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American Horror Story: Cult Episode 6 "Mid-Western Assassin" Breakdown!


Meadow falls in love with Kai, Ally seeks out a friend and Ivy reveals why she betrayed her wife. Ryan and Greg are back breaking down American Horror Story: Cult Episode 6 “Mid-Western Assassin.”

What did you think of AHS season 7 episode 6? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. What do you think will happen to Ally next episode?

  2. He’s popping Adderal. We saw the bottle in an earlier episode

  3. I do not remember this episode existing, it was on the website that I watched it on but I just don't remember ever watching it or even seeing any part of it (if you're going to use logic I have them all lined up and I would notice if I didn't see one of them

  4. AHS Cult and devilman crybaby are very similar with their message

  5. So f**** what people get shot all the damn time

  6. Well Ally had tooo much Dam Drama!!!!!!!!!it really made me sick Dam she cried through the whole Dam Part and she made some dumb as moves stupid!!!!!!!.

  7. Adderall

  8. Adderal

  9. That scene with them screwing I have on question. What in the name god is Harrison wearing? From a far and close up it look like one of the things he's wearing women's pantyhose.

  10. I had such hopes for this season..and though some of the ideas were very relavent..and the acting on three peoples parts were great….it ended up falling flat….like our country..so yeah it did great on showing the real American horror story…our country at its lamest. So with that it was good…but I'm desensitized to politics and movements….so for me…not enough of a horror story as just….an American story

  11. Liked the episode but it was a little to predictable

  12. So I'm confused, is Allie Ozzy's biological mom or is Ivy? Someone said Ivy is so was Allie just a surrogate?

  13. Meadow won the episode, and Ivy’s screams in the uncut version was the single best moment in the season so far. Beverly is scaring the shit outta me!

  14. Any one noticed these two tools traded sweater and shirt from the previous video? Wtf! I’d their hipster outfit just costumes?

  15. Insures her? Farmers or State Farm?

  16. Adderall

  17. And the guys who were having sex that night with Meadow in the grave made it back in time in the other episode when Ivy phone call with the wife got disconnected

  18. About Ozzy's origins, has anyone thought of parthenogenesis? In 2004, Japanese scientists created the first mammal (mouse) by combining the nucleus of one female's egg with that of another. The female offspring survived to adulthood and now has babies of her own. Women don't need men to make babies.

  19. Where is ep7 breakdown?

  20. he's kai's brother who also initiated & insisted on the whole cover up of the death of their parents so pretty safe to say he's playing an active roll ~ kai is taking adderall ~ there are supposed to be 7 clowns because this was before harrison was killed & wtf would they need to "introduce new clowns" for ~ how are you both still unaware of which clown is which character & how is it that you're both just now realizing the 2 clowns fucking on the produce are actually harrison & detective samuels aaaaargh ~ y'all are killing me

  21. Surprised you didn't mention the fake assassination attempt plot line was lifted straight from Bob Roberts.

  22. So no more meadow , I really enjoyed her character but kinda too soon for meadow to leave the season😩😩😩

  23. So no more channel zero recap?

  24. Who thinks this season is boring? Someone told me that today and I was surprised because I'm loving this season so far. Roan oak was alright and I couldn't get into Hotel but I think this season surpasses both.

  25. pbjreload

  26. Great!

  27. the pills, i would guess are the ADD pills he said he had Add early in the season

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