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American Horror Story: Cult Episode 2 "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Breakdown!


Kai runs for city council, Ally and Ivy meet the new neighbors and one of their employees is murdered at work. Also, more clowns! Ryan and Greg discuss season 7 episode 2 of American Horror Story: Cult “Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark.” Remember to leave your own theories in the comments below!

What do you think of American Horror Story season 7 so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Who do you think is the leader of the cult?

  2. Lesbians we're under attack!

  3. "You're asleep."

  4. "Lesbians! We're under attack!!"

  5. I love how the guy just gives Ally random candles

  6. Japan's pinky promise also has two other ones that are similar to each other one goes it break promise you swallow a thousand needles the other one is stick thousand needles in your eye.😈

  7. I’m Japanese and my mother would tell me that when I was little

    Edit: she would tell me that if I broke a pinkie promise she’d cut my finger

  8. I just subscribed and I figured I'm never going to watch American Horror Story just for this fact I'M DEATHLY TERRIFIED OF CLOWNS! Not to mention that i would be watching this pretty late at night and i'm pretty sure i'm not sleeping tonight!

  9. In the beginning I thought America was the cult

  10. Not his father, he’s in another room.

  11. Maybe Kai is Ozzie's dad.

  12. I just realised that ivy sends Ali charger how would they work in a blackout?

  13. Greg said Winter was serving coven vibes, fast forward to apocalypse and she's our young Mallory who's the next supreme. coincidence??

  14. Donald Trump_"Among other cult leaders", shade very smooth shade

  15. How about Ozymandias from "Watchmen"?

  16. Ally is such an unlikeable character and her killing Pedro made her unredeemable. Absolutely terrible

  17. I like how you pointed out that Winter's outfits are very Coven-esque and in season 8 the actress plays a witch in the coven, we love easter eggs

  18. I love that "DAMN." t-shirt.

  19. I think that Evan Peters character is Ozzie’s dad

  20. I love these brake downs

  21. Evan Peter’s character is great lol.

  22. 7:43
    “Lesbians, we’re under attack.”
    Ahahaha I love people like this.
    When lgbt people making jokes about other lgbt people it’s great, like the non mean ones
    “Lesbians we under attack”

    Idk??? It’s just really really funny

  23. …Ryan Murphy is either a Marvel fan or he just hates anything DC related.

  24. MAGA you hapless hacks.

  25. Young blond wife. Who would ever guess the pretty dumb blonde was so smart.

  26. Does anyone remember this season

  27. when ever you show phobias please please do warnings!

  28. 3:57

    So Roy Harper travels from Arrow, to AHS. Maybe Oliver Queen, and Thea trust him finally

  29. this guy is literally a fan of evan lmaooo

  30. Pronunciation: Ozy-man-dye-as spelling: ozymandias

  31. How did you not know about the pinky promise thing???

  32. I love your Breakdown Show guys. Your both adorable. Also very funny and entertaining. I was not crazy about this season but you guys make it alot better!

  33. Trump rules .. Lol our country for at least 3 more years. We should just chill.

  34. I thought the pinky stuff was common knowledge

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