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American Horror Story Season 3 Theme Confirmed – Witches!

American Horror Story Season 3 is about witches! Details below!
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American Horror Story Season 3 Theme: CONFIRMED!
Fellow AHS fans, let me give you a HIGH FIVE through the computer, because we guessed correctly– YES, season 3 will be about witches!
Last night in LA, Dylan McDermott spoke with E! about Kathy Bates potentially joining the show, and if he thinks she’d be a good fit.
He said, “She really is. All the witches of Salem…. There’s plenty of them!”
So there ya have it.. The Witches of Salem, it is!
As for whether Dylan will be joining the cast yet again, he said it’ll be tough because he’s working on a CBS pilot, but he said he’d be down to “juggle both.”
E! also had a chance to chat with Sister Mary Eunice herself, Lily Rabe, who dished on her hopes for season 3.
She said, “I want to do something different, whatever that means. And I know that’s what will happen, because that is such a part of the project of the show. And Ryan I think was so successful with those of us that he brought back, giving us such incredible things to do. I’m really excited to go back.”
So I wanna know who you think will be playing the witches!? We know that Ryan Murphy said Jessica Lange’s character will be an glamor cat kind of gal, but what does that even mean!?
Let me know if you think Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, or Taissa Farmiga will be the witches, AND what about any male witches? Perhaps Evan Peters?
Let’s hear your thoughts below in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe to ClevverNews for details on the 3rd season of American Horror Story—I bring them to you as they break.
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Enjoy your weekend guys! I’m Deidre Behar, thanks for tuning in.
Hosted, Produced, and Written By: Deidre Behar



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  1. I'm watching this in 2018, 18th September 😦

  2. I love this American Horror Story,too!!!!! Can you give me a shoutout????

  3. I love season 3 I just finished watching it on Netflix!!! It's amazing!!!

  4. i dont care about any1 else coming back from season 1 except jessica,taissa and evan

  5. A male witch is a warlock. Sorry.

  6. im excited to see some floating tables this season! well i hope it'll better and scarier cause i really have big expectations in this show i just love ahs!!

  7. true.

  8. Did I hear something about "FUNNY" scenes? I must have missed those. Can't wait, but at the same time feel somewhat guilty watching this show…don't ask.

  9. They are all going to be witches. Jessica Lang will be the hear witch with Kathy Bates by her side.

  10. He will be coming back 😀

  11. I'm thinking Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and possibly Frances Conroy will all be witches! 😀 I would love if Sarah Paulson was one too. Eeeep! 47 days until season 3!! ^_^

  12. Jennifer Lawrence for season 4?:D

  13. Sooo happy that Jessica Lange is back!! I love her sooo much!!

  14. i wan't tate 🙁

  15. Season 1 was SO much better than Season 2. I liked that the first was more Black Comedy style–messed up, but still morbidly humorous. I hope Season 3 is more like that.

  16. i liked season 2 better because it was way gorier and more fucked up than season 1

  17. no way the way it ended was good!

  18. Season 1 was incredible, season 2 was amazing, I can't wait for season 3!!!

  19. season two was the best.

  20. who cares who's a witch all i know this season going to be awesome like the first two

  21. Sooo pumped for the new season! Jessica and Kathy are going to be electrifying together! I really hope Evan and Zachary Quinto come back! But I am sure I will be addicted to it, no matter what they decide!

  22. i am SO excited for the new season!!!

  23. HAHAHA emma roberts will be a witch

  24. I'm so happy with all the people they brought back!! I am so stoked for season 3!!

  25. glad sarah paulson is back shes such a good actress and jessica lange is just amazing!! hope zachary quinto comes back though

  26. I also hope Zachary Quinto will be making a come back! I loved him in S1 & S2

  27. in one of your videos u said the creator was gonna make Sarah P. the main antagonist like in S1 Even was the main antagonist and S2 Dylan was the main antagonist. Soooo I think it's pretty obvious that Sarah is gonna be the main ,possibly evil, witch of Salem. I HOPE I'M RIGHT THAT WOUL BE AWSOME!!!!! SHE'S AN AWSOME ACTRESS! S2 PROVED THAT WITH HER BATTLE WITH BLOODY FACE!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!

  28. I won't let taissa be a witch. She's not the type of witchy girl. She's more of the creep side for American horror story like how season 1 was. And we all know that Evan peters is a emotional psycho path again. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  29. jessica-jessica-jessica. perfection!

  30. I really loved Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice/the Devil, I think she would make a perfect diabolical scheming witch in season 3…..

  31. frances conroy is back!

  32. I'd love for them to follow a realistic approach to witches instead of going all out in effects. I'm excited to see how this will turn out!

  33. Lily rabe

  34. that would be awesome!

  35. jessica lange is everything you want her to be, but keep her sexy. my fav act in the world.

  36. what about quinto?

  37. Taissa Farmiga, sorry if I butchered that, should be and as far as male witches…Evan Peters should be not a witch really but kind of like the one guy who's in or a head of the group! <3

  38. Yes, every season is a DIFFERENT story…

  39. i have a feeling taissa will be a witch and maybe jessica but idk

  40. Jessica Lange <3

  41. Wait what?

  42. I hope they dont bash real Witchcraft! lol but I have a feeling im going to love this season!!! Blessed Be )O(

  43. Evan better be coming back!!!

  44. Jessica Lange will be leading the lynch mob, but will be revealed to be the most powerful witch by the last few episodes.

  45. Even will play what technically is called a warlock in my opinion

  46. season one was the best!

  47. there should also be male witches

  48. Sarah Paulson would make a wonderful witch! She made a great psychic!

  49. ohh witches american horror story coven is what its going to be called! 😀

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