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American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season 8 Episode 10 "Apocalypse Then" REACTION! (Season Finale)

this was INCREDIBLE. i’m speechless. one of the best AHS episodes to date.
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  1. i thought this episode was incredible! what did you guys think of the ending & season in general?

  2. So is Mallory still supreme or is cordelia and her

  3. I like Michael so I am not pleased.

  4. Because Mallory went back in time does that mean that they never really went back to murderhouse which means that Tate and violet never got together. It also means that moira wasn’t released 😣☹️😭

  5. I just don´t get why their child is the next antichrist. I thought the antichrist is the child of a human and a ghost/spirit

  6. I love Misty, Nan , Zoe, Myrtle, Quennie, Cordelia, Marie, I loved this season , and Cody Fern is sooooo fucking hot as Evan Peters

  7. I have this thing where I finish a series then watch others reaction to justify my reaction

  8. Why arent you doing #ahs1984 ? 💙

  9. Am i the only one who was sad bc of taint and violet? They came never together😭💔

  10. when Cordelia died i literally cried

  11. What happened to marie laveau


  13. Mallory said that she'll let Madison rot in hell a little longer. Does that mean she'll probably bring her back after sometime?

  14. they should make the next season about after life , hell or wherever the dead characters go.

  15. why did they bring the witches again, everytime they are involved in the story, the plot get confusing and its not scary or tense anymore

  16. I was devastated when Micheal died

  17. the point is…you can't ever stop the true apocalypse…you can only try to postpone it but the devil will still always try.

  18. I love the episode. I screamed a few times and I cried a few times which never happened for an AHS finale. I think it’s just because we’ve grown to love all the witches and seeing them jus die hits us really hard cause we know them better than any character in the whole series. Also, Ryan said next season is going to be something new but we definitely aren’t done with the witches which I’m so happy about. Madison has too good of a heart to stay in hell. A few bad things that going back in time did: Ms Maude is still alive, Dina is still aliven and yk how she wants the witches dead. The two weird guys who wants the world to end are still alive. Mallory NEEDS to tell Cordelia what happened so they pick up the remaining pieces. Myrtle needs to come back, Marie Laveau needs to come back, Tate and Violet still aren’t together cause Madison never went to the Murder House. Moira was never released with her mother. The witches never bought the Murder House which means they still keep getting unwanted visitors. The male witches are still alive, and they want the female witches dead, even without Michael they were plotting their deaths. Even though this episode was amazing there’s still so many plot holes that they forgot about. I’m sure there’s hundreds others too

  19. Noo Mikey is the Lord of Lord's 😈

  20. I hope this season doesn't have a follow up cause what more is there to tell than telling the same story again. It's good being a stand alone season

  21. Am i the only person that cried when Micheal died though?

  22. This episode and the next both cause the grandfather paradox if Micheal is killed using time travel there is no reason to go back and kill him so he lives. Hopefully the creators realize this and in season 9 Micheal returns

  23. Michael is the Man, he is coming back …that guy is fucking awesome .

  24. Intro song?

  25. holy shit what was this episode

  26. If anything this should tell Ryan Murphy that he can make a spin-off of Coven. It could focus/follow Madison, Queenie and Zoe! Anything he does with them would be infinity-times-better than the new Charmed.

  27. I love Michael Cody Fern carried this season he did and amazing performance as the anti christ, also Emily and Timothy were a fail safe in case Michael died and he did and now another anti Christ is born how much u wanna bet Michael will reincarnate in that body this whole season tells u can't change fate no matter what u do.

  28. This finale was a pretty huge disappointment in my opinion. :/ To build up an extremely powerful and emotionally complex villain like Michael … To then just run him over as a fairly weak/confused kid?

  29. The 2 young couple was in season 2 Bc kit has kids that’s them

  30. Has anyone else notice her CUTE light box, and it saying KYNICOLE AHS FINALE! I have a lightbox, but no letters yet.

  31. Girrrlllll!!!! that ending was not kosher…First lemme plug in my reaction channel here! https://youtu.be/sZ0ybOBEbHg

    I was BIGG Mad, long story short I went to LA and asked a couple of friends who are in the industry and they all said they hated the writing on this show. I was like why?!! you're crazy. One person said because even in horror you have rules. Ryan Murphy and crew have a tendency to make it up as they go which can be fun at times but lack consistency. I didn't see that until now. The acting is always superb but the writers may depend on them too much. Just my thoughts.

  32. Im so sad that now Moira still stuck on murder house because of the back in the past.

  33. Feeling dumb to ask but, i thought there could only come an anti christ when a mortal and a dead person have you know what?

  34. Ryan Murphy is a sick genius!

  35. I don't like how Michael died. I expected him and mallory to throw hands, not have a petty death. He's the best villian ahs had in a long time, and this is how they throw him out… Smh

  36. Might've been the worst ending to anything I've ever seen

  37. Michael is hot asf

  38. i watched all 9 episodes of this season illegally online and the bastards didnt upload the last episode so i still havent watched it omfg im going insane!!!!!!!!!!!! im forced to watch reaction videos to the last episode on youtube fml x 1000000

  39. Just imagine an alternate ending where Mallory and Michael fighting each other in the Murder House. And fighting in the Murder House could destroy the house, releasing all the spirits in the Murder House so that they could be in peace. Its a win/win

  40. I just finishing this episode myself and wow that ending everyone. The devil doesn't stop. The cycle will always continue.

  41. I thought it was soo great too. People are pretty split on it overall though. I’m surprised. Loved this review too.

  42. Why do you look like Anne Marie?

  43. If they went back in time and changed things, that would mean Moira didn’t get the happy ending that we all thought she did.
    I’m sad 💔😭

  44. You have no idea how angry I am at you for hating precious Michael omgggggg

  45. I think it would’ve been interesting if Mallory would’ve turned out to be the antichrist

  46. I think u tears seems so fake, but Nice video.

  47. I wanted Michael to win

  48. WTF why would you use the finale picture, that answers the main question, as a thumbnail ?!?!? so stupid!

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