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American Horror Story: Angela Bassett Reveals Major Season 6 Hint | Entertainment Weekly

American Horror Story star Angela Bassett talks Lady Gaga’s possible return and shares a tease from Ryan Murphy.

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American Horror Story: Angela Bassett Reveals Major Season 6 Hint | Entertainment Weekly



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  1. ROANOKE 😍

  2. Season 6 – Slaughter House

  3. I want to see angela basset as lead like lady gaga in hotel.

  4. Hey guys guess what

    She's 58

  5. she said sarah .. that's mean sarah paulson is in too ???

  6. I do hope it's the Roanoke Colony disappearance.

  7. She's so beautifulll

  8. I think it's going to be about the apocalypse/rapture with demons etc

  9. Yay she's gonna be in it!!!

  10. sooo angela will be a crazy drunk? because she said she would "imbibe a little too much" is what it sounds like

  11. I wasn't to thrilled about gaga coming aboard simply cause I hate her music and she's a clone of Madonna.and I also hate Madonna.they use over the top fashion to disguise there shitty music.but anyway she did a good job on season 5 I was suprised

  12. omg if gagas coming back i might die

  13. Is it about the bloody Benders? That'd be cool

  14. I heard the theme is gonna be "Cemetery" but idk why

  15. Nooooooooo no more lady poo poo pleeeeeaaaaasssee!?

  16. It's going to be ahs cemetery

  17. it's american horror story apocalypse

  18. I bet it pageant

  19. Ik this sounds bad but she said Sarah owning me this season might be about slavery

  20. Sounds like a cult thing like Salem witch trials and Angela would play tituba and maybe would be set in the woods which would make sense and Ryan said the theme is mostly children so maybe children of the corn style lol but if they did Salem or something I feel like it would be too similar to coven and hopefully would be better than coven

  21. I think it will be a sequel of coven

  22. I definitely think it's cult, Sarah is the leader, Angela, second in command, wise, and in a sense the elder

  23. Could this possibly mean Angela will play Tituba from the Crucible!?!? It would connect to Coven (Salem with trials and whatnot)

  24. They've covered every classic form of horror in the show already, hard to imagine what they'd come up with for a S6.

    Something along the lines of Twilight Zone would be a great angle to run with, show people in different versions of hell.

  25. She looks just the girl on kill bill.

  26. Angela is stunning

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