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American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5 Episode 3 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

Hosts Discuss Episode 3 “Mommy”
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AFTERBUZZ TV — American Horror Story: Hotel edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel. In this episode, hosts David Schifilliti, Pegah Rad, Alana Jordan and Sarah Huggins discuss episode 3.

The fifth seasons plot centers around the enigmatic Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California, that catches the eye of an intrepid homicide detective (Bentley). The Cortez is host to the strange and bizarre, spearheaded by its owner, The Countess (Gaga), who is a bloodsucking fashionista. This season will feature two murderous threats in the form of The Ten Commandments Killer, a serial offender that justifies his actions in accordance with biblical teachings; and The Addiction Demon, who roams the hotel, armed with a drill bit dildo.

The season will be interconnected to the first season, and will feature an appearance by the Murder House and its realtor Marcy (Christine Estabrook). According to creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, thematically Hotel will be much darker than previous ones, and will see the reprisal of other characters from past cycles. Inspiration came from old hotel horror films and actual hotels situated in downtown Los Angeles, with a reputation for sinister events. This included The Cecil. The cycle also marks a return to filming in Los Angeles, where the first two seasons were shot.Hotel features one of the most expansive sets in American Horror Story history, with production designer Mark Worthington building two stories on a soundstage, along with a working elevator and stairway. In July 2015, FX launched a marketing campaign for the series, with most trailers and teasers touting Gaga’s involvement.

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  1. People are way too harsh and disrespectful when writing these comments. Say your opinion with respect, there is still an actual human being behind who you're directing your thoughts at. I think Sarah often has excellent points and great thoughts or questions but unfortunately she just doesn't know how to communicate them very clearly. And y'all made her out to seem way worse in this podcast than she actually was.

  2. Please bring back Jillian and Oriana!

  3. March is doing ALL the shit HH Holmes did. March/Holmes doesn't/didn't need to be shocking or exciting. March is basic. That's why bro got away with so much shit.

  4. I don't know if you remember in season one there was One girl that they Helped get rid of her baby and the boyfriend found out and got pissed and took and killed their Baby, thus how they got the baby parts before they died, and Doctor Montgomery tried to piece him back together, which caused Mrs. Montgomery to kill him and herself.   What if Lady Gaga's character was the one that they helped get rid of her baby that caused the boyfriend to kidnapped and kill their baby???    IMO this would make total Sense if this was the case.   If it was The Countesse's Baby, the boyfriend would have Reason to get upset, Especially if she was a Vampire when she got pregnant.   If that was the case, it would make sense that the Boyfriend would get pissed because it would probably be a rarity if a Vampire got Pregnant and was having a baby.   If you remember in Interview With A Vampire, there was a rule that there could be no Immortal Children.   That was the reason that the little Vampire Girl in that movie was being Killed by being chained in the Pit to let the sun burn her and the woman that was also in the room with her.   What if The Countess knew that there was that rule, but the boyfriend didn't care about the rule????  That would also give him the reason to get upset and kill the Montfomery's Baby [Especially if she was Recently turned]…    Tell me this doesn't make sense.

  5. TEAM SKIF!! He's funny as hek!!! Sarah has been on board sinse season 3 so she's got some seniority lets cut her some slack guys.after all hollywood is filled with Sarah's critical attitude..skif and sarah make it fun they are like bro & sis.halarious!!!! PEGA is a doll of course!!!! The new gal is hip tooo.GOOD JOB PANEL.OH?! Still liking AHS for sure!

  6. props to this panel for dealing with Sarah because I can't. I will not be returning until she is gone, this show deserves a better discussion this isn't the Sarah show.

  7. there's apparently a monster in the mattress, it's name is Bartholomew and it's going to have its own episode.

  8. please do not bring that annoying lady back

  9. damn, that chick in the leather… she can get it. those boobs look GREAT

  10. Sarah I enjoy your perspective you are literal in you point of view it brings forth the  cognitive behavior of the characters.. you are great love  your  thoughts

  11. So like Sarah ruins like every episode. You should like totally like bring back last week's panel! …As much as I love this show, I won't be listening to any future episodes with her on the panel. She just annoys me too much. I tried to block her out to no avail. I'll just have to substitute with the this american horror story podcast in the meantime 🙁

  12. i hated coven never metion it again lol

  13. Sara is cute but i feel this is not the right Panel for her

  14. I still think Sarah should join another after show like "Cake Boss" or "Dance Moms" Something a little easier for her to understand.

