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American Horror Story : Hotel After Show Season 5 Episode 1 "Checking In"


Detective and family man John Lowe investigates a chain of gruesome murders in Los Angeles. A mysterious tip points him to the enigmatic Hotel Cortez.

Welcome to the American Horror Story After Show! Each week the after show hosts Xavier Brinkman, and Kristin Carole breakdown, discuss, and review every new episode of AHS. Questions or comments for the after show? Tweet us! #AHSAS

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  1. Anyone know where I can watch AHS season 5 since Netflix can't fucking add it >:((

  2. Is this on Netflix?

  3. 12:26 yumm

  4. "Join the party" lmao ok buddy

  5. alguém fla português aq????

  6. nice candles 😻

  7. Holden hasn't aged.

  8. TBH Jessica Lange a big part of why I didn't watch Freak Show. She's great but I've grown tired of her.

  9. Xavier double timing! Collider & the stream! Glad your back miss Mova but Kristin is holding it down. Loved this 1st episode! The whole outdoor movie orgy scene looked so cinematic!

  10. Great vid guys!

  11. Thanks for a great aftershow. Can't wait to learn more about Hotel Cortez, and what happened at 2.25 am, since that's when the radio starts in room 64 every time.

  12. the photo on the TV is the most half assed thing I've ever seen.

  13. WHERE IS EVERYONE ELSE?!?!!!!!!! 😡😡

  14. lady gaga's performance was very theatrical. I love the x man, thank you for bringing him back. I love the format for this year's after show..keep these two! this season of AHS feels almost like a reboot. next season needs jessica Lange back and can the countess be her daughter? if this sounds familiar I had to write it twice. thank you Xavier and the stream tv, you gave me a lot to think about.

  15. omg! loving the duo structure and who couldn't love the X man? so happy the stream tv brought him back! I was so looking forward to this season…it didn't disappoint but it definitely feels different from every other season, almost a reboot. any word if gaga is coming back next season? Jessica Lange should come back as her mum. 🙂

  16. I love the fact that Sarah Paulson never died in any of the other seasons but died in the first episode of Hotel I'm super excited to see Evan as an evil character. 😀

  17. What did they say? I was distracted by that candle the entire time, it looks ready to spontaneously combust or catch that dudes hair on fire.

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