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American Horror Story: Freak Show Soundtrack | CAROUSEL Official Season 4

“CAROUSEL” by Melanie Martinez (AHS Freak Show Official Soundtrack)
Listen on soundcloud:
official soundtrack for the season 4:American Horror Story Freak Show.

American Horror Story: Freak Show | CAROUSEL Official Soundtrack Season 4 .

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Official tumblr page:
American Horror Story: Freak Show “Open Wide” Official Teaser 7



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  1. I feel honored to be the 666th comment

  2. Should I add this to my music playlist?

  3. Melanie is a queen.

  4. I started hearing my 12 yr old daughter sing this song around the house, I was like, “What are you singing?” She said, “It’s a song called Carousel, by Melonie Martinez.” I looked her music up & was really impressed. Her new album that just came out Sept 6th is great, my daughter had to have it the day it released.

  5. Maria vermelhinha não existe de verdade

  6. This song is LIT

  7. 2019?? ❤️❤️

  8. Damn the beats are so sick

  9. Man this will always be iconic.

  10. juste like a freakshow!………..hum a its not the good song

  11. La base suena como una canción norteña xd

  12. What episode was this in?

  13. Great song choice!

  14. I love this creepy style from melaine!!

  15. im gonna have nightmare…

  16. Melanie Martinez • Carousel • AHS

  17. Freak show 😍❤


  19. Here For Mel 《 < 》

  20. Melanie :33

  21. kau baru sahaja tekan butang play terima kasih untuk itu XD

  22. <3♡♡♡♡♡!!

  23. Proud of my idol melanie martinez 💕💕💕💕

  24. I freaked out screaming “OMG MELANIE MARTINEZ SQUEEEE!!!” When I found out about this lol.

  25. like si solo viniste por melanie martinez

  26. Round and round l

  27. 🖤 Melanie Martinez 🖤

  28. I love this song and show!!!!!!!!!😻🤣🤣😎😎😋^_^:-);-)

  29. Mel O.o


  31. American Horror Story hotel in American Horror Story Freak Show American Horror Story Roanoke in American Horror Story Cult

  32. I love this song!!!


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    Bye bye

  35. yo her beat maker is a beast, i would like to know is name

  36. it didn't play in the show

  37. I LOVE THAT THEY USED MELANIE'S SONG! Freak show is my favorite season :3

  38. Amazing! Love it

  39. serio q e da melanie

  40. ADORO

  41. i lover her music! when i heard it was in ahs i scrwamed and maybe have gotton so happy i broke a plate ahahah!

  42. me encanta AHS y melanie martinez…¿Que mejor? 😄😄

  43. She should have a role in AHS

  44. When I learned her song was on American Horror Story I FREAKED OUT!! I'm so proud of her😭💞👏 but she should be even MORE higher up but in finna watch it now still proud of her😊👏

  45. omg!!!🎪🎠🎪

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