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American Horror Story 1984 Episode 7 The Lady in White Breakdown and Review #AHS1984

American Horror Story 1984 Episode 7 The Lady in white has came thru with the juice! There were some bombs being dropped and some bread crumbs that could lead to the big big twist! In this video I will do my review and breakdown of AHS 1984 Episode 7 The Lady in White Thanks for Watching!
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  1. I'm hoping your going to do a video on the final episode. Love to hear your thoughts on that lol.
    I was a little confused by some of the promos for it. They kept showing things that never happened. Like th person I the ski mask, long hair, hanging under pick up trucks, attacking on the lake in a canoe.
    It ruined it by raising my expectations and not paying off. Along with some other bs in the storyline.

  2. Got it. Sorry 😐 I have been waiting for your thoughts. You always have the best ones.

  3. Grey Area when are you going to upload episode 8 breakdown video? I want to watch it before final episode. Thank you

  4. So we not gone get a break down for episode 8 or what?!?!

  5. Hey Gray Area, I love your AHS vids and I think I have some proof Margaret will be the final girl of this season and she’ll survive to connect to the realtor character from both Murder House AND Hotel.
    In episode 7 of AHS: Hotel (titled “Flicker”), the realtor is shown on the phone around the 7:15 minute mark saying “Goodbye, Margaret.” I don’t think this is a coincidence. What do you think?

  6. Bae the finale almost here and I am constantly looking for your review on episode 8

  7. Girl where you at I'm dying for your breakdown on episode 8. I love watching your reviews and breakdowns!!

  8. When is her Fire and Blood series?

  9. I would love for you to watch Castle Rock on Hulu and give reviews on it

  10. Am I the only one who thinks the really billy idol could do a cameo? It would be awesome! Think Stevie nicks…

  11. Yaaaas I've been saying this! Total Hitcher vibes!!

  12. I love hearing "my sweet summer children"

  13. Love you !!

  14. Well the counselors Jingles mom killed died before she did so they wouldn't appear

  15. #Ravensnation

  16. Loved this episode, loved seeing lily rabe back where she belongs and not some average film on Netflix!

  17. What if Birdie is Bobby.Camp Sleep Away!?

  18. I’m thinking maybe the hitchhiker is the relative/spouse of someone Donna father may have killed. Or possibly relative or something of Brooke ex fiancé best friend.

  19. I didn't knew about your breakdowning of ASH episodes. Awesome.

  20. Bruce knows Donna's name because Brooke says "Donna pull over" Exact point in episode 15:27

  21. Best episode yet to me!!!

  22. I was all about the ravens beating the patriots too!

  23. Same exact story as Jason 1 in 1980

  24. Lol go Ravens u won a game during the regular season Lamar will be just like his backup ROBERT GRIFFIN 3 RUN AROUND u will get hurt matter of time

  25. omg yes queennnnn

  26. fyre fest to the fullest..
    luv ur reviews as always ur the ish….

  27. Margaret just has to go. Period. Oh and btw, her ridiculous hair is totally based on Trump’s first wife, Ivana. Google “Ivana Trump hair 1980s.” It’s f’cking hilarious. 😂

  28. I love your videos 🙂

  29. Possibly Chief Birdie and Bobby did not return because they were "good"…if camp is some type of hell they wouldn't be there!

  30. What if Finn is playing billy idol

  31. #RavensNation

  32. I think donna is setting up brooke so donna will be the final girl

  33. Lily Rabe served Mrs. Vorhees and Hereditary at the same time and I am shook. Grab her a best Guest Star Emmy.

    Really glad you brought up The Hitcher. I watched like, 3 breakdowns and 2 trailer breakdowns for this episode and no one speculated on the hitcher.

    I hope the twist on the final girl is that we get two of them. Brooke AND Donna.

  34. Life guard was definitely working his post…lmao

  35. The lady in white started ALL this shit smfh

  36. Bobby dying from getting ran over by the boat is from the movie sleep away camp that came out in 1983

  37. I think Margret has to die her death the build up to it would only make it super satisfying, and if she survives OH HELP ME IM GONNA GO NUTS LOL Brooke needs to be Final Girl (can I say if Donna dies ill be sad I know she started this mess, but she is redeemable)

  38. I wonder why Montana and Xavier change clothes and no one else does.

  39. That's la llarona sweetheart lol 😉

  40. Very ballsy to toss in the James Byrd, Texas racism dragging death…especially attempting to do it to a black character…especially with him describing how bumps and potholes in the road don't just shred a human body, but also dismember it…HEAVY!

  41. Richard Ramirez was released from the prison by the possessed guard. He was able to get to Alaska – or at least travel there through smoke, like how he got into Brooke's cell – and kill Jingles' wife.

  42. Raven’s was great last night.

  43. I was wondering if Donna is doing another “experiment “ too

  44. What if the curse began with Bobby’s blood being poured into the lake which is the portal to hell????The blood of a child would be perfect for a human sacrifice so maybe that’s what started the curse

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