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American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare Season 6 Episode 3 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

Hosts discuss American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare for the episode “.”
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AFTERBUZZ TV — American Horror Story: 6 edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story. In this episode, hosts Alana Jordan, Zach Kelch, Michelle Madison, and Kelly McInerney discuss episode 3.

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The fifth seasons plot centers around the enigmatic Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California, that catches the eye of an intrepid homicide detective (Bentley). The Cortez is host to the strange and bizarre, spearheaded by its owner, The Countess (Gaga), who is a bloodsucking fashionista. This season will feature two murderous threats in the form of The Ten Commandments Killer, a serial offender that justifies his actions in accordance with biblical teachings; and The Addiction Demon, who roams the hotel, armed with a drill bit dildo.

The season will be interconnected to the first season, and will feature an appearance by the Murder House and its realtor Marcy (Christine Estabrook). According to creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, thematically Hotel will be much darker than previous ones, and will see the reprisal of other characters from past cycles. Inspiration came from old hotel horror films and actual hotels situated in downtown Los Angeles, with a reputation for sinister events. This included The Cecil. The cycle also marks a return to filming in Los Angeles, where the first two seasons were shot.Hotel features one of the most expansive sets in American Horror Story history, with production designer Mark Worthington building two stories on a soundstage, along with a working elevator and stairway. In July 2015, FX launched a marketing campaign for the series, with most trailers and teasers touting Gaga’s involvement.

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  1. the moderator is trying to hard. I think the camera men behind the scenes are going to play a huge part in the real characters murders.

  2. Priscilla told Flora in episode 2 that she was going to kill them all and save Flora for last? How does that make her a "good" spirit?

  3. We need those scolding things back LOL

  4. billie dean howard in season 1 said that word was used to ward off evil spirits from that land which led violet to try and use it to get the spirits out of murder house not realising that she herself is also dead.

  5. I only watch because of the cute guy on the right. Hi daddy

  6. the guy that was talking behind the camera sounded like Evan Peters

  7. Disappointing, uninteresting story line. Who the Hell cares about 600 year old  land settlers and a dead pig. The documentary style makes it worse. AHS should of quit when it was ahead….I'm out

  8. Evan could have been one of the Piggy Boys that was Abandoned.

  9. Croatoans was actually a tribe of native people living in the coastal North Carolina area's and they did in fact end up moving more inland. I'm surprised no one mentioned it.

  10. I love Cricket too lmao 😝😂 He sounds like Gideon from Gravity Falls though lol 😝😂😂😂

  11. Cricket is definitely Quentin from Coven, he dressed in black, said he from New Orleans, mentioned that the "gift" came to him when he was 9 years old (like other witches when they were young)

  12. I'm so happy somebody told me about afterbuzz. I'm hooked. 👍👍🙌

  13. I took a page out of Alana's mom book and watch the episode before my sister and told her it wasn't love, it was a perfect illusion. she hit me when she figured it out

  14. Damn Zach, woof! XD nice video! 🙈

  15. This was pretty funny. The girl on the end gives me a cooler Amy schumer

  16. the security cam date was september 2014

  17. Shelby is an absolute IDIOT! How could she REALLY believe that her hubby would suddenly stop looking for his niece in the woods to sneak off and bang some woman a few yards away while the hillbillies watched??? That just makes NO sense! WTF???

  18. "SOUTHERN UTAH DESERT"????? I'm calling it now, that's got to be a clue to next season's theme

  19. ok. first: LOVING THESE COVEN CONNECTIONS AND CALLBACKS! Cricket Rocks!! 🙂 second: BEST SEASON SO FAR, BAR NONE. And Ryan M. should keep going with the surprise themes every new season, this is absolutely brilliant 🙂

  20. Out of all the six seasons of AHS that I've watched…this episode was the first time I was truly disgusted, borderline- regurgitating. UGhhhhh

  21. did Lee formerly have a daughter named emily or did the lady doing the part of lee for the documentary (adina porter) have a daughter named emily? i was lost by her reaction during the filming of the doc when she told them to turn the cameras off…


  23. Thank you for getting right into the after show !!

  24. this is realy great guys, thanks

  25. Pricilla the girl they saw out the window over the bunker?

  26. has anyone considered the word Croatoan may be more related to the Croatoan native tribe living around Roanoke in the 1500's? Maybe when Bates character is referring to Priscilla as a bastard seed, it's because one of the colonists knocked up or got knocked up by one of the local Croatoans? Could be almost a special 'weapon' against the other colonists who have sold their soul to Gaga's character, or even against her.

