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American Horror Story After Show Season 2 Episode 2 "Tricks and Treats" | AfterBuzz TV

AFTERBUZZ TV — American Horror Story edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story. In this episode, host Jacque Borowski breaks down the episode in which “Bloody Face” kills people in both time periods, present and 1964. An exorcist is called to the asylum after a teenager’s behavior goes beyond clinical help; he is possessed. The ritual gives Lana and Grace a chance to escape, but Lana, who feels betrayed that Grace wants Kit to go with them, foils the plan by getting Grace and Kit caught. The possessed teenager exposes Sister Jude’s dark past that haunts her to this day, revealing that she used to be a sleazy bar singer who accidentally ran over and killed a little girl while driving drunk. The teenager dies after the demon exits his body during the exorcism and enters Sister Mary Eunice instead. There to help Jacque are co-hosts JC Rubio and Stephen Lemieux. It’s American Horror Story’s “Welcome to Briarcliff” podcast!

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  1. Going back and watching these… JC Rubio gets a lot right here, it's quite impressive!! And shoutout to Return to Oz lol.

  2. It's the only way we could fit it into everyone's schedules (include the master schedule for After Buzz)

  3. How come?

  4. yes, done live on the After Buzz TV website at 7pm PT

  5. Is this show done a day after the show airs?

  6. David will be back this week 🙂

  7. Thanks, that's very kind of you to say. All of us work really hard to read articles and connect our existing tv knowledge.

  8. Not familiar with Stitcher, but the audio is free on itunes!

  9. Wow, Jacque! I watched some other afterbuzz shows and I gotta say, yours is the best review. You don't just do a recap/play by play but actually analyze the show… because ya know, it needs to be 🙂 AWESOME discussion on the politics involved. Thank you! Break it down, guys!

  10. very good point

  11. I can't find this show on Stitcher when I search for it. I'm subscribed to the Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead ones but not this one.

  12. As an international viewer I can say that it does translate well because the fears and the themes are universal. We all fear from the unknown, from being misheard and misunderstood and not being in control of ourselves. Although social justice is not a political thing in some countries, it is part of the social agenda in those countries so the messages still get through without knowing or caring about Ryan Murphy political views.

  13. This is for JC, since I was interested in the topic. First off it wasn't lemon heads, it was melon heads, and there are 3 different variations depending the state. The basics of it is some kids who were abused by a doctor, either killed him, or managed to escape to the woods after being tortured by him. And then its random depending on the version. In the forest they are either feral, or became cannibals to survive the winter, and etc. You can wikipedia it for a basic reference to what i found.

  14. Wasn't trying to endorse a campaign, just wanted to give background info.

  15. I was just thinking about what international viewers might think too! That is a very good point. If you are an international viewer what do you think about the storyline as well, do the fears in the asylum translate there??

  16. That's what I was thinking, it's all about the show structure. At this point I am excited to watch mystery unfold and I wasn't after the first episode. Things are looking up 🙂

  17. I think that american viewers see it as political issues (like JBorowski said and because it's a political issue in the US), while overseas viewers of the show see it as social issues so naturaly they have less problem with it. Loved the review 🙂

  18. I agree, you can't talk about this show without talking about Ryan Murphy and the politics in the show. I think for the casual viewer, it would be very in your face. I knew it was a Ryan Murphy show but I didn't realize how political this show or he was. Jacque, I LOVE hearing your review on the show. I enjoy it so much more now 🙂

  19. Making predictions is fun! I keep forgetting that we don't know much about the Monsignor either. I think that's a really interesting prediction! There is definitely something up with him, he's almost too normal.

    I really liked Glee when it started. It had a Whedon-esque self-reflexive self-aware sense of humor in the beginning that seemed to get lost in later seasons.

  20. I agree! There are some shows I wouldn't even watch. Ep 1 tried to do too many thing at once. Ep 2 had more focus and they tied all the plots together. I think it's a matter of writing style/story structure. Plus it's more fun to try to solve a mystery when you can make sense of some of the clues 😉

  21. Please just talk about the show, no one cares about the show's creator & his life. Go campaign for Obama if you need, but while you're here lady just review the show.

    Majority (if not all) of the viewing audience don't care or even know his name.

  22. Im making a prediction on the exorcist scene where the kid tells the reverand to protect his whore. I think that his backstory is going to be that he finds women who are lost souls, and influences them into being with him, and the reason he doesn't go with sister Jude, is because he has prettier girls. Making predictions for this show is so randomly fun.

    And as to what Jacque said about Glee, I 100% agree. It really has become impossible to watch that show, with the way they shove issues at you

  23. The second episode ended up being very good. I hope the season continues on this path and doesn't revert back to last week's episode style. I think a "three episode" rule is good in many cases, but there are some shows that it's clear very early on you won't like.

  24. Dominique" by Sœur Sourire

  25. Glad you liked it! I think too many "yes men" can be dangerous as well. I have a friend who gives new shows a "three episode" rule, they will watch the first 3 episodes of a new show and then decide if they like it. Having said that, I'm glad you are watching! The second episode def made me happy!

  26. We totally need more spanking in this TV show….

  27. I love this aftershow. I thought the last season of AHS was awesome and didn't really enjoy last week's premiere. But I think it's important to be able to fairly criticize tv shows a fan base full of yes men doesn't help make a show better or keep it good. Liking a show doesn't mean you have love everything about it. I'm going to watch this week's episode of AHS because of your show. Great job.

  28. We're structuring it in a way that hopefully navigates the intricacies of the show… thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed it! (I'm so fascinated by Sister Jude)

  29. Thanks for this piece…I loved that you broke everything down…this show is gonna get more confusing as the season goes on!

  30. I loved when they went into Sister Jude's past! LOVED it…they should do more of that.

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