  15. Why is Sarah on the panel? i feel like a lot of what she said was pointless and confusing. And Jeffrey Dahmer wasn't charismatic at all. He was an outcast and a weirdo. If anything he was the class clown of his school but everyone thought he was creepy. The truest definitions of a sociopath was that of Ted Bundy and even John Wayne Gacey. Bundy was charismatic and thats how he lured in the women he killed, and Gacey put on the facade of a good husband and was an active member if his community. tf?

  16. Is it just me or the show was more fun and interesting last week when Sara was gone? Please let the other two ladies talk, I like the lady in latex dress ideas I think she totally gets the show, and Sara is like well I don't know, but, but oh well. Like when she said I don't think she leaves the hotel, uh yes she does lol. I think she should watch the vampire diaries lol that show will be more easy to follow for her.

  17. countess was born in 1904 not turned thanks for the ep guys

  18. Also, I think Sarah is doing just fine. Seeing everyone jump all over her…I dont think she's the problem, I think that she's the kind of person that is very thoughtful and may overthink things, so just give her a break.

  19. Ok, y'all need to listen in on the show and think before you speak. I love the aftershows, but this is the SECOND time this season you all mention incorrect information… Gaga said she was BORN in 1904, not turnt. Get it right, get it tight or get the hell out and clean ALL this shit up! (lil throwback from freakshow).

  20. Do you think Alex is the forth child of constants from the first 1?

  21. Could Lady Gagas baby have been a vampire and was the one who turned her? Pregnancy = Change etc

  22. Sarah…… Just…sighs lol lol

  23. Is that chick drunk , why is she even there

  24. She was so outline trying to get a response about the favorite child topic. I think someone on the panel has mommy like issues…like, like, like.

  25. This is hard to listen to.

  26. Just read about a theory that Alex could be the great granddaughter of the Countless! Such an awesome thought.


  28. I first want to apologize for this comment I completely hate hateful comments but I can't resist this one. So why does this girl whose sitting next to that fab gay look like she hates everything and everyone and wants to kill herself like Iris the entire time…one Kristen Stewart is enough in the world. Girl needs to take some Zoloft. That looks like a fun job to have so at least pretend to be happy to be there girl. Sorry girl

  29. Glass, porcelain, and some plastics are acid-proof.

  30. i did wonder what the countess needed/wanted money for lol im like she prob doesnt pay rent hell she can prob steal some money by compelling people. there dead they dont need money lol

  31. Sarah has nothing relevant to say -.- she keeps circling around the same topic and can't explain herself.

  32. i agree about the kids and i think there important to her because they will never grow old and fall in love and want to create more vampires

  33. i agree about the kids and i think there important to her because they will never grow old and fall in love and want to create more vampires

  34. Sarah's my favorite. You bitches need to stop hating. This is a discussion, so she's allowed to disagree and have her own viewpoint. You people must be new here.

  35. Poor Dennis O'Hare. Can't wear a pencil skirt. Tragic.

  36. Get Sarah off this panel, she's annoying and constantly interrupts the other people with nothing to say

  37. I'm so confused #%*•°¡! you guys are talking about "Ramona" WHO AND WHAT IS GOING ON? I DVR it I didn't see anything about Angela ' s character but she put a dude in the truck of the car and that's it..any one please enlighten me….. thank you

  38. lol when the guy said he thght he was killing sally i was like lmao u didnt see that black leg that aint sally

  39. 4:39 in and i'm done. I wish someone did good review videos of AHS..


  41. I don't mean to be hateful, but Sarah (or whoever is next to David) ruins the flow of the conversation between the other three. She seems zoned out/out of it (drunk?) and wouldn't let him finish his point. Anyways, if Gaga is Mr. March's old wife, does that mean they had a child? Some people were speculating that Dandy is Mr. March's son (if the seasons are supposed to be connected now).

  42. There may be some significance to the lavender.  It has long been a symbol of tranquility, purity, cleanliness, and virtue.  The name lavender comes from the Latin Lavare, which means "to wash."

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