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American Horror Story Season 5 Trailer


Song: Going Under by Evanescence
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  1. I cannot even begin to understand why "Channel Zero" was cancelled and this show wasn't

  2. AHS is nothing, * NOTHING * without Jessica lange

  3. There was too much sexuality in this season . Horrible hotels are good material i think but it was exaggerated from fx with nonsensical scenes and footling sexual units. It was good and looks like art till season 4.

  4. I've just begun watching AHS on Netflix after I saw the FX ad for season 9. I am on episode two of season 5 and it just isn't working for me without Jessica Lange. Then again, I am only on episode 2 of 13 lol.

  5. In my opinion. It’s amazing how well this fits😂 love the song not the show.🙂😕

  6. Its by far the best AHS season i ever watched


  8. I’m sorry but worst. Season. Ever.

  9. [ee

  10. Hi there, I came here to say that I am right now watching the last episode of season 5 on Netflix, and I've gotta say this is, so far, the best ending to a season, yet! I love this series so much and you always manage to keep everything exciting and fresh and it's all oozes so much creativity that it is hard to not not watch it all day! I hope everyone involved in this show has a great live and succesfull career, because you all deserve it!

  11. Quedaría mejor la canción original de Hotel California

  12. Donde puedo verla? Que no se en claro videos porque me pide que ponga abono para poder ver. Soy prepago.

  13. Song name? Doesnt match but it's cool haha

  14. music fail

  15. The most I remember of season 5 is the lady Gaga scene when they have an orgy…

  16. Depravity…..you'd have to something not right with yourself to watch this.

  17. The season is uttershit. It's like a trip into lady gaga's brain.

  18. The mejor!

  19. Nice video Angel

  20. Is this retro?

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