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American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5 Episode 11 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

Hosts Discuss Episode 11 “Battle Royale”
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AFTERBUZZ TV — American Horror Story: Hotel edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel. In this episode, hosts David Schifilliti, Alana Jordan and Sarah Huggins with special guest host Matt Sarafa discuss episode 11.

The fifth seasons plot centers around the enigmatic Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California, that catches the eye of an intrepid homicide detective (Bentley). The Cortez is host to the strange and bizarre, spearheaded by its owner, The Countess (Gaga), who is a bloodsucking fashionista. This season will feature two murderous threats in the form of The Ten Commandments Killer, a serial offender that justifies his actions in accordance with biblical teachings; and The Addiction Demon, who roams the hotel, armed with a drill bit dildo.

The season will be interconnected to the first season, and will feature an appearance by the Murder House and its realtor Marcy (Christine Estabrook). According to creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, thematically Hotel will be much darker than previous ones, and will see the reprisal of other characters from past cycles. Inspiration came from old hotel horror films and actual hotels situated in downtown Los Angeles, with a reputation for sinister events. This included The Cecil. The cycle also marks a return to filming in Los Angeles, where the first two seasons were shot.Hotel features one of the most expansive sets in American Horror Story history, with production designer Mark Worthington building two stories on a soundstage, along with a working elevator and stairway. In July 2015, FX launched a marketing campaign for the series, with most trailers and teasers touting Gaga’s involvement.

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  1. How did all of those little kid vamps have MEASLES when the boy from the hospital who made them was CURED when he became a vampire???

  2. im sorry im cant stand this panel! They are boring as fuck and so uninformed! I only clicked on it because I watched the strain review! now that pannel is the shit! I'll never watch them again! eww wasted 10 min of my life lol!

  3. I'm with you, Alana…LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Evers!

  4. You people are awful….

  5. I loved Miss Evers referencing Hamlet, the Countess has somewhat of a narrow world view being surrounded by the safe hotel and lovers she can control. She dies just as she is ready to let go, expand her philosophy and retouch the world. It's sad.

    Queenie dying didn't really bother me, i just see her inclusion as abit of a bonus as we thought her story was finished. Overall i really enjoyed this season, moreso if there were fewer arcs and more Liz Taylor and Iris.

  6. Scarlet, the name of John's daughter, is also a color like that of blood.

  7. ok, apologies for being that guy, but it is like a prerequisite for this show that you HAVE TO be a wicked flamboyant gay guy?…. that doesn't seem fair to us non-flamboyant heteroes that would LOOVVEE to be on this show

  8. Please bring back Pauline Kael. This review was tiresome to watch. This review was worse than season 4 of horror story.

  9. well, since the hotel is very much based on the actual hotel in LA, Stay on Main (formally Hotel Cecil), I have a feeling that Liz and Iris really are going to turn the hotel around and it will have a similar new name. But who knows….we shall see next week!!!

  10. This panel is just horrible. Over the top gay factor, almost on the brink to be a porn fest. Fake laughs, dumb faces, and very little content.

  11. they should do a bonus episode where the coven comes back and gets revenge on the hotel for killing queenie

  12. I commented in the last live stream about the burning of the hotel. I've been thinking it since The Ten Commandments Killer episode.

  13. I was so mad they killed Queenie off like that. I honestly hope someone burns the hotel down or it gets torn down or something. That's the only way, i could see this ending. i have had this question for a while now: if so many people died in the hotel, why don't we see more ghosts. Like i would be cool if we saw darren criss's character just walking in the background or see like the vampire kids' ghosts just wandering the hotel.

  14. hate Queenie so im glad they killed her off lol

  15. These guys are boring

  16. would the addiction demon be a manifestation of the guy and girl she was sewing her body too?? there was scene when Sally had injected the drugs in that guys penis.

  17. They brought Queenie back just to kill her? That made me dislike this season even more. And if vampires can be ghost then where is Liz's boyfriend? Gaga killed him in the hotel so he should be trapped there.

  18. I thought it was implied that the Countess killed Ramona. Why else would she be walking out with pep in her step after begging for her death?

  19. i dont care for liz any more or any body else in this season pretty much every one is evil the little girl is the only sane one

  20. at this point i think the witches from coven can just do a spell to get rid of all the evil

  21. I know it'll be the last episode of season 5 but I really really want to know what Evers connection is to March when they first met. Like how she fell for a killer when her son was murdered by one! So curious

  22. I thought those with the ancient blood disease couldnt become ghosts…. because where the F has Tristan been then? VERY BIG PLOT HOLE. Am i the only one who thought this episode was terrible?

  23. Ok, I was mad they killed Queenie. They could have killed anyone so her appeance was waisted.Maybe she will come back as a ghost and kill March? I mean her powers would work on him if she was a ghost too right? I do agree with that. BUT I need one of yall to read a book or use google or something. Mrs. Evers line is from Hamlet. And yall just be sitting up there the whole time like "ummm idk what that meant" or "uh, Like I didn't get that". Hell, if you don't know FIND OUT. Chile this panel is a hot mess.

  24. dont forget the countess baby/mindter thats also an un answered question

  25. As far as the addiction demon I think it is quite literally Sally fighting against withdrawing. Everyone in that hotel room was shooting up but the other 2 died & Sally didn't which to me means she has a higher tolerance. If she was stuck in that bed for 5 days & the addiction demon showed up on the 2nd & tortured her for 3 days, it was her withdrawing. Max Greenfield was a junkie too & the demon got him but not Sally. I think March keeps her withdrawals away which means he controls "the demon."

    I want Miss Evers to burn down the hotel. Everything she said made me sad for her. No one that matters to her appreciates her & she's already given March up once.

    Love the show! Can't wait for the finale! I want to see what happens with johns family (countess has to be pissed he killed her) but I also slightly don't care about any of them except Scarlett. Hopefully Alex dies, never liked her, never will.

  26. I want the Countess's white suite jacket. I want it so much.

  27. Funny how Sarah Paulsen's Bette and Dot Tattler wanted to be separated and how Hypodermic Sally purposely sewing herself to her lovers.

  28. my dads theroy is that all the witches come up from the coven and avenge queenie but getting all the ghost's

  29. The line about more stains than "dreamt of in your philosophy" was a re-write of a line in "Hamlet."
    High school English classes, anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

  30. but where is tristan and friends? they all should be showing up soon

  31. Well Done!!

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