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American Horror Story 1984 Episode 5 Red Dawn Breakdown & Clues #AHS1984

American Horror Story 1984 Episode 5 Red Dawn has aired and Today I am bringing you my AHS 1984 Episode 5 Breakdown and Episode 6 Preview! Things got wild at Camp Redwood and there are very few survivors that are still alive What happened, What did we miss and What might happen in Episode 6 of AHS 1984! Episode 6 will be the 100th Episode of American Horror Story and I think we may get a really juicy episode! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Hi G…I don’t know if you would be interested in something like this, but I would love to hear your insight into Watchmen on HBO…so many social issues going on plus a mythology that I was hoping would pique your interest…❤️

  2. your insight, imagination and creativity is brilliant!! the ideas you throw out on stories,, how they could go, how they could end,, how things connect,,,, omg please go work as a TV writer!!! a screenwriter ,, anything! something! you are awesome Grey!!

  3. So you've moved on from your time travel theory then? …………

  4. So, does that make Brooke still a virgin if she has sex with a ghost ???

  5. Chef Birdie making the PB&J wrong 😂! This show gets better each week.

  6. Brooke and Ray's baby could be Emily from Apocalypse and THAT is what made her an "Elite" 🤔just a far stretched guess but it would be dope!!


  8. Chet took so long to die I thought he wAsnt human but then he did have adrenaline in his system n steroids ? So would tht keep someone alive? Or he died long ago …Brook prob pregnant with one of the first anti Christ? Chilllllld ionknow!!! But I'm ready for tonight

  9. “I have breathed the fire of a thousand white hot suns."

  10. Didn’t Mr. Jingles killed Ray while he was trying to escape which is why he has both ears? Mr. Jingles never took ears so Ray wouldn’t be missing any.

  11. I’m definitely curious to see where this is all going. Oh, and PB&J taste best when you combine the peanut butter and the jelly in a bowl first and mix them together. Then you spread it on the bread. It’s much smoother and the peanut butter and bread won’t stick to your mouth.

  12. So I’m not sure if you’ve already covered this in your episode four but I am currently watching it now and I think the way it’s gonna go down is every four episodes it’s gonna be like a trilogy so the first4 episodes are one movie and so-on and I also want to tell you you were right about Margaret, never trust a bitch with hair like that!

  13. i hope this isnt basically a re origins story of apocalypse for season 10 to be apocalypse again. dont get me wrong, that has been my favorite season, but like come on give us some else

  14. dona aint no hero she the craziest one

  15. I was pissed when Xavier shot Mr. Jinggle but it makes sense why he did that.

  16. Bootleg ass Robinhood 😂


  18. "That bread was blasphemous"

  19. Notice how Ray roams around the crime scene, but the only one who decides to help him was a black paramedic. 🤔

  20. I love ur reviews

  21. Liz Taylor came to Cortez in 84 so its gotta be a connection.

  22. What if all the ghost return in the last episode to come together to kill Margret.

  23. These styles of 1980 are off by 1980 flared pants was out of style.

  24. We saw Jonas get killed by what looked like Jingles.

  25. I think that only ppl who die outside on the ground come back and not ppl who die in cabins.

  26. I'm waiting on a twist that all of this was just a movie about how the Antichrist was born or something. I don't know… Margaret just seemes very off to me like she's a bad actor cause shes so over the top. Also the dude she killed on the boat almost wined at the camera hes was so goofy in this ep. 🙄

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