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American Horror Story: Hotel Soundtrack | 4. She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart


Donovan toma banho na banheira enquanto Elizabeth cheira cocaína. Eles se vestem e saem para assistir um filme no cemitério onde começam a flertar com um casal. Em seguida os levam para o hotel, fazem sexo e então os matam. | Donovan bathes as Elizabeth does cocaine. They dress, they then venture out to a movie in the cemetery where they flirt with a couple then bring them back to the hotel, they have sex then kill them. 

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  1. Matt Bomer is sooooooooo hot! Lady Gaga is not bad too…

  2. This scene was so hot <3

  3. I could picture the B-52's covering this…..

  4. 👌👌👌🤞

  5. Damn skippy !!!

  6. Okay, that scene was just epic.

  7. gaga ass hole

  8. This scene was iconic

  9. Nessa temporada, eu começo minha viagem por entender qual a linha do tempo dessa série. Comecei por ela, e por um momento pensei que Lady Gaga era a manda chuva desde a primeira temporada. A trama em si, nos trás a hospitiladade do Hotel e como fico relaxado sendo testemunha de crimes, e até ficando de fora de alguns. Sou um hóspede em um Hotel cheio de assassinatos, mas sou obrigado a ser um indivíduo que tem amnésia e trabalha com investigações de assassinatos. Eu fico triste em mencionar como essa temporada me pega, porque por mais que eu tente ser outra pessoa, eu sou ele, o policial. Queria muito não ir deixando de dormir em casa depois de brigar com minha mulher e ter que ir em um Hotel. Queria muito beber todas e não ter que sofrer com a amnésia do dia seguinte. Queria muito não ter que ter amnésia durantes momentos bobos. Tudo se resume em, quanto tempo de tela os outros indivíduos têm e quanto o policial tem e nos "causa" mais suspense. Ele é em si, a pessoa que menos sabemos a personalidade. Todos os outros passam por uma confissão muito chata. Até o penúltimo episódio deixam-se as coisas insuportáveis de se assistir sem chorar.

  10. Was it genuine snuff pornography[?!] [?]

  11. Tbh this song sounds more like a psychopath trying to kidnap and rape someone instead of a casual makeout session (still sounds nice tho < the song)

  12. Tem a cara da Lady Gaga essa

  13. Sexiest scene to this song I wanna fuck to this song

  14. 😉👌

  15. Pensaba que era una Marilyn Manson

  16. The right type of song to be fucked up to and punish someone. Sexually or violently?

  17. This fukin song is great man

  18. So far this is my fav song on the show

  19. Favorite character?me mine is Montana (nobody comment plaz)

  20. Those teeth 😂

  21. Who liked this song before it was used in AHS?

  22. I love 2019

  23. Just started binge watching AHS for the first time 3 weeks ago…. this song has been repeat since I heard it 😂

  24. ❤ My favorite show always bring my favorite music to a killer scene!😇 Thank you AHS❤💜❤

  25. "Por que não estamos transando agora?"kkkkkkk quem lembra?

  26. ❤️

  27. AHS Hotel 😍

  28. 💕

  29. Name of song? Artist?

  30. Almost 4 years later and season 5 still kicks ass.


  32. That bass line tho.

  33. orgasmo musicall !!! omg

  34. Got a big plan, this mindset maybe its right

    At the right place and right time, maybe tonight

    And the whisper or handshake sending a sign

    Wanna make out and kiss hard, wait never mind

    Late night, and passing, mention it flipped her

    Best friend, who knows saying maybe it slipped

    But the slip turns to terror and a crush to light

    When she walked in, he froze up, believe its the fright

    Its cute in a way, till you cannot speak

    And you leave to have a cigarette, your knees get weak

    An escape is just a nod and a casual wave

    Obsessed about it, heavy for the next two days

    It's only just a crush, it'll go away

    It's just like all the others it'll go away

    Or maybe this is danger and he just don't know

    You pray it all away but it continues to grow

    I want to hold you close

    Skin pressed against me tight

    Lie still, and close your eyes girl

    So lovely, it feels so right

    I want to hold you close

    Soft breasts, beating heart

    As I whisper in your ear

    I want to fucking tear you apart

    Then he walked up and told her, thinking that he'd passed

    And they talked and looked away a lot, doing the dance

    Her hand brushed up against his, she left it there

    Told him how she felt and then they locked in a stare

    They took a step back, thought about it, what should they do

    'Cause there's always repercussions when you're dating in school

    But their lips met, and reservations started to pass

    Whether this was just an evening or a thing that would last

    Either way he wanted her and this was bad

    He wanted to do things to her it was making him crazy

    Now a little crush turned into a like

    And now he wants to grab her by the hair and tell her

    I want to hold you close

    Skin pressed against me tight

    Lie still, and close your eyes girl

    So lovely, it feels so right

    I want to hold you close

    Soft breasts, beating heart

    As I whisper in your ear

    I want to fucking tear you apart

  35. If you have sex with your new girlfriend and this song starts playing better run 😉

  36. I can’t forgot this moment omg 😯

  37. DO DAT BOSS WALK the song fits perfectly

  38. what’s this song called

  39. Eu estou viciada nessa música

  40. 🖤🖤🖤🌹


  42. xd como nadie entiede español solo quiero decir que esta cancion me hace sentir una perra empoderada xdxd

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