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American Horror Story Pepper Interview 2013!

American Horror Story season 2 finale interview with Pepper aka Naomi Grossman, hosted by Deidre Behar! Naomi Grossman interview talking about Pepper, working on American Horror Story Asylum, working with Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson, and her predictions on season 3!
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  1. Ant needs to fuck of from this video

  2. Perfect Pepper 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌈✌️

  3. She still looks like the chatacter

  4. I love pepper so much

  5. Pepper's backstory is sooo sad 😢😭

  6. Shes kinda hot

  7. She looked like ballony

  8. The makeup team are amazing. I mean you'd have to be really good to turn Naomi into an ugly idiot looking character.
    She seems like a good person tho.

  9. She's so beautiful!

  10. She's gorgeous

  11. Would bang


  13. they say she's a bitch in real life

  14. the interviewer kind of looks like Alicia Silverstone with black hair

  15. Got to meet the her at comic con and I was so disappointed at how she was in person! she was extremely rude and sarcastic when I spoke to her at the table! It was a nasty shock as I loved the character of pepper and thought she was brilliant but Naomi Grossman was a right bitch!

  16. The interviewer is really bad. And somewhat rude. Fire her immediately and hire someone with some charisma and nice.

  17. shes pretty in real life

  18. People think Pepper is ugly. I think she's very beautiful. I'm gay, but I look at her personality. She is so sweet and loves babies. She's normally quiet and shy and is respectful. She is very misunderstood. I think she's one of my favorites like addy and nan.

  19. didnt need the prosthetics, she is already ugly

  20. she is fuckin sexy

  21. hola

  22. This happens to all Jewish women sooner than later.

  23. Just a jew that overdosed on shekels

  24. The host is very beautiful… Who is she ?

  25. What a gifted, extraordinary, actress….just ahhhhmazing.

  26. The inane background music makes this hard to watch.

  27. She looks the same💀😂😂😂😂😂

  28. I love pepper and lana

  29. Her part on ahs I watched so many times. She's a good actor.


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