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American Horror Story: Coven After Show Season 3 Episode 9 "Head" | AfterBuzz TV

AFTERBUZZ TV — American Horror Story edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story. In this episode, host David Schifilliti breaks down the episode in which Fiona eyes an alliance with Marie Laveau. Later, Cordelia’s attacker is revealed; and Nan learns a disturbing truth about Luke’s past. There to help David are co-hosts Sarah Huggins, Jillian Leff, and Oriana Leo. Also joining the conversation is special guest Brooke Lewis. It’s American Horror Story’s “Head” podcast!

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  1. You guys are hilarious. I predict that Madison will be burned at the stake because she killed Misty Day when she threw her in that casket. Though Misty was brought back to life, it is against the rules to kill another witch. Anyway, I also think Cordelia is going to be the next Supreme because she is the only one without blood on her hands. She's the only witch who hasn't killed anyone.

    List of Kills:

    Fiona – The Doctor (ep. 1) , The Original Supreme, Madison, Nan, and Hank's father…

    Marie Laveau "Voodoo Queen" – Delphine's family, Group of Racist Lynchers, Two Stoners (Zombie episode), countless innocent babies, Two Security Guards, and Nan…

    Myrtle – Two Council Members (..and gouges their eyes out)

    Madison – Stage Director (ep. 1), Fratboy rapists, Kyle, Misty Day, and Axe Man

    Zoe – Her First Boyfriend, Main rapist (ep. 1), Spaulding, and Axe Man

    Queenie – Homeless Guy, Hank (Cordelia's husband), Delphine, and Axe Man

    Misty Day – Two Alligator Hunters (ep. 2), and Axe Man

    Nan – Neighbor Bitch (Joan)

  2. I was a little bit upset they didn't address why Misty passed out after bringing Patti back to life. was it due to the enchanted bullet? Also am I the only one that thinks it isn't a coincidence that "delphi-trust" the witch hunter corp seems very similar to madame DELPHI-ne lalaurie's name? 

  3. Hi #FanCoven! We will miss you over the break. Just a reminder: follow us on twitter or Facebook to stay tuned to what your hosts are up to! Also: in the new year we will FINALLY have some discussion regarding the racial tones in the show with some guests tom our sister network Black Hollywood Live. Happy Holidays!

  4. As a black man the ending is hard to watch. I know they better bring Queenie back with all these other bitches returning from death. Im quite sure Nan is the next supreme notice she is the onlt witch who hasnt had a back story we know nothing about her. The day they open with her back story is the day she becomes The New Supreme

  5. Huge thanks to Brooke Lewis for her amazing horror insight! Complete doll and she brought us snacks for the screening! Love! xoxo

  6. Great discussion. As for the episode title, agree with your observations (LaLaurie's decapitated head, the heads of the different opposing groups, etc.) – but also, it ties in with Queenie/Hank's fates (bullet to the head), and I also thought it was kind of another way of saying that in this episode, everything 'comes to a head' and leaves us wanting more, right before the mid-season break!

  7. Mrtyle isnt a wicked witch she chose to take Those two eyes because those two burned her on the cross

  8. If he was 12 in 1991 that was 22 years ago and he would be 34 lol 

  9. I love this show!!

  10. I think Queenie's power still works after death cuz she is a Human Voodoo Doll….

  11. When myrtle tried to hug Cordelia she had no skin showing just a thought .. I think Queenie will be back .. Cordelia will now have the powers of her new "donors" she will be stronger then ever .. She, Myrtle and Stevie Nicks will educate and help Misty .. Kyle will be a great watch dog killing many to protect the coven .. Delphine's head and body will reunited with a new understanding of the struggles of the African Americans she tortured .. Hanks father will personally come to New Orleans to revenge his sons death .. The religious nut Joan will go nuts next door and her powers will be revealed .. Just some thoughts ???

  12. for the title: and Luke's father had been giving HEAD

  13. I think Queenie is dead, not so much because of the bullet to the head, but the one to her stomach, since it was a silver bullet. But I'm pretty sure she's gonna be back =D

  14. Could it be that the one eye each from Pembroke, and Quinton will bring Cordelia the two powers needed to put her in the lead for Supreme?

  15. Queenie is dead. The bullets were spelled, remember?

  16. Great show… got turned onto this because of Brooke Lewis…. she is awesome.  Am now a new subscriber

  17. awesome after show 
    i would hate it if queenie died . i will forever be pissed if madison wasn't the supreme 

  18. you forgot to mention another head …. lukes father getting head lol

  19. Does anybody else think maybe Foxy is the next supreme?  Late Bloomer?

  20. The only thing I don't like about Coven is that EVERYONE who dies, comes back in one way or another.

  21. it sounded like myrtle was reciting a spell that needed 1 brown eye

    that or she just wanted one of each of there eyes

  22. I'm getting used to the guy on the panel. He's pretty cool and has great insight. I enjoy this show and this podcast! 😊👍

  23. I want a big witch on hunter fight scene

  24. I think that Fiona is gonna make a deal with Levow to keep all witches safe at all time and bring back the witches killed in the shooting through misty and of corse queenside is only a teenager so is technically still in custardy of Cordelia so she will get brought back

  25. I don't think that queenside will survive unfortunately because I think that her magical body might be able to repair itself as long as it is fully functioning but she was shot and shooting yourself in the head is huge compared to stabbing her hand ect ect ect

  26. The guy on this panel needs to be replaced…he's annoying.

  27. Myrtle has made Cordelia into a trophy

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