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American Horror Story: Cult Episode 7 "Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag" Breakdown!

What does Andy Warhol and Valerie Solanas have to do with this season of American Horror Story: Cult? Find out as Ryan breaks down Episode 7 “Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag.”

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  1. What were your thoughts on the Valerie Solanas SCUM Manifesto storyline?

  2. I swear I hate sexist women I have sister just like that blaming me and my brother chores lol

  3. Then if scum was behind the zodiac killings, what about the part in Hotel. Where john patrick march hosted devils night and the zodiac killer came to the hotel.

  4. i loved the episode and i think Frances won this episode for me

  5. she is scum!

  6. This was one of the worst thing I have ever seen on TV..and this is coming from a longtime ahs fan…the man hate that this episode single handedly glorified was extremely disappointing

  7. Lena did an amazing job. This was my favourite episode 👌

  8. Worst episode in American horror story history.

  9. It’s real sad how they portray the dichotomy between Valerie and Andy. Andy wasn’t as sexist as they portray him. And Valerie was a paranoid schizophrenic.

  10. I just came here to say Ivyyyyeeeee Winterssss

  11. Kai reminds me of the brother from resident evil 7 (if im remembering correctly)

  12. At the point where she came up i stopped counting my facepalms

  13. She did brilliant job. Her character was my favourite this season.

  14. I’m a fan of Andy Warhol, but I know he didn’t behave well with Valerie Solanas. That’s why I wrote the song "That girl" , played on my channel.

  15. Evan Peters as Andy Warhol is his best…he makes a better Andy than any of the other actors previously…

  16. This was the absolute worst episode of the series up until this episode I thought cult was good.

  17. Woah… who knew that feminists from the past are pieces of shit too 🤔

  18. AHS should do more serial killers

  19. 2:21 This scene kinda feels powerless cause the paper is so obviously blank

  20. The doorman is Eddie from The Kids Are Alright

  21. So fucking stupid. Women have raped men and many women have molested their daughters. Especially ironic that Dunham is saying that because she molested her own sister.

  22. I need my boi greg

  23. I disliked that episode. I hated Valarie, she was annoying, disgusting and I couldn't stand her stupid and cringy SCUM Manifesto with their stupid thinking. During the whole episode I just wanted to punch her! Haha it's funny how this episode of such a great series made me so annoyed.

  24. AHS Freak Show and AHS Cult are my favorites.


  26. Evan Peters is such a good actor omg

  27. Her acting skill was horrible! Every line and emotion looks so fake.

  28. Lena Dunham playing…Lena Dunham. Brilliant!

  29. I never understood the whole “men control the world and that’s why it’s all fucked up, women should be equal. But equality takes the form of women are the superior gender and that’s what will save the world.” So it’s not about equality, it’s about who’s on top. There’s no peace in that solution, just constant struggle for power and influence

  30. Love u guys but that wasn't a cameo, unless what I hint is the definition of cameo

  31. Fantastic episode. Lena Dunham is great.

  32. "it's no surprise Koresh went up against Janet Reno." Anyone who was alive and situationally as well as self aware during that time knew that it wasnt like that at ALL.

  33. K I know that Ivy seems like she deserved everything that Ally did to her but u have to think that Ally basicly called Ozi hers when really he is both Ivy and Ally's. So wouldn't u drive ur significant other crazy because they called both of ur child just theirs?

  34. Most boring AHS episode ever

  35. I hate her character its irritating and it makes me not wanna watch it

  36. Lena Dunham is so talentless.

  37. Lena would be playing a feminist Looney. Lol

  38. Feminism IS a cult.

  39. I LOVE Billy Eichner!!!

  40. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lena Dunham "acting" in the role of a psychopath.

  41. Andy Warhol never said the women couldn't be artist. That entire conversation did not happen. Solanis was known for being violent and aggressive. As a matter of fact, before shooting Andy Warhol she threaten a woman and her baby with a gun.

  42. American Horror Story has been steadily getting more and more infiltrated by feminist crap, but this episode was especially cringeworthy. It really shows just how brazen feminists have become and how little regard there is for men for this to be able to be shown on TV. The anti-male hate here is extreme. I know this show pushes the boundaries, but an episode that actively promotes a hate movement that ACTUALLY EXISTS is going too far. There really ARE women who think like this. The real test here is whether this would have been produced, had it been a group of men actively seeking out and killing women. I tend to agree, this was by far the worst episode of the series.

  43. This is the biggest pile of shit. I work at The Warhol. The factory is being portrayed as a cult in this show? Never once has that ever been even mentioned in passing at the museum. Dumb Hollywood shit and dumb analysis.

  44. Francis conroy is a brilliant actress. Loved her since six feet under

  45. Honestly the zodiac killer twist was stupid as hell especially when more women than men were attacked and killed during the zodiac killings plus it’s not like the black dalia where the actual events are shrouded in mystery because people actually survived the zodiac killings and we know for a fact that there was a single male killer

  46. Who else felt disappointed with this season

  47. Ideological plot, justifying act of terrorism… unbelievable

  48. she is basically Stan's sister from south park.

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