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American Horror Story Season 10 Predictions & Theories

Asylum Aliens? Coven Witches? Urban Legends? AHS: 1984 is over but we’re already looking ahead at Season 10 of American Horror Story.

Ryan Murphy spoke with TV Guide ( and revealed that Episode 8 of AHS: 1984 might have a big clue as to what Season 10 will be about. So we rewatched the episode frame-by-frame and put together our favorite theories and predictions for next season.

GameSpot Universe also spoke with some of the cast and crew at the AHS 100th Episode Red Carpet to get their thoughts on next season. Who will return to the show? What characters might make a return? Find out what Sarah Paulson, Cody Fern, Angela Bassett, Leslie Grossman, Ryan Murphy and others would like to see in American Horror Story’s tenth season.

Finally, we looked through your comments and picked our favorite predictions for the coming season. One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Oh, and we’ll also be breaking down every single episode of Season 10.

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  1. What's your favorite prediction for Season 10 of American Horror Story?

  2. The alien kids are one white boy one black girl what if that explains the 2 in apocalypse. Maybe that’s why they are “special”.

  3. It would be cool to see and orphanage but with vampires watching over their “live stock” instead and the people coming to adopt would actually come and kill the kids

  4. If they do an alien season it would be dope if they did it based on the mysterious coral castle that was finished in the 1950s. It was created in Florida and the man who built it was said to have supernatural help, maybe they could bring that up and then have kit walkers kids go onto the same path and be given information to build other structures like it or advanced technology? Also, there is a lot more alien US related conspiracies besides Roswell and area 51. If you guys want to do research you could watch some episodes of ancient aliens! I know none of it is real but the conspiracies are interesting!

  5. They should do fairy tales….like messed up ones, like Cinderella ends up killing her step mother and sisters and no one finds out and she leaves her town and lives in the Roanoke grounds with the crazy people and you know along with her she ends up killing and becoming a witch and her step mother appears and shames Cinderella and burns her at the stake and she was supposed to be the first and newest supreme but her life was taken and then a decade later belle and the beast become united and find all witches and try to kill them but some hid and survived the witch hunts creating and making more witches to go through finally the Salem witch trials and then half of the witches dying, but some of the witches repopulate and start the line of cordeilas witch family and then the witches spreading out and you know yea but stuff like that involving in ahs fairy tales would be cool

  6. AHS-X in an X-Files/Urban Legends theme makes sense. Beyond X being RN 10 and its season 10… Besides X relation to Mysteties etc. I dunno. I hope they do an entry contedt for art etc again. I'm entering. That was an awesome thing to do for the fans.
    (BTW they already renewed through season 12 so far)

  7. I’d be cool with with an alien/abduction theme like the allagash abductions

  8. The numerical number for season 10 would be X so it’s going to be called ahs x for x-files hahahahaha

  9. Okay, just an idea, but I'd honestly love to see a season out at sea with sirens.

  10. I would love a Bermuda Triangle/lost at sea/sea monster theme mixed with a government coverup- so for instance the titanic actually hit a monster or floating space ship etc

  11. I'm thinking Area 51 or something similar …somebody was abducted by aliens then came back as the point of contact for them and is integrated into regular society but he somehow forgets about the abduction until things start getting weird

  12. It could be about sea monsters,we found it the season is gonna be about a beach community where supernatural things are happening

  13. I like the 1930s idea with the vampires and maybe even werewolves but instead of the 30s do the 20s so we kinda get a roaring 20s/great gatsby vibe ya know? I also like the idea of doing a Bermuda Triangle thing with like an abandoned ship that explorers come across and having like killer sirens/mermaids and ghost of passengers on the ship and like lady Gaga as the siren that can like shape shift into human form and the explorers think that the people on the ship are alive and one by one the siren finishes them off

  14. They definitely should do aliens 👽

  15. I really want it to be urban legends because that could pull together multiple things like aliens and ocean creatures and myths etc.

  16. American Horror Story Maternity, a season set in the 1950s in a small town. A young male detective (played by Cody Fern) investigates the case of three married men that have gone missing. The wives of these men are shown to be caring mothers but seem to follow an almost exact stereotype of the typical housewife except there’s something off about the three of them, all three women are loving and caring to their children, but when they talk to men they become cold and robotic, could three innocent loving mothers commit murder? American Horror Story Underworld, Set in the underworld, we catch up with our favourite villains from past seasons each reminiscing about they ended up in the underworld with flashbacks to their original seasons. Then all of them are offered a deal by Satan. He will let them out and return them to earth, under one condition they have to help him conquer the earth. American Horror Story Seven Sins, This season would take place in multiple times set in the timeline of the series, and would show that Satan sent the seven deadly sins to rule over different parts of America. For example, Lust would posses the body of the mayor of Las Vegas hence while it’s called the city of sin.

  17. I've always thought they could do AHS: University. I think of it being in the 20s but it could be any time. You've got students, faculty, and townies. You've got fraternities/secret societies. You've got faculty conducting dangerous/evil/unethical experiments. You've got drug and alcohol use. You've got traditions/urban legends. You've got the human elements of finding yourself, fitting in, and the stresses of major life changes. I imagine a Gothic, pulpy, Lovecraft-lite style. Plus it's a relatable setting.

  18. I will never understand the need of people to explain every detail of a story. There is no answer to what the aliens were doing with the asylum people that would be satisfying enough to heighten the story; in fact, it could only detract. The fact that they are largely an unknown adds a cosmic horror element to the story. The whole abduction sequence was all probably really standard to them, but to us the whole experience was almost heavenly/hellish/divine. Giving a reason why they targeted these people eliminates the incomprehensibility of the aliens and diminishes their power and the sense of 'it could happen to anyone' which makes it scary. To us, it was senseless, and we're not even entirely sure if they were acting benevolently or malevolently. All of that is awesome, and any further explanation ruins it. Unanswered questions and unknowns are not plot holes or bad writing. It let us focus on the emotion and human part of the experience rather than the lore or sci-fi.

  19. It leaning more towards 70s cause of serial killers were from that era was named.

  20. I've said it over the years we need a "AHS: Road Trip", that shows haunted and messed up our streets and highways are and it would allow to connect so many of the already existing stories. Also having new stories revealed in both present day and in the past of horrific accidents,homicides via vehicles. As they tell people your more likely to die in an auto accident than a plane crash. Though I feel Season 10 will go back to what makes AHS the magic,murder from Murder House,Coven bringing in the "new' anti-Christ.

  21. I want them to do a sort of perfect town in maybe Ohio or something where it is also like The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street but adding the American horror story twist where it can be the children knowing about these urban legends or something that the parents do believe or see, then when like something happens, the parents have to do something or I don’t know but like the perfect town where the children run the plot

  22. Maybe they could make a season called cellest that's set in 1960-1970 seaside town

  23. I want some damn Zombies!

  24. I’m personally very curious as to the kinds of characters we’ll see the confirmed cast play/who will be leading it? Some seasons like Cult have definite leads (Peters and Paulson) while some jump around with no one main character, like Coven. I dunno, but I really want to!

  25. Aliens or Vampires will be nice

  26. Ryan Murphy please do something with the wendigo urban legend wendigos woods

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