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American Horror Story Coven Episode 8 Review – Suicide Theater


American Horror Story Coven Episode 8 Review. Cordelia, Zoe and Madison try to get rid of Fiona and Angela Bassett sends them a Kathy Bates surprise. ►

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  1. Humpty dumpty was a great big bitch, now let's throw her head in a ditch

  2. I have been watching this on presto but this episode wasn't on it!😔 anyone know why?

  3. 0:54 😂😂😂

  4. Fiona sat on a wall then she fell in Acid and all of the coven stood there and watched her burn to death

  5. It's horrible when you realise that Lalaurie was actually a real person…

  6. quick question: for what purpose do u think they brought back the Ax Man? Do u think they'll use him later?

  7. Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty dumpty had a great fall… Delphines head in a box.

  8. IDEAS: Who blinded Cordelia? Top Jessica Lange moments (from all seasons!?) Top 5 apps Zoe will teach Kyle with? Haha …  To be fair, Vivian was a good mom to Violet in season 1.

  9. you speak too fast man… take a breath lol

  10. I have a sneaking suspicion that Nan will be the next supreme…or die, considering how she got the short end of the stick in murder house. However every time I think that something's gonna happen, it doesn't.

  11. Nailed it. Great work.

  12. This episode was good. I enjoyed so much to watch play in the play – but I enjoyed even more about the fact that Cordelia was happy in the end that Fiona was still alive. Though I think that next episode is gonna show more about this infamous witch hunter and maybe something more horrific is revealed madam Lalaurie's past. 

    I would like to see some action. There's only five episodes left so I want huge final and I want see the rise of next Supreme! And I still think that two Supreme's would be greater plot than just one – but doubt for that I would be right.  

  13. American Horror Story; brought to you by Bates in a box

  14. I wanted to know what you think about Myrtle pointing out that Misty is the next supreme. 

  15. I don't really have a favorite between the two performances, both of them were great and scared Fionna into wanting to kill herself. I mean Madison put on a good show that made Fionna think she was the next supreme. Mertle's performance was also good, giving Fionna visions of the axe man leaving her as she wilts away into her death bed. Both great actresses. During the episode Mertle said that "Misty was the next supreme" Is there anyway to tell if someone is the next supreme? (Besides the fact that they're healthy) I still believe Zoe is the next supreme.   

  16. In comparison to the previous seasons, this is by far my favorite! Jessica Lange just keeps me mesmerized and when word was in that Kathy Bates was coming on, and that they would be in New Orleans, I just about lost my mind. They have an incredibly strong troop of females, and I agree, the female perspective of it all is fabulous!

  17. One thing I really like about Coven is that they don't try to do the stupid accent Hollywood seems to think we have here in New Orleans.  The city itself is a metropolis, with suburbs like the one I live in, Metairie ("Metry" for short hence my name). When you get out in the bayou or up in the sticks, away from the city, then you get the Cajun accent.  But most people who live in or around the city speak like anyone else in any other city.

  18. I thought Madison's performance was the best. One of the things I thought was interesting about this episode was that last week The Axeman told Fiona about how he watched over her when he was a ghost and now he's alive and I see him working with Fiona against the coven. Then you have Spaulding who seems to serve her as opposed to the coven and going so far as to cut out his tongue to protect her and disposing of Madison's body while he was alive. Now he's a ghost who stops her from killing herself.

  19. Thank you for uploading ^^ my favorite theater moment was mertles part. It seemed so real D: the head at the end made me feel sick to my stomach poor Marie

  20. grace and elma were good mothers in Asylum

  21. Last year felt like it was dominated with male-driven stories. The female perspective this season is a nice change of pace. I'm not a witch-fanatic, but the magical aspect is really fun too.

  22. aaah, what's in the box?!!!

  23. I really wanted fiona to die. I still think that Zoe is the next supreme.

  24. It felt a little weird to me, since I knew that Jessica Lange wasn't supposed to die yet. But it did really feel like a stage play. Luke's mom is tied with Fiona now for mom-of-the-year.

  25. Loved the play within a play aspect. Madison definitely had the most fun!

  26. This week on American Horror Story Coven was the best "Play within a Play" I've seen in a long time. Wait, What's in that box?!!

    American Horror Story Coven Episode 8 Review – Suicide Theater

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  27. Since it's a little late in the day I'm just going to make a longer Legend Of Korra video to post tomorrow rather than cut it short to get it out faster!

  28. Here's my American Horror Story Coven video. So many things to talk about. The best Play Within A Play Ever and What's In The Box?!!. Let me know who's 'fake' performance you liked the best 🙂

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