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American Horror Story Coven Supreme REVEALED + Season 4 Spoilers!

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And just like that, we say goodbye to Coven and hello to the new Supreme!
Welcome back to ClevverNews, AHS fans!
Last night, season 3 of the hit FX drama wrapped up, and as expected a new Supreme witch was announced.
All this time that we thought it was maybe gonna be one of the young witches, it was actually the former Supreme’s timid and sweet daughter, Cordelia.
Other big moments from the finale included 3 major deaths.
Misty Day died during one of the Seven Wonders challenges, Myrtle insisted she be burned at the stake to pay for her sins in the past, and Madison was strangled by Kyle andddd became one of Spaulding’s new dolls in the attic.
As for Queenie and Zoe, they were promoted to Coven Counsel by Cordelia. They’ll be helping out with the new and improved Miss Robicheaux’s Academy, with a ton more students.
Throughout the entire season, we saw the volatile mother/daughter relationship between Fiona and Cordelia, and last night, it came to a tragic end.
An old and wrinkly Fiona confessed that she knew she blew it as a mom—she was never there, always partying and sleeping around.
Fiona’s life ended by living in the countryside with the Axeman, which we can probably assume is her personal version of hell.
Moving forward, all of us AHS fans are dying to know what’s in store for season 4 (no pun intended!).
Ryan Murphy confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that it’s all in the works, and the only clue he gave is that it’ll be set in 2 time periods, the main one being the 1950’s.
It’ll also keep a lot of the comedic elements we saw in Coven, because he really likes the funny, light-hearted moments.
In a nutshell, he called it “radically different” from anything they’ve done before.
We know Jessica Lange is on board and has been practicing her best German accent, and Sarah Paulson confirmed she’s also coming back.
I gotta know who you’d like to see return most: Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Emma Roberts maybe?
Also, let me know what you think of Cordelia taking the reigns as SUPREME—did she deserve it!?
Let’s chat about it below in the comments section, or, we can always talk on Twitter so go ahead and tweet me!
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I’m Deidre Behar, thanks for tuning into ClevverNews.

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  1. Spoiler!!!!

    Queenie died!!!

  2. Eternity!

  3. Wait didn't Zoë die by getting impaled

  4. Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson

  5. It's a FREAK SHOW

  6. Misty can't die! Just realised 😶😳

  7. Why madisen start alive then die then come back then die pess of shit

  8. Madisen is soooooo hot

  9. i wish taissa farmiga was in season 4 D;

  10. taisa and evan xxxxxxxx :*

  11. Um I know this is just a show but it says that being supreme isn't something to be happy about its a curse.

  12. taissa and evaaaaaan <3

  13. loved #Lily  #Rabe (Misty Day) T_T ♥♥♥

  14. Am I the only one who wants Kathy Bates back. She was one of the best parts of Coven


  16. I want taissa farmiga back

  17. Zachary Quinto should return. Just saying.

  18. Emma roberts is not allowed to comd back

  19. Evan peters!

  20. Rumors said that Lily Rabe might not be on Season 4 and Season 4 might be Jessica Lange's final season. That's what I heard, but I dunno if it's true.


  22. I want Taissa Farmiga to come back. just OMG i love her soooo much and i want precious to come back :3 <3

  23. I really liked the New Orleans vintage voodoo style, so I hope they bring that back. I really like Marie Laveau's character as well.

  24. Evan Petes and Taissa Farminga 

  25. Madison for the win. Hopefully Emma Roberts returns <3

  26. wow people are so fucking stupid, didnt anyone listen when misty was talking to Fiona? SHE CANT DIE

  27. Taissa, Jamie, Emma, Gabby and, Francis

  28. James Cromwell !!!!! 

  29. Evan peters has to come back😄

  30. evan peters omg 

  31. Madison was actually the next supreme. When she was asked to find something of one of the past supremes, she actually did find it (the little thing where she kept cigarettes) but that's when she got pissed and left. When Kyle strangled her to death, the powers went on to Cordelia who managed to bring back Zoe. The reason Queenie couldn't bring her back is probably because Zoe was more powerful than her.

  32. They shouldnt break the cyckle. They should bring back Lily Rabe and Evan Peeters so the 4 of them could be in it together. I absolutely adore Lily and I'll probably cry if she doesnt come back



  35. Jamie Brewer 😀

  36. I wanted Zoe

  37. Evan and Taissa!!

  38. Taissa farming even peters and Denis o hate

  39. Definitely Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters, i hope their characters fall in love again in the 4th season just like they did in the 3rd and 1st season. c:

  40. I want Jamie Brewer to come back and Kathy Bates has also been confirmed to return.

  41. i think that the scientist from asylam should be in it

  42. taissa farmiga and evan peters need to come back, seaosn 1 was my favortite but I'm excited for season 4!

  43. Lizzie Brochere!

  44. I would like to see Angela Bassett return. She is phenomenal

  45. really hope taissa and evan come back! 

  46. I hated Emma Roberts so much, as well as the girl who played Queenie. Such terrible acting!


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