Cháy nhà thờ Đức Bà Paris – trái tim của nước Pháp | VTC14

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  1. What is the song at the begining?

  2. If you think karma doesn't exist, remember everything went Elizabeth's way for decades and then in one night lost everything.

  3. I was Like in the last scene : no don't go to the fuckin elevator .. no don't .. don't ..
    I was so into it

  4. ❤️

  5. She was shot and no blood came out??!!!

  6. 1:00 I was deep in the moment, I really felt her pain

  7. Quien tiene la ecena completa donde sally mata a los niños pero sin cancion

  8. I love this

  9. Before even acting in the serie, I was telling everyone that Lady Gaga should be in the cast

  10. I didn't think she could die…..was she human after all then….

  11. should've taken the stairs…..

  12. I love how Ramona couldnt kill the Countess when she was infront of her 😂 She just melted and gave in. Thats the power or magic the countess had over everyone who ever loved her. They just couldn't kill her…Fuck you john

  13. The insane performance Gaga gave in this season made Hotel worth watch. Shes super hot 🔥 I just loved the scenes including the countess ! And damn i felt bad when she died twice even thou she deserved it.

  14. 3:51 😍😍😍


  16. Lady gaga has instinctive talent which lead her to this song tune

  17. I love the hair haha i need that Hhaha

  18. Ladt gga sou much crazy

  19. Gaga maravilhosa

  20. Noooo Donovan😭😭😭💔💔💔

  21. I LOVEEEE IT😢😢😢😢😢

  22. this was such a moving scene for me. the countess was such a complicated character. she did hurt some people but she helped many as well, at least for a while. life isn't always rainbows. it is give and take. I don't know if I would call her evil. just real. and that's why she had to die. reality is the hardest thing to digest

  23. Not that I don't love Countess… But why not aim for the head? Why does NOONE aim for the head?

  24. Se curou todah pra morrer

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