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American Horror Story: Apocalypse – Season 8 Official Trailer (2018) | FX


American Horror Story returns for its eighth installment, Apocalypse, on Wednesday, September 12.

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  1. Guys tell me what happened to the end they didn't show what happened to the witcher 3 guy. Was he killed or he killed the witches.

  2. joan collinsss. increiblee!! la ameeeee

  3. Can wait

  4. Really good season. AHS is great again!

  5. When is this coming to Netflix????

  6. Someday the end will come whether we are here or not ! But when you have a show that is incredibly popular and the original actors are not in it ? 👊👎

  7. But what about Tate and Violet ??

  8. Coven e Apocalipse melhores temporadas!! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. This is the worst editing I've ever seen in my life

  10. I have watched the box set twice and its my favourite, especially the breturn of the coven but can someone please tell me how the plane flew without a pilot ? Call me dumb but i just cant work it out.

  11. Cheers from France, we love you AHS.

  12. Wait so they are bringing everyone in ? And every season in this one?

  13. After the snap

  14. Is it going to have more anti-Trump propaganda like last time? I mean, is it going to say that there was an apocalypse because of Trump? Because honestly no matter what you think of him, Trump is pretty anti-war. Sure he makes jokes, and has a hardline stance on countries they don't get along with, but he has been against pretty much every war in the last 40 years or so.

  15. First,second and third. seasons better than this bullshit.

  16. Just finished season 8 on 20-4-2019. 03:31

  17. Return of the latex man

  18. Is he Tate in this show?

  19. Should I watch AHS ?

  20. Fallout 5 hahahaha

  21. Omg I love it


  23. Is this the season were tate and violet get back together? And back to the murder house?

  24. There is some kind of magic in that serial. The actors are so good and they play like its theatre not movie. Amazing roles and characters. I like AHS <3

  25. I see it is the old sharm of ahs again

  26. Yessss Emma Watson one of the reason to watch 🙂

  27. Madison está de regreso en el minuto 54 se ve a Madison 😱😱😱

  28. The elites aren't even hiding their blatant worship of Satan anymore.

  29. pure awesome, can't wait for the next episode

  30. I'm in the chapter 3 and is so bad 😩 I don't know If I can continue watching this

  31. Season 7 was the worst so far. I hope season 8 will be better

  32. Tate and Violet are back together!!! My heart is full.


  34. There is one person missing from this trailer and we all know who that is. Rubberman? Come on – Hail Satan? No – Hail the return of the Queen!! Cant bloody wait for this season it looks amazing as always. I just hope the rumours are true and we get to see Jessica on screen again with the crew from the 1st season. That would be bad ass.

  35. Coming to the West Coast in November.


  37. To be honest, the theme of this season worries me greatly as black magic is actually throughly practiced within a certain ‘community’.
    (Although, ‘magic’ as such does not exist.)

    I have obviously not seen the season yet but I’m assuming that it is going to include the basics of ritualism, Wiccan belief and an apocalyptic world order – something which is actually not that far from the truth.

    Most people might not agree with me or even go as far as to call me crazy but I’m quite certain that one day a certain group of people will ‘take over the world’.
    They are going to achieve this through manipulation and deceit in order for us, the unknowing sheeple, to be eased into this new ideology.

    Of course, the themes in this series are probably going to be exaggerated and not every key aspect is going to be touched upon but the basics seem to be things that are actually being practiced as a form of satanism/ the worship of evil.

    We just do not realize what is happening until it’s already too late.
    They are going to manipulate younger generations through all means of social media:
    YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, you name it.
    In other words: desensitization of society.

  38. i'm about to watch it and i'm so confused about rubber raper Tate.

  39. Libera na Netflix por favor obrigado de nada

  40. siiiii

  41. 1:01 if you pause it correctly, you will notice Cordelia getting eaten by infected people omg 🙁

  42. Its so complicated and I just love it😂

  43. Was that Misty I saw🤯

  44. best season

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