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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 Season 9 Episode 2: "Mr. Jingles" Reaction & Review | FRF

Here’s my reaction & review to AHS: 1984, 9×02 entitled, “Mr. Jingles”.

Series Synopsis via Wikipedia: American Horror Story: 1984 is the ninth season of the FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It premiered on September 18, 2019. The season has been described as being heavily influenced by classic horror slasher films such as Friday the 13th and Halloween. Returning cast members from previous seasons include Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman, and John Carroll Lynch, along with new cast members Matthew Morrison, Gus Kenworthy, Angelica Ross, and Zach Villa. 1984 marks the first season to not feature series mainstay Evan Peters.

Logline via IMDB: Darkness descends upon the camp. Although it’s lights out, evil has no curfew.

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  1. *Jingles keys 🔑🔑🔑
    Let me know your thoughts on AHS: 1984, 9×02 entitled, "Mr. Jingles".

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  2. For that wedding scene alone, Emma Roberts should get an Emmy/Golden Globe.

  3. If they all end up being ghost trapped in this camp, stook in a endless loop I'm gonna break the screen.

  4. Is it weird i suspect chef bertie in helping mr jingles?

  5. My favorite fan theory is that Jingles is innocent of the original murders. I’m guessing the doctor is killed because she diagnosed him in order to convict him or keep him locked up. He kills the orderly to get out. He doesn’t kill anyone else because he doesn’t have to. I’m guessing the auto repair guy was out of necessity to get his keys. Alternatively, being locked up for a crime he didn’t commit has caused him to lose it. He’s clearly just after God Lady. He might go ballistic and go on a real spree of his own or maybe he doesn’t kill anyone else.

    Another theory I heard on another video is all these people are method actors and this is all prep for a movie gone insanely wrong.

  6. I think Brooke is herself a killer and the story she told Montana wasn't exactly true. I noticed three rings in that jewerely box hmm maybe Brooke is the little girl from aslyum; the one who collected hair from her victims.
    Also the last time Emma Roberts was a brunette and was not playing a bitch (Scream 4) she was the killer 🤣

  7. I just hope its something more interesting than just ghosts

  8. I think that near the end they are going to reveal that they are in a simulation or game cuz some clues in the credits. There is at least I think a hint of time travel because of the hiker and back to the Future was made near 1984 if not then. I also heard some people saying that it's all a movie thing that actors do to get in the feel of their characters before they shoot the movie. I'm leaning the most towards this though, there are multiple Mr. jingles. Copycats or partners. And I think it's cool they already connected this to another season. The night stalker is in hotel.

  9. I agree with the time travel theory and if you look at the opening credits, there's a car pretty similar to the Delorean from " Back to the future".

  10. I think he's the only ghost because he doesn't know his killer the other victims saw me jingles kill them Jonas didn't see his killer but that's just my guess

  11. That moment at 4:06 was pure art. The look of pure shock on your face and then the opening credits roll in, all reflecting in your glasses.


  12. margret is a witch, brooke is a role being played by madison Montgomery & I think the hiker may be a vampire…

  13. This season seem interesting so far

  14. Margaret is the one who hit Jonas with the truck. All he said was he heard Mr Jingle. They clued you to that earlier the group, after Blake's death, heard the keys Jingling and freak out and ran. The next scene you see it was Margaret and her keys when she pulled them out to open her door.

  15. LOVED THAT RYAN IS BRINGING BACK THE GHOST THEME INTO THIS SEASON. Like Murder house and Hotel. I think Rita is a ghost along with birdie and the guy with the big pp.

  16. Margaret didn’t tell the Night Stalker to kill Jingles. She told him to make Jingles leave

  17. I think this season is more violent and less … "symbolic" as the others tended to be, can't wait to see what's next
    Also you should really check Mr.Murphy's First Netflix series "The Politician" With Ben Platt, Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow ! just finished the first season and omg you better get into it

  18. Something is off with Brooke🤔🤔

  19. i think the rings in Brooke's box in episode 1 are her "Trophies" somehow.

  20. I don’t know why, but I think Brooke is twisting her story and she is the one that went crazy and shot everybody. Plus she seems too naive to be real.

