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American Horror Story: Hotel Character Breakdowns Revealed!

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One of the most exciting new characters no doubt is non other than Lady Gaga. Stef wasn’t on hand in Beverly Hills during FX’s day on the Television Critics’ Association press tour but Ryan Murphy spilled about her character QUOTE: “Her character’s name is Elizabeth. She owns the hotel, and she is sort of a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people and she has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode…” On top of that she’ll have sexual relationships with Matt Bomer and Angela Bassett’s characters and many more. We’re happy to hear Mother Monster has a busy role in the plot and Ryan said she starts shooting on Monday.

Actress Kathy Bates was on hand at the press day and explained, “I play Iris. I run the hotel. I have relationships with Matt Bomer and with Wes, and I can’t stand [Sarah Paulson], I hate you. And I don’t know yet if I get to work with Angela, I hope I do. And Liz Taylor and I have a very close relationship, and I do crossword puzzles in my spare time.” TMI? Speaking of Sarah Paulson she revealed her character Sarah lives at the hotel and is darker this season, along with sexier, and a drug addict. Finn Wittrock plays a male model named Tristan Duffy, who fancies Lady Gaga’s character. Cheyenne Jackson plays Will Drake, a fashion icon trying to reestablish himself in Los Angeles. Denis O’Hare plays Liz Taylor, who works in the hotel at the bar. Not actually Elizabeth, but a person inspired by her. And there’s more! Chloe Sevigny plays Alex, wife of Wes Bentley who plays John, whom are both dealing with great loss, so they check into the hotel to investigate. Angela Bassett’s character is Ramona Royale, who has a strong relationship with Lady Gaga’s character. She is a renownded actress who visits the hotel often. Finally, not much is revealed about Matt Bomer’s character who’s name is Donovan. If those major spoilers weren’t enoughh for you, Ryan confirmed people from prior seasons will be checking in to the hotel, which is set in Downtown Los Angeles and inspired by a story of a girl going into a hotel elevator and never coming out. That was a lot. Tell me what you think of these character details! Don’t forget to subscribe and then click here for things you didn’t know about AHS! I’m Misty Kingma have an amazing weekend TV fans.

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  1. Worst Season so far

  2. I'm Watching The Frist Episode Of #COVEN Now … Love #AHS

  3. can any one help me. plz tell me if you know the name of the female actor who grew up in detroit lakes MN thank you so much IF you can help

  4. Hey!  What about Evan Peters?

  5. I think her most phenomenal performance was in Dolores Claibourne. What a masterpeice!!!

  6. I get the honor of meeting Kathy Bates this coming July in Georgia.,my favorite actress of all time!!!!

  7. This show is like watching a long horror movie. I LoVE it! It's stadistic, gory, creepy, evil, and twisted!!!

  8. I like when coven came into hotel

  9. Is Gaga's character the main one, if so does she replace Lange?

  10. evan peters+jessica lange = AHS. I can't believe I won't be seeing them next season.

  11. Jessica Lange???

  12. I always watch tis

  13. Wanna know what I think… EVAN PETERS💟😭😻

  14. where's evan peters :(((

  15. Elizabeth Bothary – google her and you will know EXACTLY whats going on…story taken from a 16 th century countess.

  16. Ryan murphys mother must be so proud…😆

  17. so all the actors i like are gone

  18. I have very low expectations for this season. They got rid of the amazing Jessica Lange and replaced her with Lady Gaga? LOL.

  19. There were a few actors/actresses not mentioned 🙁

  20. Season 5 is based on hotel Cecil which is an actual haunted hotel about a girl that was found dead in a water tank and creepy elevator stuff

  21. y'all never mentioned Evan peters 😴 wtff

  22. what about evan and emma? haha they're my two fav characters

  23. what about Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

  24. What about even peter

  25. does anyone know if Emma Roberts and Lily Rabe are going to be in it??

  26. no Jessica hmmmm that is quite sad but at least we got Angela

  27. WHERE IS EVAN!!!!!😠😠😠😣😣😣

  28. I not really a fan of them bringing in these really big name actors into the show. I loved the first season of the show and that didnt really have anyone huge in it. The fourth season was amazing too but i did not care for Emma Roberts in it. Kathy Bates can play some really wonderful characters, and creepy ones too, so no complaints there. But Lady Gaga? Really? I feel like its a publicity stunt more than anything. Im not happy about that development.

  29. lady GaGa is wack

  30. gaga all the way

  31. Evan better be in hotel or someone's gonna die


  33. Ikr. How they just ganna replace the main character in all 4 horror story's. It's total BS.

  34. I hope Emma Roberts doesn't infect my viewing with her terrible acting in this season.

  35. gaga are you replacing Jessica ….. I'm crying ;-; she was my favorite Dang!


  37. Where's Evan???


  39. why do the US keep allowing all this bull shit TV shows ill tell you why because they don't believe in God

  40. I don't understand why they're making lady gaga the hotel owner and then when they explained all the characters and hints to the story line, it all had to do with fashion which reminded me that lady gaga is into that weird ass thing she calls fashion. I don't hate gaga but they're making this season literally about her .. It's like she sat in the meeting room with the creators and just suggested a lot of unnecessary shit. It's not fair. We need the original characters. You can't put a lot of main characters into all four seasons and cut half of them off in the fifth season …

  41. I still can't believe that lady Gaga is on the show. …ugh…what an epic fail
    seasons 1 and 2 are definitely EPIC!
    freak show was an utter hot mess! it was so bad…
    and it seems this season is gonna suck ass too…

  42. NO. WHERE IS MY JESSICA. SHE ISN'T IN THIS. WHERES EVAN?! WHERES LILY BAE? WHY.WHY.WHY.WHY.WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY – cri – – throws computer – – throws tv – – dies – – rage quits – – eats my cats – – now really dead –

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