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American Horror Story 7×10 Promo "Charles (Manson) in Charge" (HD) Season 7 Episode 10 Promo

American Horror Story 7×10 “Charles (Manson) in Charge” Season 7 Episode 10 Promo – Check out the promo for American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 10 “Charles (Manson) in Charge” airing next week on FX. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more American Horror Story season 7 promos in HD!

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American Horror Story 7×10 Promo/Preview “Charles (Manson) in Charge”
American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 10 Promo
American Horror Story 7×10 Promo “Charles (Manson) in Charge” (HD)

» Watch American Horror Story Tuesdays at 10:00pm on FX
» Starring: Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lena Dunham, Colton Haynes

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  1. What happened 0:09 I diden see that bit 😮

  2. Bloody hell this season isn’t in Australia yet cause channel 10 who also own the channel 11 decided to go broke and start to air cbs instead …. it sucks so much .. anyone know how to get this show legally in Australia!??!

  3. Man give Evan Peters all the motherfucking awards. He played all the cult leaders to a Tee on last episode. I am so impressed with this man!!!

  4. S6 (Roanoke) was the only season That Sarah paulson Wasnt Badass af
    S1 iconic
    S2 Brutal Lana winters
    S3 Supreme
    S4 dot Was Badass
    S5 Sally
    S7 queen Of them all

  5. I don't want winter to die but I know ahs, they'll kill off almost every character except 1-4 characters

  6. se ve muy interesante la escena donde Kai grita com,o espantado 0:09 ya quiero saber que pasara para que el le asuste asi

  7. My boy Kai better not cut his beautiful blue hair! I will die. It is said that Ally will become the head of the cult somehow

  8. Don't know what to think of this season. Episode 1 till 6 were good, 7 and 8 were a total mess and 9 was good again.
    They try to combine metaphores to reality with fictional stuff -> Zodiak, devide your supporters (I lost it there). I mean, huh?

  9. I hope they dont kill Ally and Beverly

  10. Bye bye winter

  11. This season has been great…brilliant acting from Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson this season

  12. is that Kai with the buzzcut? He's obviously cutting his hair

  13. 0:11 that's winter lying down with her eyes closed. I hope she dies.

  14. Can't they just kill Gary already? So annoying and pointless

  15. oh my goshhhhh .. this season is absolutely amazing

  16. I have watched all season continuous … none of the Hulu BS for me ..BUT I still don't think any of it is connect!..

  17. I think the character that Frances C. Plays is Ally's mother

  18. I don’t want Kai to die or cut his hair

  19. Love this season

  20. Yeah I knew ally will become a bad ass

  21. I can feel that kai will die and winter then ally will be the new cult leader.


  23. Im so ready !!! 😍 I'm loving this season!!!

  24. Im waiting for Frances character to kill Kai and free Ally and Ozz. That would make a lot of sense

  25. I hope they don't kill Winter. 😩😩

  26. I’m calling it
    Season finale, everyone gets nuked in the end

  27. Winter might be the one who gets her throat slit? 😮 by Kai maybe? idk

  28. I don't think Kai is buying it..maybe I'm giving him too much credit.

  29. Forgot to watch this today, was busy Trick or Treating 😹

    Someone catch me up…

  30. Damn how many characters has Evan Peters played this season? From the pictures and videos I've seen of Jim Jones it really seemed like he was channeling him it was scary! lol he's always been good on this show but I feel like this season he has really been incredible, Sarah Paulson has also been amazing as usual but they were both outstanding especially this episode, give these two Emmys!

  31. Wait ugh Kai's going to cut his hair

  32. RIP Ivy lol

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