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American Horror Story: Invasion Opening Credits

hey!! so for my editing class, i was given an assignment to recreate an opening sequence from a tv show, which of course is what i edit 99% of the time. i decided to go with American Horror Story and an alien invasion/abduction theme which coincidentally turned out to be one of current more popular theories for season 9’s story.

had a lot fun editing this and thinking of working on another one soon with a different theme 🙂


Fire in the Sky (1993)
Naked Science – 2×12 “Close Encounters” (2005)
Aliens Are We Alone: Does Alien Life Exist? from Reel Truth. Science
Explained – 1×09 Extraterrestrial Life (2018)
Area 51 (2015)



Căn Hộ Mẫu Seasons Avenue

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  1. Holy shit this is by far the best fan made intro i've seen so far… You could plop this at the beginning of and AHS season and I wouldn't know the difference. you really stuck to the particular aesthetic with really cohesive clips that felt genuinely creepy, related to eachother, and unsettling (which, imho, is what makes a really good AHS intro – like the first three seasons which I call the holy trinity of intros). i rlly want to see more 😮

  2. If this was a real season. Would it be connected to Asylum?

  3. Could you share the original video with us?

  4. i’ve wanted an alien theme for a while now, i know we got asylum but the aliens in asylum barely had anything to do with the story i want a season that’s meant for aliens:(

  5. wow this is empressive <3

  6. Yeessss evan peters , emma roberts, angela basset , lady gaga

  7. damn thats good i really thought it was a new season

  8. Holy shit this is insane 🔥👽

  9. This would be an amazing horror story season that takes place after asylum

  10. This is amazing

  11. Very Creative

  12. My scifi wig decided to fly a hundred light years away

  13. omg, i actually thought this was cannon, this is a fucking amazing fan made intro, holy shit dude

  14. Apparently space/aliens will be hard to do since its americam horror story but they can literally make it about US Government officials like in wasington DC,NASA in Texas,area 51 in Nevada etc.

  15. This is by far one of my FAVORITE Fan Openings I’ve seen on the internet. SO DOPE!

  16. I genuinely thought this was real wtf? I really hope someone shows Ryan Murphy this

  17. This is honestly so good you would've had me convinced it was real if I hadn't read the description. Very well done!

  18. Season 10 please!!!

  19. spins around

  20. I though this was real it was so good lol

  21. Amazing! I loved it

  22. Anyone watching when the new ahs season came out 1984?

  23. This is a great job !

  24. WOW

  25. this is my dream theme for a season of American Horror Story! amazing work!

  26. I can’t! This is so good

  27. This is amazing and if (which they definitely should) they do an alien invasion season, I think they should use your credits! Also it should tie in with Asylum and Freak Show somehow 🤔

  28. Quedaste como estúpida! 😂

  29. This is SO good.

  30. This legit looks real!

  31. This is really good!

  32. Incredible

  33. U did a great work

  34. Pretty good, though i may suggest adding a bit of theremin music to accompany the intro

  35. This gave me shivers!

  36. Que buen cast!

  37. This would’ve been EVERYTHING and could’ve been a great crossover with Asylum and we’d finally see what happened to Kit

  38. What software did u use for this?

  39. This looks like an actual American Horror Story intro, if I didn't know this was fanmade, I'd think it was real. Very well done, I love it! <3

  40. This is actually so good

  41. ooh and the music could be like, retro synths

  42. this is amazing!

  43. How did you make this!?

  44. I could see the first episode taking place where all the people who are attending Area 51

  45. this could totally be a real intro

  46. This is really good. Wish it was a season tho.

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