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American Horror Story: Coven Recap

The eighth season of American Horror Story will be a crossover between Murder House and Coven. In order to get you prepped for AHS Season 8, Ryan gets you all caught up on what happened in AHS: Coven back in Season 3.

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  1. Coven is the best season

  2. RedVelvet


  4. Can we just talk about the intro of this season? It was so fucking good

  5. Using the same actors over and over again is getting cheap and old 😝

  6. The is not the sort of program I would watch, however my daughter introduced me to it and thank God she did because I have really enjoyed it, I am roughly in the middle of the coven and yeah brilliant, I love fiona, she is brilliant, in fact every roll that the actress has played has me wanting more

  7. God I hated this season.

  8. All I want is a recap, not all the cringy attempts at humor.

  9. Would have been better without inserts from other movies, I didn't come here for that

  10. I know I watched the entire season and remember the ending vividly. But for some reason I seriously don’t remember watching this at all. Like it’s just a dark blank. No recollection

  11. Boring season



  14. thank you for this, i started s8 back when it was dropping episode but stopped after 3 because it felt lackluster but after watching ep 4 yesterday the shit got way more lit seeing the coven squad

  15. Maddison should not have died plot smh

  16. Really hate the Stevie Nicks obsession in this. Annoying.


  18. As if I didn’t binge watch enough

  19. what a dumpster season. especially when you had Salem and Penny Dreadful coming out around the same time to compare. cheesy writing. zero depth. never went where it should have to be interesting. just focused on the poorly written sorority drama. a complete waste of all that acting talent.

  20. Worst season !! Didn’t even make it to the last episode, I got tired waiting it would get better

  21. Fun fact Sabrina spellman from the chilling adventures of Sabrina mentions how she has a cousin who might be Madison


  23. So is the kid that got birthed antichrist in murder house Landon from apoclapyse? The long hair blonde guy.

  24. Why did she yell balenciaga before she died???

  25. wtf happen to kyle

  26. What's a Supreme?

    You're looking at her.


  27. I loved the seasons of AHS I Did not watch Roanoke. Sorryi am so looking foward to the new season!!

  28. I haven’t watched this show before but can someone explain this show to me? I’m pretty sure Zoe is the same person as Violet in the same exact show??

  29. The timeline is so fucked

  30. Coven doesn't really fit the american horror story theme but it's good as a separate show. I watched season 1 and season 2, so I was expecting this dark/scary type of show.

    Coven is a completely different season that is good but shouldn't be under the AHS umbrella. It's the least scary season.

  31. Make a recap on Freakshow please

  32. Ok firstly FIONA WAS DYING!!! she accepted she was gonna dies. So before she became supreme she killed the supreme at her time which is a form of thanking her and to stop her suffering. Then when she was dying she needed to find the rising supreme so that she will be able to finally rest! So when she found madison she wanted to teach madison everything she knows just like the supreme of fiona! But they got into an argument and since she was drunk she accidentally killed madison and since you are not allowed to kill fellow witches she hid madison's body. So technically SHE WASNT TRYING TO STAY ALIVE SHE JUST WANTED TO END HER SUFFERING!

  33. Hey witches! If you’re a diehard coven fan please check out my latest video!!

  34. Bruh this man done spoiled 2 seasons with no warning. I’m mad

  35. Now that it's October, when will this season hit Netflix? It's the only way I can watch the show.

  36. What if Fiona had told Madison about the Cigarette holder so she pulled out the cigarette and then completed the rest of the 7 wonders along with Cordelia what would have happened if they both did the seven wonders

  37. that one guy looks like doctor facilier in princess and the frog

  38. I remember this season being ass

  39. AHS:Legend…surrounds urban legends coming true and how to stop them.

    Just an idea

  40. I've always been confused by this. If Marie has an immortality spell why didn't she use it on herself? Instead she made a deal with the deity and had to sacrifice babies for it. Unless he gave her the recipe for it and she used it on Delphine and herself?

  41. Subscribed. Appreciate clip ratio with story recaps. Well done and to the point unopinionated and actually a "recap." Thank you for not wasting my time.

  42. okay the dude got the storyline wrong, Fiona dug up the slave killer first and that’s how she learned about immortality potion and then sought out Marie

  43. I subbed… you're very good !*

  44. I finally understand aha

  45. Madison will come back to life cuz Langdon brought her back from hell.

  46. Can you guys do a recap for each season?

  47. I was rewatching AHS Roanoke and noticed a few similarities. The butcher murdered her people with poisoned apples and Mott arrived to the shaker house in a carriage with purple feather plums just like Michael did.

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