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American Horror Story: Freak Show After Show Season 4 Episode 3 " Edward Mordrake" | AfterBuzz TV

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AFTERBUZZ TV — American Horror Story edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story: Freakshow. In this episode, hosts David Schifilliti, Pegah Rad, Oriana Leo, and Anna Koppel discuss episode 3. The fourth season will be set in Jupiter, Florida in 1952. It will be centered around one of the few remaining freak shows at the time, as its members do anything to keep the business alive. The season will focus on the conflict between the freaks and the “evil forces” who do not understand them. The season will also feature a “clown killer” and a “bearded lady.”

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  1. Twisty and Mordrake are scheduled for returns.

  2. You guys are on to something pretty intriguing about the dante inferno theory. Also another guardian in coven possibly the axe man?

    I bet you guys caught this and it would be cool to see maybe if it develops further with some kind of back story with Elsa, when Emma Roberts character did her reading for Her she looks over at a letter that reads To: EM From: MD "MD" being someone named Marlene Dietrich a very well known famous German-American actress/singer from 1930's on. Elsa in episode 1 I believe mentions a movie she was doing called "garden of allah." I should also add in her private life she was bisexual and above the letter it seems like she was in some sort of contact with Elsa even going as far as to sign Love Marlene. If AHS showed it must have some relevance later at least I hope. Keep up te great reviews! . . 

  3. Anyone else notice that the song Jessica Lange's character sings near the end is in the tune of Lana Del Rey's Gods & Monsters? Was it intentional I wonder.

  4. Bette should sing "Womanizer" by Britney to Jimmy to complete the 'womanizer' name for him

  5. So, if this show is supposed to take place in 1952, why did the song Jessica Lange sang include a reference to Jim Morrison? The Doors didn't form until 1965…

  6. Maybe Edward isn't the only one with something strange going on behind him. Why does Twisty wear the skin cap over his head all the time? Hiding something else? Maybe his longing to fit in will be granted when he realizes he is not the only one if he encounters Mordrake.

  7. Mordrake said the demon face must take "a pure freak, corrupt of mind, body and spirit." So, you're right…Ethel's guilt and regret saved her from being the one that Edward would take.

    It's MY prediction, based on a couple of things shown in the previews, that it's going to be Angela Bassett's character, and that will be the "SHOCKER."

  8. Has anyone else picked up the irony that Dandy is named in relation to a positive adjective and his character couldnt be further from that?

  9. What is the name of the song that was sung during Edward's 1st appearance during rehearsal?

  10. Very lacklustered AHS episode. The museum is the Mutter Muesum in Philly. Good review !!!

  11. the show has been on the decline quality wise since season 1. This is rock bottom. Waste of Actors, Money and reputation AHS Season one brought on. This is horrid tv only for the sake of shock and ratings.
    A sight to behold in the same way a train wreck is a sight to behold. its like a fan fiction of an american horror story season. Ratings are high so im clearly on the wrong planet.

  12. I was hoping to hear your thoughts on what happened between Dell and Desiree, when he shoved her into the wall and she said "take your hands off me or you will never see me again." It seemed like it should be a significant part of the story, like he's probably abused women in the past. He probably abused Ethel.

  13. Ummmm…. Am I the ONLY one that noticed that the whole Dandy & Twisty plot was shot and modeled after the HALLLOWEEN (Michael Myers) films????? (both John Carpenter's & Rob Zombie's) This was nothing short of and homage to Michael Myers!! There are SO MANY nods to the HALLOWEEN movies. THAT is why the little girls asshole brother's name was MIKE!!!!! Where are my HALLOWEEN Michael Myers fans???? I can't be the only one…. 

  14. Hi you wanted a Peggy lee song she is a Country singer I do not think there is a song in her song book that fits for Halloween I liked the one J L did last night episode she summoned that man he did hear the song that was being played and song the lady at the piano knew who it was so did everyone els but JL character

  15. I loved this episode most of all out of all the episodes yet. So far, the episodes have left a lot to be desired for me. I feel in the coming episode, we're going to see a huge conflict with Twisty, Dandy, and Dora involving Dora's "disappearance." That in turn will bring Gabourey Sidibe's character into the picture. Overall I feel like we're making a slow progression into what could be a huge story. It is Ryan Murphy after all – he is very receptive to his audience's needs.

  16. What kind of accent is Kathy Bates speaking in.

  17. I thought that Twisty was going to take the scared little girl ,but I'm happy he took her jerk of a brother.

  18. I know this much Dandy or Twisty bet not kill Pattie LaBelle

  19. This season certainly is moving more slowly than we are used to with this series. The other seasons have moved fast with strange things happening every episode. This season is feeling like a very slow burn type of season. But i am loving every second so far. Its got the darkness of season 2 and the light hearted fun of season 3.

  20. Absolutely LOVED it!!! Halloween episodes on this show are always super!! For a second I thought Dandy was going to kill the maid, and for a second I thought Twisty would take the little girl, but I was both wrong!! Can't wait for Part 2!

  21. I can barely hear the audio on this video

  22. A nice homage to Halloween (1978 film) with Dandy, his clown costume and the POV scene.

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