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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT Opening Credits [HD] Evan Peters, Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson

Check out the opening credits for American Horror Story: Cult!
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Cast: Evan Peters, Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson

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  1. my favorite season

  2. gaga in philippine dialect means foolish woman, but sometimes its an expression like hey gaga means hey foolish woman or they call you gaga if you are naughty, overjoy, or doing foolish things, they call it to their friends,etc,,,,there are many filipinos in u,s, its possible that lady gaga has filipino friend or her friends have a filipino friend, because that gaga thing is very common expression by filipinos

  3. my sister thought i was joking when i said the "themes" were: trump, hillary, and killer clowns. she didn't believe me until i actually showed her this now she's shook nasty.

  4. I don't even know how they're going to top last season!

  5. Oooo!! This'll be scary good…again! I thought they were kidding with Trumpikins, but apparently not! How perfectly fitting.

  6. y donde esta la Gagui??? (Where's Lady Gaga?)

  7. I'm so glad Evan Peters is continuing with American Horror Story

  8. I love how Ryan put Billie in AHS since Scream Queens was cancelled, I love Billie so much!!😍😍

  9. I don't….meh…The Purge. Been done….Hope this is a joke.

  10. Looks similar to the Purge, I bet this would be one hell of a Purge.

  11. Kinda sounds like House of Cards, was that the aim?

  12. I bet this will make foreigners afraid to go to America.


  14. Classic AHS ❤❤
    fuck Roanoke worst season ever.

  15. Mientras no esté gaga todo bien, ella no es actriz juega a quererlo ser, pero jamas!

  16. That's the shortest cast in the credits I've ever seen. Why are there only five? Surely the other cast members must have equally central roles as the five they showed.

  17. Love the music think it's beautiful

  18. Trump of course will start calling this fake news

  19. *puts on trump mask*
    oh. they…they really aren't even trying to be subtle with this one.

  20. I hope Wes Bentley, Angela Bassett and Finn Wittrock is in this season.

  21. So no emma Roberts as a main cast member, still gonna watch for Billie though.

  22. Anyone think of purge election year while watching this?

  23. Where,s Gaga?

  24. There are names missing like:
    Emma Roberts
    Billy Eichner
    Colton Haynes
    Frances Conroy?

  25. It feels like a rehash

  26. Why put gaga in title

  27. I like it because it's different, yet still dark, gritty and unsettling like the others.

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