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American Horror Story Cult Season 7 Main Title REACTION | JuliDG

I know there’s a new trailer, but I recorded this before the other video was released. I will react to it, tonight!

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  1. Kill everyone but the dogs!!!

  2. Where is my Lily Rabe????

  3. The opening credits are not complete yet

  4. Have you seen that after the carousel, there was someone holding a cleaver, looking like the butcher?

  5. Juli pls react to The Fosters now that you have time cause Orphan Black, Shadowhunters & almost Wynonna Earp ended.

  6. The election was already scary enough 😭😭😭

  7. I think that is the main cast. I looked at the Wikipedia Page and the rest is the supporting cast apparently. So maybe they'll add some of them later on.

  8. Agree, Asylum was the best and my fave…and season one was really good too. But Asylum was so disturbing in some parts, really well acted(Sarah Paulson was amazing especially) and it also had the amazing Name Game song/dance number! Jessica Lange awesome as always. I wish she'd come back, the last two seasons she was missed.This was a pretty good  main title, liked it. I forgot to watch the other day, so this is the first time seeing.

  9. I was not even scary you faked it.. it was funny just watching you Faking It

  10. The Fosters pls

  11. React to teenwolf please.
    Like if u agree

  12. You should react to the first trailer that came out today

  13. The trailer is out


  15. I expected you to say "That it's just disgusting" again when Trump showed up xD



  18. I love your ahs reactions

  19. New trailer is out too!

  20. There's a two versión of the main title sequence, the second and real versión going to be released in AHS: Cult premiere, and you know that missing names and the WITH/AND

  21. Please react to the new trailer for American Horror Story Cult.

  22. Can't wait for the new season!

  23. Wtf did I just watched lol!!

  24. Nice TV show

  25. React to the trailer

  26. React to the new trailer aswell!!!

  27. So excited for this new season ! The new trailer is so scary ! Also love you and yours reaction 😉😘🌈

  28. React to new trailer

  29. They just released a trailer for Cult. It looks really GOOD!! 🙂 🙂

  30. Yeah it wasn't the whole cast, i heard they're trying to keep some cast memebers a secret to suprise veiwers when it permires

  31. Roanoke was shite!!! Can't wait for cult though! 🙂

  32. i think people complaining about it need to remember the titles are unfinished and its very likely more names will be added

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