season 4 is my second favorite. Season 2 being my top since it was a great mix of all things horror, character development and story telling. Season 1 was cool but falls bland in comparison to the story aspect.

  12. One actress is the young one. Other is the older one

  13. Its like the documentary shows that do dramatizations. The past is a dramatization

  14. OMG! You had someone the same reactions we did. This episode was so good and I can't wait until "Chapter 2". Good video! #knightsofthedrunkwatch

  15. It's weird though cause they got older actors to play them when they were younger, plus it's kinda annoying, cause we know that they will never die or be in any sort of danger, cause they're telling the story.

  16. It's different actors because it's meant to be a documentary like the ones we usually see. The people speaking are the real ones, and the actors are actors that do the reanactions of the events.

  17. its set up like a lot of true horror shows. they have the "real" person sitting down telling the story and actors doing reenactments

  18. Great reactions, are you going to react to the premier of the good place and/or Kevin can wait

  19. Love your reaction!!!

  20. Great!


  22. Im really excited about this season. It seems like they're getting back to the basic horror and storytelling that made seasons 1 and 2 so good. The fact that they're parodying all of those crazy docudramas on the Discovery and ID channels is pretty funny to me as well.

    Also, when do you think you'll have the newest reaction to Mr. Robot up?

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