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American Horror Story: Coven After Show Season 3 Episode 5 "Burn, Witch. Burn!" | AfterBuzz TV

AFTERBUZZ TV — American Horror Story edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story. In this episode, host David Schifilliti breaks down the episode in which Zoe unleashes a new power. Meanwhile, Fiona and Myrtle battle for control of the Coven. There to help David are co-hosts Sarah Huggins, Jillian Leff, and Oriana Leo. It’s American Horror Story’s “Burn, Witch. Burn! ” podcast!

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  1. the daughters were dead longer. the others were more recent.

  2. I don't think the zombie have souls, they're like puppets.

  3. Ok so what if foxys husband is a demon and he's trying to get her pregnant to create an extremely powerful entity – this would be why he calls himself a monster and why foxys eyes went black while having sex. Also why Fiona doesn't trust him. This may be a stretch but I'm trying to figure this guy out! What do you guys think?

  4. I agree that Misty and Myrtle will start their own coven and maybe go against the academy witches. Also Queenie is a living voodoo doll right? So why haven't Marie Laveau recruit her? I mean she has voodoo magic on her blood!!! I think that Queenie will find out about Marie Laveau and will realize that she belongs on that coven and will probably join her. Also is Foxy out of the race of becoming the new supreme? Cause maybe having the power of visualizing only the truth is one of the seven wonders? Also I dont think Myrtle was the one that hurt foxy but she just couldn't live under the ruling of Fiona. Finally I'm just waiting for someone to find MM in Spaulding's room. I hope that Misty just waltz into the academy straight to that room and get her back to life or I hope that NAN listens to Spaulding's thoughts and realize what he has done. Or maybe (like they hint in the preview) with the ouija MM's spirt lead the girls to her body and they revive her in someway. Anyway I really like the show!! Great job guys!!! #FANCoven 

  5. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this; but Does Mrytle Snow have a problem with Spells backfiring?  Her spell on Spalding backfired; causing him to cut out his tongue.  I believe she did throw that potion on Cordelia but it wasnt suppose to be acid.  it was suppose to make her see; but in doing so it blinded her but also gave her a new power of 2nd sight when she touches people.  Just a theory.  

  6. Also, I don't think Myrtle Snow & Misty Day are going to join forces. Misty was just doing the only thing she knows how to do, she probably had sympathy for a witch that was burned because she, herself, had been burnt at the steak. I can see a collaboration with Myrtle and Marie, or Marie and LaLaurie joining forces. I dunno, maybe I'm just hoping that Misty will end up being a part of the coven because she is my favorite character 🙂

  7. I'm pretty sure that LaLaurie's daughter did have a recollection of her mother, and that's why she was inside while the slasher zombie chainsawing awesomeness was happening. She wanted to kill her mother. Apparently, she couldn't get over the horrors her mother put her through, even after death. I really like how the zombies weren't from an infection and it was a more traditional, voodoo type zombies.

  8. ALSO, The guy with the glasses needs to fall down the deepest hole and never return.

  9. And how could Myrtle have been the one who threw the acid when we saw Queenie set her up? It wasn't Myrtle.

  10. Looks like Madison is gone for good ;(

    Damn you Ryan Murphy!!!!

  11. Throw up the Twitter names in future shows. 

  12. I don't think Myrtle did it because I feel like the whole thing was Fiona's version (the lying version to frame Myrtle) – so we, the viewers, just saw the lie that she was telling us not what actually happened. Plus Fiona was drug-up out of her mind.


  14. i really hope Zoey is not the supreme- not because i don't like her (because i do like her) but because it way to predictable and boring to me. i hope it's MISTY! i love her

  15. And I don't think Fiona really saw the black cloaked figure in the hospital. I believe that was in the midst of her medicated hallucination. And the pictures from the hotel room on Fiona's phone could just be there because Fiona can really make anything up (like sliding her card to open the medication room in the hospital). #TeamMyrtle

  16. I don't think Myrtle is guilty. She just knew it was useless trying to defend herself against the Supreme. And she's so committed to the Coven that she would rather go to the stake than admit to something that she didn't do.

