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American Horror Story: 1984 | Season 9 Episode 3 Review " Slashdance"

American Horror Story is back and in Season 9 we see our selves heading into 1984 for some slasher and campy fun at Camp Redwood. Zach Pope gives his review and recap of the third episode to Season 9 American Horror Story!

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone can’t wait to see your thoughts!

  2. One thing i always say, it wasn't jingles emotion when he let the fat kid go, he wanted to keep the campers confused thinking every jingles imposter is real

  3. Xavier is going to fucking lose his shit because he's going to feel so awful about the dude they accidentally killed because they thought he was Mr.Jingles

  4. This episode I loved! But literally I said WTF twice with the two twist.

  5. I think you are in the minority. The cast is pretty mediocre just to start.

  6. This is the worst A.H.S ….it looks like they didn't care about this season. Halloween,Friday the 13th , walking dead all in one…sorry man ..but just boring.

  7. I loved those two kills in this episode. It was very 80's slasher-esque!

    P.S. your parents aren't the only one saying that about band-aids. 😛

  8. I hate Ray and I’m so happy his head got knocked off his shoulders. What is up with this Brooke girl? Maybe she’s a killer herself and the wedding didn’t go down the way she said. The Montana and Night Stalker situation left me with my mouth open!

  9. I’m calling it now, the best man that was killed at Brooke’s wedding was Montana’s brother, and Montana blames Brooke for it and is trying to get the night stalker to kill her for that reason (and I bet we eventually find out that Brooke isn’t who she says she is, and I bet she really did sleep with her soon to be husbands best man the night before the wedding) remember how much of a coward ray turned out to be this episode, and the way he was leaving everyone behind. Brooke was attempting to do the same kind of things, she wants to stay together when it benefits her and she wants to run off on her own when that benefits her.. mr jingles = karma

  10. Im in Murder House now

  11. Is it just me?or does that one guy beside the asian dude in the frat party look like evan peters?

  12. Wow Ray went from innocent side character to horrible jerk person fast.

  13. Episode was great, can’t wait to see more mind fuckage. Also awesome Haunted Mansion Funko Pop, ill trade yaaaaa

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