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American Horror Story: Hotel After Show Season 5 Episode 4 "Devil's Night"

John receives an invitation to attend an exclusive Devil’s Night Soiree. Alex tries to diagnose Holden’s strange condition.

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theStream.tv Fan Show Network presents the American Horror Story: Hotel After Show. Tune in each week, live or on demand, for review and conversation about American Horror Story: Hotel. American Horror Story: Hotel is the fifth season of the FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story. The plot centers around the enigmatic Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California, that catches the eye of an intrepid homicide detective. The Cortez is host to the strange and bizarre, spearheaded by its owner, The Countess who is a bloodsucking fashionista. This season features two murderous threats in the form of The Ten Commandments Killer, a serial offender that justifies his actions in accordance with biblical teachings; and The Addiction Demon, who roams the hotel, armed with a drill bit dildo.
Previous seasons of American Horror Story: American Horror Story: Murder House, American Horror Story: Asylum, and American Horror Story: Coven and American Horror Story: Freak Show have all featured the same actors including the Emmy Award Winner Jessica Lange. American Horror Story is described as an anthology series, each season is conceived as a self-contained miniseries, following a desperate set of characters and settings, and a storyline with its own “beginning, middle, and end.”

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  1. Did u know, that the song which is playing in the background, in the scene where John meets Aileen Wuornos in the bar, is the last song Aileen Wuornos wished to hear before she got executed?
    It's "Carneval" from Natalie Merchant.
    Nice anecdote

  2. k den

  3. AHS doesn't hold back anything, does it?

  4. I called the countess going to the murder house for an abortion as well but based on AHS wiki because the baby of Charles and Nora Montgomery was stolen by a "boyfriend" of one of the ladies he gave a abortion too and the "boyfriend" didn't know about it (same thing the countess says to Charles In the recent episode) the baby of Charles was stolen by the "BF" who I assumed already is Mr. March, but the baby was returned in pieces and that is when Charles put the baby back together and use apparently one of the hearts of a baby he aborted….. Crazy stuff going on this season but I dont think we have seen the last of the Murder house yet.

  5. Xavier, I think you're great! I always enjoy watching the After Shows! I agree with people's theories that John will be a killer–if he's not already as the 10 Commandment Killer, then he will definitely be doing some killing at some point. I wonder if the reason Gaga is so protective of children is because of guilt–maybe she got an abortion at Murder House and is now trying to redeem herself by stealing children who are being neglected.

  6. If y'all haven't figured out yet. The countess is James Patrick Marchs wife. When it went back and told about the history of the hotel James' wife always liked to WATCH him murder people. Then when ever she got together with Tristan and he brought back that dude with the man bun off tinder, while he was murdering him he stopped and asked her if she wanted to join and she said no that she would rather WATCH so that confirms that The Countess turned in James to the cops to get his money.

  7. Why dont you guys have a Once Upon a Time aftershow? Requested.

  8. Ship this idiot back to Australia. He doesn't know enough about American pop culture to be reviewing its television shows. Plus, he talks over the girl. Very rude.

  9. All caught up: Absolutely LOVE it so far!! Can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next episodes!!! People who dislike Lady Gaga should stop: she's perfect as The Countess!! I've always liked Jessica Lange in the previous seasons, but I really don't mind she's not the "main" star of the season this time (don't have a favorite season, love them all) Already LOVING "Howdy, Boys" slitch! and "You seem nervous…" in the trailer for next week's episode "Room Service". It was AWESOME seeing Lily Rabe as Eileen. When Holden came home I was so sure he'd have eaten the dog and then they show it! Poor dog! I wonder what is going to happen next between New!Alex and Holden. I've always thought Scarlett was going to be vamped too.

  10. As soon as I saw the dog I'm like ok he's gonna kill the dog and drink it's blood anytime they make a point to show an animal you know somethings gonna happen

  11. That Aussie doesn't know $#!t about America! March has an old-school aristocratic American accent from the 20s. NOT a fancy British accent although those fancy Americans back then were trying to emulate a fancy British accent.

  12. John is the 10 Commandments killer.

  13. The Australian guy is super annoying. The other presenter does a great job considering what she has to deal with.

  14. They're sticking with the same rules from Murder House since every season takes place in the same universe. These people are in the Hotel because you're trapped in the place where you die. Halloween is the one night that they can leave the grounds and do whatever they want but they have to return by the end of the day. So, all the killers came from the places they died. You could probably Google where the died and get an idea of where they came from to the Hotel.

  15. I was thinking that John may be the 10 Commandments killer. Makes sense especially since he's always one of the first on the scene and not to mention how he ended up in the room#64 that he was called to in the beginning. Also explains his invite to Devil's Night. As far as he being dead. I don't think so at least not yet.

  16. good to see the whole show. Can t wait till next week.

  17. I heard a theory that John is the 10 commandments killer which would be interesting and a good twist.

  18. Yeh I called the dog eating too lol.

  19. Oh can't forget the Night Stalker… But I agree I thought it was awesome that they included real life people like how they did in Murder House, including the Black Dahlia girl

  20. How was this not an eventful episode?! I thought it was the sickest one so far.. Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, the Zodiac, Lily Rabe as Aileen Wuornos, and Evan Peters to top it off, so wild

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