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American Horror Story: Apocalypse Explained | Season 9 Predictions


AHS: Apocalypse explained by our resident AHS expert. We cover theories and give our predictions for what’s to come in American Horror Story Season 9.

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  1. No Scientific Method or Genetic Ancestry in the World is going to create an "Anti-Christ" if that would've been the case we would've seen the Apocalypse Now.
    It's a Yin and Yang, Good Vs Evil.
    Jesus Christ was created by the Holy Spirit through the womb of Virgin Mary without sexual intercourse
    The Anti-Christ was created from the UnHoly Spirit through a middle aged Woman.
    So either way the Ending was Fucking Stupid. And it just don't add up.
    But I'll play the Devil's Advocate here. Let say that one of the Couple's where part Demon and the other Human. You'd have Dante.Not an "Anti-Christ"

    I was never a Fan of Witchcraft,Sorcery,Magic and GhostN Goblin Nonsense. But the way this was thought out by the creators of the show from Murder House and Well Crafted as the Ultimate Twist almost a decade later. Linking to the anti-christ between Human and Spirit was Genius. Until they Ruined it with this hand me down rushed out season finale

  2. Much ado about bloody nothing Hollywood decadence… All pretty much hasbeens dreaming of a revival… Hollywood being what it is its a mess of decadence, usual psyco violence and empty carcass..

  3. I feel like season 3 (coven) the girl Zoe could have been supreme, because if Zoe didn’t die of teleporting. She already can revive and has divinity. So she basically has all 7 wonders completed

  4. Lost all credibility once you said that's not how magic works, because maybe magic isn't real… You missed the whole entire meaning of the show in the first place.

  5. i dont see how they couldnt just collects all seven dragon balls . it would have been alot easier

  6. Actually my theory is since emily and her guy died and came back to life it was a child born of human and spirit

  7. Plot twist, the white guy and black girl with “exceptional genetics” are the alien kids from “asylum” they parted ways and probably forgot who they were, and like Michael they grew much faster than the normal human being and now they have reproduced another satan child… I’m sure there’s a lot more details that I’m missing but I feel like that’s for sure a story.

  8. Michael should have won. Very unrealistic, even in the rules of AHS, that he didn’t.

  9. They Threw So Much Symbolism In Apocalypse To The Illuminati (Which They Flat Out Say) Mass Extinction, Celebrities Selling Out For Black Magic Power, Money and Fame, Underground Satanic Churches, WW3, THE DAMN ANTICHRIST, and It Still Flies Over Everybody’s Heads. Black Witchcraft Is VERY Real, Satan Is VERY Real. They Even Mention Everything Being Biblical Prophecy. Wake Up Before The 7 Year Tribulation!

  10. I was sad when Madison died (again)

  11. Btw, it was James Patrick March who killed Queenie, not Ramona Royale.

  12. That moment when you realize Billie Lourd’s character for ahs apocalypse was their “only hope” ! ✊🏼

  13. It was a miss opportunity to not bring back the aliens

  14. This season was strange :-/

  15. I actually loved the season, but I feel like "Apocalypse" is a wrong name. They should've named the season Antichrist or something

  16. What happened to witcher 3 guy
    Was he dead or alive?????
    The episode showed nothing in the end.

  17. This season sucked ballsack.. Hated Coven to begin with.. now they just extended it just to push this whole girl power thing.. Everytime they push this bullshit agenda, shows and movies get ruined..

  18. Tempus Infinituum=Time to infinity

  19. This season was rushed and all over the place and the ending was very lackluster.

  20. Booooring

  21. AHS. Everyone is gay and Gimps rape people. The creator fetish is more obvious than Tarantino’s foot fetish. The end.

  22. Not really hard to get. The reason those two were able to recreate the Antichrist was because the cooperative selected them from episode one to do so. It’s the whole reason they were put in the bunker. Whatever was inside them had the capability of creating that. I think what’s more outrageous to the plot is the antichrist was killed by a truck. No magic. No soul erasing. Just a hit and run. Eh. Still a dope season tho

  23. I think season 9 is a 1984 theme

  24. Is it just me or Michael looks like David from Britain's Got Talent?

  25. I think a bigger alien/ out of control AI or space travel involvement would be cool. Maybe to Blade Runner for AHS, IDK, but it could work if they got really creative with it and went in a more original, new, breaking out side the box of what's been done before direction. If possible.

  26. Magick is real dumbass

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