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American Horror Story: Murder House Recap

The eighth season of American Horror Story will be a crossover between Murder House and Coven. In order to get you prepped for AHS Season 8, Greg gets you all caught up on what went down in the Murder House back in season 1.

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  1. Forgot about the nurses that were killed

  2. Never watched any of the episodes, went in blind af…too me a while to realise they wer ghost!😳

  3. My god, quicksilver is more fucked up then I thought

  4. My house is called the murder house lol

  5. my favorite season

  6. Ok but why is no one talking about the fact that power rangers and ninja turtles had a cross over

  7. Thanks for this because I'm watching now and I'm seeing a lot of characters I know I should be excited to see but I didn't remember

  8. after adiline died the season was so much more enjoyable

  9. Someone pls explain this first season to me I’m confused on how the ghost make themselves visible to everyone? I don get it

  10. I’ve watched this years ago and I couldn’t remember who were the parents of Michael Langdon? I just remembered that part happened at the end

  11. I refuse to finish murder house it’s literally the worst season, but I need to know the basics to understand season 8😳

  12. What a dumb fucking show
    Glad I watched this "recap" after the 1st episode
    What a colossal Time saver

  13. Tate and violet were my favourite characters 😍😍

  14. where is the fucking school shooting

  15. Why the hell was that PR In Space clip in here?

  16. the only one with explicit cross over ummmm pepper

  17. This sounds like pretty little liars
    Vivian? (Vivian Darkbloom)
    Montgomery?(Aria Montgomery)
    Affair with a student?(Ezra and aria)

  18. Am I the only one who had the biggest crush on Tate 👀

  19. Season 1 is my fav😊😊

  20. I really wish Michael didn’t die and Tate just give him the love and support that Michael needed as a child so he didn’t have to end the world you know😓😢😭 I actually loved Michael Langdon 🖤

  21. I hated the first season

  22. When Jessica Lange was no longer starring in this anthology I stopped watching. I love Jessica Lange!!

  23. Just watch it on Netflix

  24. Who else is 11 and watching ahs

  25. Misty come back

  26. okay OKAY, i know he warned us that there’s gonna be spoilers but oh my lord, i’ve only watched episode 1 till 4, and i’m mind blown (i normally watch reviews when I’m halfway through the series, to wonder should I continue to watch it or not)

  27. "killed and revived as a running gag" oh god this is reminding me of kenny way too much-
    kenny: surprise b i bet you thought you saw the last of me

  28. Did not like this season, Ghost being Horny like Cats in Heat and having sex with the livings is something silly!!

  29. This is nostalgic

  30. Ben was really unlikeable like holy shit he annoyed me

  31. I want Ben back tho


  33. This idiot gave some spoilers for future seasons when people are just tryna see a 1st season recap. Hard dislike…

  34. Why does he sound so white?

  35. 💖

  36. 5:37 emma should have tweeted that out to confirm she will be Madison again lmao

  37. Does anyone know anything about Connie(Jessica Lang) character in season 1, Murder House, fourth child?
    Thank you

  38. WTF you spoiled me for season 3 … you said that spoilers were only from season 1

  39. You know what’s sad? Michael being a serial killer at the end, just like all Constance’s children, dead.

  40. That scene with racist Madame Lalaurie watching Obama on tv was Kathy Bates finest moment EVER!

  41. The only full season I have watched

  42. I thought I read the title as Murder House Rap.

    Much disappointment, much like my life.

  43. Dylan McDermott please!

  44. Well it's definitely clear that Langdon is the little boy.


  46. Cody Fern actually resembles the kid at the end of murder house.

  47. Can we just have them all and have them in the background holding stuff with a few lines?

  48. Wait…. people know Adina Porter wasn’t just in cult right? Wasn’t she also the real cop sister in Roanoke?

  49. love your channel can you do recap on all seasons.

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