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American Horror Story: Roanoke – Season Review

Today, I review the sixth season of American Horror Story, Roanoke!
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Caillou Pettis reviews American Horror Story: Roanoke starring Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Taissa Farmiga, Andre Holland, Denis O’Hare, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Cheyenne Jackson, and Angela Bassett! Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk!

American Horror Story: Roanoke – Season Review (TwistedFalcon, XxTwistedFalconXx)



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  1. I like ronoke it's creepy and really miseries

  2. I loved this season.I didn't like the first episode but stuck with it and i loved the rest.

  3. In my eyes hotel is the best season. YES it had flaws. however, some of the characters you get to know so well through those 12 episodes really gives the season an interesting flavour that I have missed from the past seasons. Hotel had some astonishing performances as well

  4. I’m watching this to try to get an understanding of why some people like Season 6 lol

  5. Ngl hotel was one of my favs 🤷‍♂️

  6. First half was amazing. The second half was…boring and stupid.

  7. SoyFace thumbnail. Thumbs down

  8. One of the creepiest moments ever happened in the first episode of this season. When Shelby is running in the forest and falls down only to look up and see the whole forest is moving around and coming to life. Man. That set the tone for this season. Thought it was fantastic

  9. @TwistedFalcon Hey love your reviews of the American Horror Story show btw Roanoke is in the state of Virginia not North Carolina!!!!

  10. The documentary style is exactly why I didn't like it… The guy said it added realism, but it spoiled the whole thing for me because we know that everyone comes out alive because they're telling us the story as it goes. I felt like Hotel was better.

  11. Now there's a cross over of my favorite two seasons Murder House and Coven.. AHS: Apocalypse. Lily Rabe is also confirmed, as Misty Day she was the best to me. It premieres on September 12, 2018.

  12. These reviews are bullshit all the seasons were good in their own way every season gave me a different veiw

  13. The first half was great but the second half was so boring for me and there was no plot for me it was just killing non stop before you can care about a character or any of the drama so tbh I didn’t care who lived or died at all it was so lazy and disappointing, if you are watching for story then you’re watching the wrong season because this season was only plot for the first half then they basically just threw plot and character development out the window and just said hey let’s just have a lot of frantic people and death it was not fun to watch unless you’re just watching for the kills it just was trying to be extra gory and more than it needed to be it felt like the laziest writing I’ve ever seen in any show including kids shows this was sad and sooo disappointing if season 7 is like the second half of this season I’m probably not gonna watch the series anymore and a lot of people hated this season and for good reason it had no plot half way through and it felt like they put zero work into it and just said fuck it let’s kill everyone just because, like no I’m watching for the plot not just for senseless killings left and right

  14. U look like pewdepie

  15. Liked it as my first ever AHS season. Ending was a let down though. But up until ep8 it was a great ride. It truly wad scary

  16. It's funny because although Roanoke came out before Resident Evil 7 and Outlast 2, a lot of elements from this season reminded me of these two games. Especially the shots they included in first person, holy shit that was good.

  17. I agree 100%

  18. I loved your review. Im on Episode 2 and im so scared, im looking for spoilers so I wont be so scared!!!

  19. I've liked all of them, season 1 is my least fave, asylum & freak show are my faves!

  20. What was your Favorite A.M.H. Season? And who do you think is the best Actress of all the Seasons? So many did Not Like Roanoke, but you said you did like it. Did you like Coven?

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