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American Horror Story – How EVERY SEASON is CONNECTED!

Ever noticed how some of your favorite American Horror Story characters pop up in other season of the show? Let’s discover all the connections and discuss other fun fan theories, shall we?


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  1. Twisty the clown from season 4 is based on the real life criminal John Wayne Gacy who makes an appearance in season 5.

  2. 0:00 RIP headphone users. WTF

  3. season 7 is amazing but it didn't feel like american horror story to me

  4. charles montgomery was in season 1 and season five there is madison montgomery in season three queenie from season three was in season five sooooooooo

  5. I don't want AHS to end but i hope the last season they will show us how all the season is connected

  6. wow now cult is coming out…

  7. Maddisson Montgomery also sort of stitched Kyle together Frankenstein style. That other Montgomery did similar stuff. Perhaps she learned from him?

  8. Each character from each season plays a role in the ether the current season or a previous or next season it to show no person has a minor role it's like a tiny piece to a large puzzle and AHS hotel theme is to set the tone with recarnation of the ten commandments killer watch the devil's night episode all the different versions of the killer are invited to a dinner party a real detective has to become a killer by studying crimes, court cases, killers he went to the hotel and unlocked his memories of past lives he thought what made him a good cop was really what fueled his disire to kill like his past self and so on

  9. I was staring at my screen in awe when I saw Queenie's random and violent death in hotel. Actually broke my heart a little.

  10. the way he said "hi Mr Montgomery" sounded like a classroom first period on a Monday saying hello to their teacher (and their all guilty of doing something in the classroom )

  11. im still up to season 1 😣😣😣😣😣😣😢😢😭😭😭😭

  12. I wish Russian YouTube made videos like this one about the connections between these seasons because I've caught approximately 80 % of all the video only :cccc короче грустно

  13. this guy is like an agnostic "maybe its something but maybe its nothing, it could all be connected but maybe its a coincidence" i think its hilarious

  14. I tried to watch the show at the beginning. Couldn't figure it out. But, since then there's little else that's interesting to watch. I watched a few clips on here. I think I can get into it now!

  15. This is the question I was seeking an answer for!!! How about that!

  16. Sees first second of the video
    Almost gets a heart attack from it
    Clicks away

  17. I love ams

  18. If I'm to buy American Horror Story on DVD and want the episodes with Pepper on them what season do I buy?

  19. I love dude 😂

  20. 413

  21. i still dont get the story of the piggyman in season 6

  22. Why couldn't he just tell us how they all are connected instead of blabbing his big mouth.

  23. Not a coincidence.

  24. REALLY

  25. Also in season 6 we are introduced to a character named Edward Philippe Mott. And if the name Mott sounds familiar it's because Edward is the ancestor of Dandy and Gloria Mott from season 4 also Lana Winters from season 2 appears in season 6.

  26. theory: tate went to the hotel to get drugs from sally during the time he did the school shooting leading them to die in the same year

  27. The best seasons were 4 and 6

  28. Did no one else notice the connection between Kyle from season 3 and Richard from season 4? There last names are both Spenser. When Zoe was talking to Kyle's mom, she called her "mrs. Spenser" and in freak show, you can catch times when people call Richard ( or Stanley ) by his full name which is "Richard Spenser"

  29. The hole of AHS is about the Ten Commandments featuring: adultery ,murder ,satanists and more

  30. you're soooo cute boy

  31. Also the fact that Elsa mars wore blue when she preformed and in season 2 during the Name Game scene sister Jude wore bright blue and sang, also season 5 when the black which came to the hotel and killed queenie (I think), season 6 brings up the piggy man from season 1. The countless visited the murder house. And also season six Evans character Edward Mott could be related to dandy Mott from season 4. These are just some that I've come up with 😁

  32. we got ghosts, the devil, papa legba, aliens, vampires, witches…. good luck

  33. i just loved when they brought billie back in season 5 and she was "interviewing" john because it was like a cross between her two characters billie and lana

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