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American Horror Story: Cult Episode 5 Breakdown! "Holes" | AHS Season 7


Episode 5 was packed with “Holes” that included Ally’s trypophobia and a literal grave. Plus, we got an inside look at the members of Kai’s cult and what events led him down his destructive path. Ryan and Greg break down Episode 5 of American Horror Story: Cult. (Sponsored by The Evil Within 2)

What do you think of American Horror Story season 7? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. What did you think of the nail gun scene?

  2. i had a soft spot for RJ rip 💔

  3. the most fucked moment for me is definitely the gimp scene now i’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit but i couldn’t get over this it gives me chills and makes nauseous just thinking about it

  4. Why is Ryan so handsome?

  5. I admit I had to look up the word Gimp and was unnerved by what it meant.

  6. The unison exclamation of bs made me smile so much for some reason 🤣🤣

  7. Did I just fall in love with both of you when you said "bullish*t" in unison? Maybe a little.

  8. The poor kid didn’t do anything wrong they didn’t have to make his death so painful with a nail gun. They all could have made it quick and painless

  9. the gimp scene was the worst for me… the hanging , stabbing , dialogue, and little details :/

  10. IT WAS THE BEST!!!!!

  11. With the cameras thing they could have edited their footage and they most likely already knew the layout of Gary’s house cause…… cult

  12. I hate holes,this episode fucking suckeddd

  13. Im kind of surprised they didnt make Ally and Ivy vegans.

  14. Sorry but I love Kai and his blue hair
    He’s obviously the antagonist
    But damn he’s good
    Like half Evan Peter’s Roles are antagonists (1, 3, 5, 7)

  15. I want to talk about how good your chemistry is together. Please never stop making vids together, you guys are just amazing and feeding off each others’ humour and energy. I love you 😭💜

  16. I love how they have studied narcissiscism so thoroughly, that the script and the actors like Evan, can be written and acted so flawlessly.

  17. Redpill #1

  18. I. Got horrible ear of holes . I could barely finish this 🙁

  19. I can’t do clowns and I don’t like excessive gore, so I’m glad videos like these are made. I’m still interested in the story so it’s nice to be able to follow it. Even though it’s long after the fact at this point

  20. 7:09 they're both beta.
    they're both beta.
    they're both beta as fuck (beta).
    If you're looking for a alpha male here…then your shit otta luck😂😂


  22. I will subscribe the moment you guys stop asking for subscribers at the beggining of every f*cking VIDEO

  23. The jokes yall put in this are weak af lollll

  24. this channel is really lame..sorry y'all

  25. Ryan, who dresses you bro, your wife or mom? A Nike shirt with a jean shirt over it… I’d say a wife with a mom attitude. Blue letters match your jean shirt color…a little gay bro if you did it yourself.

  26. Lena Dunham in this weeks episode. Another raving ugly and fat woman who blames everybody but herself for why we all think she’s unattractive. Lol.

  27. May you please do bates motel.

  28. I think Ally will kill Ivy before the season ends. Maybe in the last 2 episodes.

  29. Guy not Greg but the guy in the Nike tee is super handsome AF

  30. ozzy is the boy from murder house

  31. i think bev will be the hilliary !!!!! ryan hates trump. so that said a female will prevail . he is full of hate!

  32. Can someone please explain the whole “gimp” scenario to me. I’m so confused on what happened there

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