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American Horror Story Coven Episode 6 Review – The Axeman Cometh

American Horror Story Coven Episode 6 Review – The Axeman Cometh. Madison returns, Danny Huston guest stars and Josh plots with Marie Laveau. ►

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  1. S'il y en a une qui m'énerve c'est la Zoé.Depuis le début de la saison elle ne fait que emmerder et mettre en danger les autres. Vouloir se rendre aux flics et toutes ses conneries portent sur les nerfs.J'aime bien Quennie et Nan elles me font rire et elles sont sympas. J'ai visionné la série complète sur Netflix. 8 saisons de 13 épisodes chacune et qui durent environ 40 /43 mn. On ne peut pas visionner tout en 2/3 jours. Mais bon, comme on est confiné on a le temps. Alors bon visionnage et bonne journée à tous.pareil avec la planche de Ouija, elle ramène le tueur à la hache et une des filles se fait presque tuer. Quelle sale conne.

  2. 1:23 "normal serial killer"
    is that a thing?

  3. I want to watch 6 Episode where I can watch it can someone help me?

  4. Normal serial killer? Dude I'm not even gonna touch that one

  5. I don't like that Madison is back…. Zoe is my fave character…. 😉

  6. Necrophiliac 3some…that's something that not even the internet prepared me for…

  7. I don't get how The Axeman is called a mythical creature on Wikipedia (then again, it's freaking Wikipedia). He was a serial killer, much like Jack the Ripper, who left his own infamous letter and had a beef with Italians, but a liking for jazz. Maybe he was killed as a human because the witches where threatened by a killer running around the city? Or else maybe he was a witch hunter that was murdered by a Supreme to protect the Coven.

  8. I feel like Madison is going to forget she's a witch or not have her powers again. 

  9. The Axeman likes Jazz and the first thing he hears is Rap Music…They better stop him quickly! 😀

  10. I never got any assumption that any of those girls Were thinking they were the Nexr supreme. And what makes you assume Madison will turn into a murderer?

  11. Kimberly is right, that the Ouija board is a conduit to the spirit world so that's the only way the axe-man's ghost would move the glass with Zoe and the others invoking him. Also, it's a fact that when people die and their souls enter the netherworld regardless of whether their is a heaven or hell, the soul enters a repository first.  According to Biblical belief all souls rest in this repository before the final judgement in whether they enter paradise or are destroyed in hell. This is why the Bible says that when the dead are revived they have no memories or 'know nothing' but darkness because their souls were essentially asleep. The same is true with other religions where the soul transitions into a respite before a 'final' phase.

  12. I wasn't surprise at all when Misty and Zoe bring Madison back from the dead. All though I think that Madison is more than just a zombie figure 'cause Misty basically revived her like a Jesus did. Zombie boy was brought back to life with a spell so he's more like a golem and kinda mindless figure. 
    I would like to see Cordelia to become even more powerful now when she's blind, and yes I would like to see her kill the witch hunter very gruesome way… 

  13. Why exactly would Madison go one a killing spree?

  14. Great episode. Really enjoying this season. Only going to get better from here.

  15. The Axeman was able to manifest partially (to move the cup) since he was summoned first… I guess that was the first time someone tried to summon a spirit in the house.

  16. Hey everybody special Legend Of Korra announcement. They'll be releasing all the remaining episodes tonight. So I'll be posting 2-3 videos for it all between tonight and tomorrow morning. 

  17. Maybe the reason the axeman was able to only communicate now was because the board was made for contacting spirits and the room where Zoe found it hadn't been open before?   

  18. Madison and Evan Peters pallin' around town like a couple of Frankenstein monsters lol.

  19. he's a normal serial killer? lol

  20. This show is amazing, if anyone isn't watching it yet. Now is the time to catch up!

  21. Danny Huston better come back in season 4 as another character. He was awesome!

  22. Madison FTW. Danny Huston was amazing too. I hope he's on more than just the one episode.

  23. Loved this episode. I wonder why Madison doesn't remember dying though. It sounds like she's not going to tell everyone fiona did it anytime soon.

  24. Madison is going to be amazing as a zombie. She was already kind of a dead person when she was alive LOL

  25. Danny Huston was definitely the best part of this episode!

  26. It was amazing seeing Emma Roberts come back. She spent so many episodes in that trunk…Spaulding FTW

  27. Hey everybody, here's my American Horror Story Coven video, delayed slightly for Doctor Who fanfare. Madison is back! And it's only going to get weirder. Enjoy!

    American Horror Story Coven Episode 6 Review – The Axeman Cometh

    #americanhorrorstory #americanhorrorstorycoven #emmaroberts #taissafarmiga #jessicalange #evanpeters

  28. Posting my Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Giveaway video in a couple hours. Check back soon 🙂

  29. Hey everybody, Madison is back on Coven! She's back for the rest of the season too and she's going to be indulging some strange cravings now that she's undead like Evan Peters. Let me know what your reactions were to her resurgence!

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