  27. Gaga was in the preview for next episode where she was doing a scene in the past. So we'll find out who she is next week

  28. People are saying Gaga's character is based off of Circe. She was a goddess turned witch who turned men into pigs

  29. I am loving that this season unfolds slowly without knowing too much about what's going to happen. Which makes me think "What if Jessica Lange returns?". Every else has been so secretive.

  30. I thought that Evan Peters was the interviewer/ producer and not Cheyenne Jackson – but perhaps, I'm wrong.

  31. My Roanoke nightmare is the name of the documentary the name of the theme of this season is just ahs Roanoke. But anyway love this after show

  32. the police definitely confirmed this isnt the first time strange things happened, they mentioned that most of the woods has been pretty much avoided lol

  33. this whole thing about aliens being the ones responsible for the disappearance of the colony, I don't buy it. I keep seeing these ahs idiots online saying that at some point they will crossover the asylum story into this but how long ago was asylum? if they haven't crossed it over yet then they probably never will. there is no rule saying  every season of ahs has to have a crossover.

  34. lady gaga having sex with cuba gooding..hmm.. so that's what broke her marriage up ..lol…

  35. I don't understand why Shelby would call the cops on lee, they made the deal with the colony to leave the house once they get flora back and this bitch gets lee arrested cause she doesn't want to leave the house even though she knows its haunted. I think obviously the deal with the colony was called off for some reason, cause they wouldn't still haunt them in the upcoming episodes for no reason unless they never planned on honoring the deal to begin with.  where is evan peters? haven't seen him yet. and I think the cops know more than they're saying about the the colony and the house. and what if matt has something to do with the colony haunting the house? maybe he knew the house was haunted already and wants to teach Shelby and lee a lesson.

  36. This episode had me SHOOK!!! Sooooo good god bless my Roanoke nightmare 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I love this season so much and the pacing is really good we are getting just enough it is really cool tbh. Xx can't wait for next Wednesday!!

  37. Why is no one talking about the fact that Cricket said he was from New Orleans?

  38. Shelby is the woooorst, there shouldnt be any "its the principle of the matter" when your NIECE is missing like tf?? it really just did not make sense to me that Shelby..even tho mad about matt/the house, would throw Lee under the bus when they were finally about to (possibly) get Flora back AND be able to leave the house, shes so flip floppy about the house. I just dont see why she wouldn't do anything to get Flora back since thats the most important thing right now especially when she socalled wants to "leave" the house??!

  39. We looked up native American Goddess and there is one that is the wife of Tate…. Also I believe that she could be a dark fairy..

  40. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK LADY GAGA'S Character is?? I think she's either a witch, a demon, or just the straight up devil..but I like the croatoan idea but I doubt it…She's been around a long time it seems…and what makes me think she's the devil (or demon) or a witch because she sought out a desperate soul (Kathy bates) and offered her something she desperately needed in return for payment with her soul…and I feel the pig heart was a sacrifice to summon powers to do whatever it was she did to Kathy bates…AND IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY AS SOON AS KATHY TAKES A BITE HER FACE CHANGES AND LITERALLY GETS DARKER AS IN THE LACK OF LIGHT DARKNESS NOT EVIL…BUT I THINK IT WAS VISUAL SYMBOLISM FOR DARKNESS TAKEN HOLD OF KATHY

  41. Is zack the same guy who was on the panel for Hotel??? If so did he get plastic surgery or get replaced by a clone haha for some reason he looks and sounds different to me and if it is someone different I'd feel a lot better about it haha not that I disliked the guy on the Hotel panel it's just freaking me out because he looks so different….cute though 😉 call me :-p

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