  21. I have 3 new theories:

    1) The real horror here is all the Characters will "Die" at the camp, and be trapped there with 3 Murderers (Jingles, Night Stalker, Margaret) who can kill them over and over to their heart's content. (Like, they went out of their way to show us the Hiker can die over and over, stuck in a loop of fear). Like, if Kids never show up, and Margaret keeps people away, they literally have a training ground of sorts to hone their Killer Skills.

    2) This sort of feeds into 1, that by killing so much in the camp and keeping Ghosts trapped there, it's like a backup Murder-House, a conduit for the 2nd Anti-Christ to feed power from. (That one's kind of out there)…

    3) I looked at Character's last Names to see if they are anyone we know in the future's parents, I noticed everyone has a last name except for Angelica Ross' Rita character, no last name. The only 2 people who didn't have last names in Apocalypse were Mallory and Queenie, so perhaps Rita is Queenie's Relative somehow. Like, 1984 is a prime time to have some of these people be related to future characters. According to Queenie's Bio she grew up in the Foster System in Detroit (So we don't know who her parents are, perhaps she was given up because she was a Witch/Daughter of a Witch and hidden away.) Mallory is another thing, we just dealt with Time Travel, and a new Timeline, but Demons remember the old timeline, so what if 2 of these Camp Counselors are Mallory's Parents? She has no last name, she's one of the only 2 characters in AHS Apocalypse to intentionally not have one. I'm basically on the lookout for hints toward Mallory and Queenie, maybe some sort of Terminator Situation where like, demons are altering time to try and wipe out Mallory so she can't undo the Antichrist/Go Back In Time herself.

  22. oh and btw Richard Ramírez appears in AHS: Hotel

  23. Richard Ramírez was actually a real person

  24. I think it would be cool if it was like a pet sematary type of situation and the camp was built on a ancient burial ground and I don’t think Jonas will be the only ghost we’ll in fact I think there ghost will be the hero’s of the season and reveal or kill the killer

  25. I think Brooke (Emma Roberts’ character) is the killer. Usually most 80s slasher movies the innocent girl is either the last person to survive or the killer posing as the person you least expect. Also, you notice her collection of rings she keeps. Souvenirs from other victims?

  26. What if they are all dead except the night stalker, margaret, and mr. jingles? Maybe they are all dead and the camp is like a purgatory for souls. I just thought about this since the hiker was certainly a ghost. He told night stalker that he shouldn't be at the camp, but he did not tell the same thing to Brooke and the rest when he was hit. Maybe maragaret is somehow a killer too. Maybe, she and mr. Jingles were partners before. It can be her being too religious that the other counselors as well as the campers found her annoying. And as a punishment for not listening, they planned the massacre. They took the ears of the people they kill (because no one was listening to them). But Margaret put all the blame to Mr.Jingles, Mr. Jingles ended in the asylum and swore to get revenge. I noticed that both in the asylum and in the gas station, mr. jingles did not took the ears of his victim while he did took the ear of his pyschologist. Maybe he only took the ears of his victims when they are women?

  27. I do think that the groom shot up the wedding but, I also think Brooke might be lying about not sleeping with the grooms friend. And for the second question, in the teaser for the next episode it shows a nurse at the camp from the 1970’s so I think we might start seeing more ghosts unless it’s from a flashback.

  28. I dry my teeth after brushing them.


  30. I'm pretty sure that if Sarah Paulson had returned in a larger role, it would have been in the role that Leslie Grossman is playing.

  31. This is the first season in a while that I’m actually super intrigued. Like every single episode I just need more because I love the mystery.

    This is so good

    Also poor Brooke Jesus Christ leave her alone guys. Hopefully her and Montana end up being the final girls. Final girlfriends

    Also Booth is sketchy as hell but also I think I love her she’s iconic

    My theory is that it’s a cabin in the woods situation “I’m not supposed to die here”

    I like the idea that Mr Jingles and/or the Nightstalker (maybe Margaret Booth as well) snuck onto a sort of experiment.

    Idk but it’s something interesting to think about because the theme is “1984” like the book?

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