  17. According to Wendy Williams Jessica Lange won't be back.

  18. I think the show is setting up Mist and Myrtle to be villains to oppose the main coven as well. Zoe being the next supreme would be expected, but I don't hate the idea! 

  19. why is it Myrtle didnt feel her hand burning?  everything we've seen previously the person would feel themselves being voodoo'd

  20. You go Isaiah X)

  21. I thought it was implied that Myrtle was not guilty, and that Fiona framed Myrtle (ie the Queenie and Fiona scene). When Myrtle didn't fight her death it was reminiscent of the victims of the Salem witch trials. They would rather lose their life than admit to something they didn't do.

  22. Obsessing over all these theories and comments! The #FANCoven  is killing it this week 🙂 Please do Oriana, David, Sarah and myself a solid by spreading the word if you like the show!

    Share the link and SUBSCRIBE to the American Horror Story podcast on iTunes! You silly witches and warlocks helped us reach over 300,00 listens last week! xo

    Link to podcast:

  23. I want to see if Zoe will use Nan to read her Frankenstein lover's thoughts! And where was he this episode! Cordelia's husband gives me Devil vibes. Maybe that black magic she tried to use to make a baby messed with him???

  24. I see a new witch to be introduced to the coven because of the open seat in the council. I hope that the next time we see the council again is when Connie Britton stars on this season of AHS. #FANCoven #FingersCrossed  

  25. Aren't the only real candidates for supreme Zoe and Misty since the supreme has to be a beacon of health. Considering Nan has down syndrome (or some other mental disability) and Queenie is obese wouldn't those illnesses for lack of a better word take them out of the running for supreme? Also if the supreme is Misty there would never be another one after her since she could just bring herself back from the dead therefore making her supreme forever. Tie this in with her possibly being evil and you have an immortal super witch that no one can fight unless they join forces. Which is why my prediction is that Fiona and LoBou will come together in order to defeat Misty. Also considering that there are apparently male witches I'd die laughing if the neighbor turns out to be a witch as well and is the next supreme. Notice how Fiona started to get weaker when they moved in!

  26. I was thinking maybe Cordelia could also be the supreme. She had that psychic power… It's a possibility. 

  27. frankenkyle becomes angela's basset new henchemen! my predict

  28. I think hank is the axe man .

  29. I still would like to know why the women are hanging on the wall in the season teasers. Is this something that has yet to be explained or something?

  30. What was the HINT for season 3….in season 2????? I can't find it anywhere???

  31. KUDOS 🙂

  32. Not my prediction/also not a spoiler read it in the comments at ign and liked it wondering what you guys think: Anyone else sensing a new coven of witching being born? Those under the Fiona and those under Misty? Emma Roberts is still being listed as a cast member in the openings meaning at some point we will be seeing her as more than a lifeless(and now armless) doll. My best guess. Misty, Mrytle, and Maddison(all M names all died and are now coming back to life one at a time) will be forming a new coven in a 3 war for supremacy.

  33. I don't believe Myrtle blinded Foxy. I think she let herself be burned because she had a martyr complex fueled by her obsession with Fiona.

  34. I LOVE YOU SARAH!!!!

  35. I think Hank is a witch hunter who was sent to kill Foxy but he fell in love with his mark and couldn't do it! I think there will be another witch hunter that comes along and tries to kill Cordelia and an epic battle between the 2 will ensue with the other witch hunter trying to kill her and Hank trying to save her from him. Maybe that why he killed Alexandra Breckenridge, because she was a witch! Maybe he isn't a sociopath after all. That would also explain why he lied to her about his job. Just a thought! Y'all are the best! I look forward to seeing your discussion every week!

  36. I don't think Misty will be the supreme I think there going to set her up as the villan with Myrtle. I think that Misty will fall for Kyle but he rejects her for Zoe and thats what pushes her over the edge and makes her want to dismantle the coven. 

  37. he can have two souls in his body one good and one bad


  39. I saw a preview. It was on right after the episode.

  40. best episode of the season so far! I've been hating Zoe so much. Then she went all Walking Dead!

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