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American Horror Story: Freak Show After Show Season 4 Episode 7 "Test Of Strength" | AfterBuzz TV

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AFTERBUZZ TV — American Horror Story edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story: Freakshow. In this episode, hosts David Schifilliti, Oriana Leo, Sara Huggins, and Jillian Leff discuss episode 7. The fourth season will be set in Jupiter, Florida in 1952. It will be centered around one of the few remaining freak shows at the time, as its members do anything to keep the business alive. The season will focus on the conflict between the freaks and the “evil forces” who do not understand them. The season will also feature a “clown killer” and a “bearded lady.”

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  1. shit show

  2. A little racist huh??! Segregated groups??!

  3. Not to be rude but did anyone died laughing when Dell got his ass handed to him by Amazon Eve? XD

  4. In the last sequence of the episode in the museum, when they are displaying the newest display, you see a brief appearance from the 1950's actor Tab Hunter!  I wonder if he is coming on as a character like a insurance claimer, who needs to see death certificates, autopsy reports, etc!  This could be a whole new angle!

  5. About the article, I read it, but the funny thing is that like two weeks ago I posted on the AHS Facebook page that even though I love Jessica Lagne I'm kinda over her getting the same character on every season, and I got a lot heat from that comment. people thought that I was hating, which is so not true, I love her and I hope she comes back for another season. I just feel like she can do so much, that she deserves a new character, not the powerful queen B she's been playing. Do I want the show to stop just because of that? Nope!!! But I do wish they would give us brand new characters and not so many guest stars that bring nothing to the table other than them being big stars. 

  6. I think this season the "freaks" are the most "normal" and vice versa, Dandy, Dale, Penny's dad, they don't have any psychical deformities but they're twisted.  

  7. Bomer might be back as a haunting figure to dandy. Especially if the "Please kill me." was a hallucination.

  8. http://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2014/emma-roberts-evan-peters-fight-break-up-comic-con/

  9. So saying that Dandy looks like the devil made my spidey senses tingle with the theory about AHS really being an adaptation of Dante's inferno and that possibly each season is a different ribg. Could dandy be an incarnation of the devil in this way? What does everyone think?

  10. I love Dandy too….

  11. You guys are super fast! Ty everyone. David is my fav. He's very entertaining and super cutzie! His observations and opinions of AHS are always on point as well.

  12. First off, this episode was really great! My highlight was Bette and Dot looking like Alice! I don't know about you guys, but I've seen numerous times that season 5 could be based off Alice in Wonderland. Along with Bette and Dot dressed as Alice, Dandy (who we can agree, no matter how attractive is the antagonist) was dressed in red kinda like a certain queen? Along with Bette being compared to the transition of a caterpillar/butterfly. And to go back further into the season, the top hat could easily be a reference to the Mad Hatter. Penny's whole Opium-induced sex tape. Twisty's mask keeping the smile like the Cheshire Cat. Almost every time we see Elsa in her tent, she's smoking, like the caterpillar. Meep biting off the heads of the chickens could maybe refer to the Queen of Hearts always saying "Off with their head!" I don't know but I think the hints are there and the possibility is strong. I'd love if it was based off Alice in Wonderland, what about you guys?

  13. Hi guys :)! So first off love your show, I really like how you break it down scene by scene :). I just wanted to share a theory I came up with about Bette and Dot. So my theory is that Bette and Dot will eventually get separated somehow, but it will be Dot who lives because she wants to kill her sister anyway. So after they get separated Bette's spirit still lives in Dots body tormenting her for wanting her gone, but truth is she isn't going anywhere. That's just a theory I had. Hope you liked it 🙂

  14. I am OBSESSED with Dandy! 


  16. No pep crew but they look good.

  17. ok so this episode was amazing staring with that fight omg with eve and strongman to die for and as about the one in two week we finally get to see dora daughter come in to play for this season more so maybe she will start some trouble with dandy and his mother who by the way had a gun pointed at her in one scene so let hop she doesn't die that quick    

  18. It seems that you all weren't the only one to get a visit from the glam squad. Bette did too!

  19. I'm just as obsessed with Finn Wittrock and the Dandy character as David is. It's hard to explain

  20. I wonder if Stanley and his shlong will end up as part of the museum's dead freak exhibition.  Oh, the con-woman could get the money use it to help the show.

  21. This episode was incredible, and I am so upset about ma petite. I think Stanley is definitely going to stick around to collect more freaks. My guess is nobody is safe. Anyone can end up gone, and as Ryan Murphy said, once they're dead they are dead. I have a feeling he will get one of the main characters.

    I also want to say that I love your show. I look forward to watching it every week, and enjoy hearing your take on things. I watch it here on youtube. Is there a place to watch it live?

  22. I personally find AV club article BS, only jessica lange and evan peters play similar characters each season, and they aren't even that similar. You might argue that fiona and elsa are both similar in that they are in charge of a group of people, but they couldn't be more different. Fiona had everything and squandered it away, while elsa doesn't have much and is constantly trying to strive for her career. 

    The AV club has always been unnecessarily critical of AHS, giving most coven episodes Cs and Ds, I know coven wasn't the best, but hey it was at least entertaining.

    Other than jessica lange, and evan peters, the other 2 actors that have been prominently featured are sarah paulson and frances conroy, and those 2 have played very versatile roles, frances conroy is SO underrated for the things she's done on this show. If the AV club wants to criticise, they should be more specific, not just generalise their comments regarding the whole show. 

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