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American Horror Story 9×02 Promo #2 "Mr. Jingles" (HD)

American Horror Story 9×02 “Mr. Jingles” Season 9 Episode 2 Promo – Darkness descends upon the camp. Although it’s lights out, evil has no curfew. Written by Tim Minear; directed by John J. Gray. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more American Horror Story season 9 promos in HD!

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American Horror Story 9×02 Promo/Preview “Mr. Jingles”
American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 2 Promo
American Horror Story 9×02 Promo “Mr. Jingles” (HD)

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» Watch American Horror Story Wednesdays at 10:00pm on FX
» Starring: Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Matthew Morrison

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  1. smh Where's Billie when you actually need the bitch

  2. Ozzy from Cult is watching a movie set in 1984, which does not star Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett or Sarah Paulson. That's my prediction.

  3. I loved the aerobics class. What’s with AHS and big dongs?

  4. Margaret: Boys shower at night.

    Boys: Fuck you, Margaret!

  5. every character is gonna die while having sex bryh, its clearly the camp owner, shes a religous nut who thinks its her job to cleanse the unpure

  6. What if 1984 is like a work hole to a alternative universe or something since the whole time travel took place in Apocalypse would explain why the hitchhiker look like he’s form the 70s and why he’s so confused but he’s somehow in the 80s.

  7. What’s with Xavier’s stalker?

  8. I guess the police don’t exist in 1984.

  9. Omg… Margaret didn't frame anyone, we've all seen mr. Jingles to kill them all.
    He's clearly the killer, lol. if he's connected to anyone that's Ramirez

  10. how does margaret keep her glasses even? She doesn't have an ear

  11. My first though when I saw episode 1 was there will be a big twist at some point, and I think it will be to do with the killer. The Mr Jingles reveal happened way too early so maybe he dies and then someone else from their group takes over the killing spree? 🤔

  12. Im pretty sure that in third episode they will reveal that theyr all actors and were shooting movie or something just like in roanoke cuz PLOT JUST CANT BE THIS SIMPLE… its AHS after all … theyr tryna fool us

  13. soooo…. just a Friday the 13th clone right? what happened to AHS? what is this? i mean it's fun and all but this sumer camp serial killer cliché we've seen it all before. i fell in love with AHS for its unique plots and over the top never seen before horror tropes. not just another clone of a teenage summer horror slasher wtf? since it seems like they may be killing off most characters in episode 2 or 3 i hope there is a major twist later on in the season cuz if it continues like this i'm gonna have issues. it's so sad seeing such a beloved franchise have an identity Crisis like… it's been going downhill since Hotel and even then the seasons have been still enjoyable.

  14. I hope they DO NOT pull the Maragaret framed mr jingles plot twist

  15. Brooke(Emma Roberts) is the killer like the way she ended up in Scream 4. That will be the ultimate plot twist like John Lowe in Hotel and Oliver in Asylum.

  16. Margaret has something to do with it..

    When they showed the massacre at first? He walks over Margaret and leaves. No ear.

    When she tells the story? He cuts off her ear and leaves. Shes in on it, hands down!

  17. Well, this is the most shocked I have ever been at any of the 'American Horror Story' episodes. I thought, for sure, Candy Evangelista was a dude.

  18. Does the whole season take place on one night?

  19. Emma Roberts dies in the middle of the season or she's the killer. Either of those. Good season premier.

  20. I predict this is all a movie within a movie or something. There are too many cheesy loopholes, like these randos from LA just show up to counsel rando kids? A dude gets run over and no one thinks it's a good idea to call an ambulance, instead let the camp nurse take care of him?

  21. I really think it will get to episode 5 and then it’ll show brooke dying then it will cut to behind the scenes and they were all just actors all along just like roanoke

  22. lol I can't with Gus's acting he can't lol

  23. Omg this is the best season in years!!

  24. There must be another killer. Mr Jingles was released when it was dark. The hiker was already fucked up before then. I bet it’s Margaret

  25. Honnestly after this episode i literally have no idea of what the kill order might be (except Brooke obviousely being the final girl lol )

  26. This season looks so much like Cabin In The Woods it’s crazy! I know that’s a tribute movie to every horror film basically. But just the over all look of the film looks just like this season. The film is amazing and this season will be epic, just from episode 1 this is gonna be a insane season

  27. if the blonde guy dies, i’m suing


  29. It would be surprising if Emma Roberts doesn’t die this season lol

  30. I am so fucking tired of the plotline about something terrifying happens, the protagonist tells the rest and suddenly there's nothing.

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